Talk Fusion Connects People All Over The World

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Talk Fusion recently received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This is the second award that it has received from Technology Marketing Corporation. The award was received on August 15, 2016. This award is meant to honor great services and products that use a variety of wide, data, and voice communications that have been significantly increased in the previous year. The CEO of TMC said that he felt that they were leaders in the industry and represent the best solutions and products available on the market to date.


Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology. This technology allows individual to talk face to face anywhere they wish by using a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Talk Fusion is easily downloaded in the Google Play store or on iTunes.The CEO of the company is Bob Reina. He stated that this is only the beginning and to expect great things to come from the company and its talented IT team. Talk Fusion is always striving to stay on the forefront of technology.


Talk Fusion is currently offering free trials of the WebRTC Recorder and has also launched a new site that is called Both of these products are being offered in under one year which creates anticipation for the other innovative products that are in the pipeline to be released soon.


Talk Fusion has independent associates in over one hundred forty countries. They use person to person marketing strategies to create better connections with associates and customers. The offer a thirty-day free trial of Video Marketing Solution so that they can see what it is all about before they decide to purchase it. They don’t need to file credit card information before trying it either.

FreedomPop Offers Plenty Of Options For People

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Many people know FreedomPop as the mobile carrier that offers free services to users. However, there is a lot more to it that that. FreedomPop has expanded its services to offer users plenty of options. On top of that, the services are the most affordable on the market.


While many people get a limited amount of service with 500MB data, there are some that want more from FreedomPop. Among the options that FreedomPop offers users are $5 wi-fi services, $10.99 unlimited talking and text with 500 MB data, and $20 service with unlimited talking and text with 1 GB of data.


The founders of FreedomPop are showing a lot of creativity when it comes to the services they offer. The wi-fi service is especially convenient for people who want to use unlimited high speed data. Users can get access to any mobile hot spot that is participating in the program. This saves them the hassle of having to sign into the wi-fi hot spot. Users could also make calls from their wi-fi services. This makes it easier for them to use their phone without the need for an actual service. To make things better, FreedomPop has multiple methods for people to add service to their phones. Among the ways they could add service is completing surveys.


FreedomPop was founded as a mobile carrier that provided mobile solutions for people who were living off of limited income. Mobile services are often steep in price. Users have found it hard to find something they could afford which matches their lifestyle.


FreedomPop does allow people to use their services through refurbished phones that are available. Since FreedomPop is part of the Sprint Network, people are given the opportunity to switch their phones to the FreedomPop service once they have held onto their Sprint devices for 2 years.


WIT Shaping Career Paths

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Wessex Institute of Technology provides a platform for scholars and researchers to exchange materials useful for scientific research and innovation. The institution therefore encourages and motivates graduates fresh from higher learning institutions to consider working with the institution. The company has a name and reputation to uphold, and therefore, students who are encouraged to apply are those with something extraordinary to offer to the institution. They must be outstanding in their performance and having something extracurricular to set them apart.

Moreover, researchers and academicians with experience are also not left out. The organizations needs smart, talented and experienced researchers to carry on the projects that the institution has set aside for them. Jobs are posted on their website and everyone is encouraged to apply for them.

Check out Wessex Institute of Technology careers at

Inmate Call Regulators Now Provide Inmate Calling Features As A Network

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Don’t miss another minute conversing with the ones you love in a correctional facility by becoming a member of Securus Technologies. There are thousands of people around the world that depend on their network. As they expanded to a network provider, it became important for them to provide the highest standard of customer service excellence to their customers. Their last quarter consisted of 4.3 billion calls and they continue to serve a national network. Many features allow you to get more calling features and spend less of your hard earned money. Staying connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility is important and Securus Technologies is your reliable solution.


They started as an inmate regulation provider, working alongside the Public Utility Commission. Regulation, surveillance, and monitoring are a part of their services. They give you the freedom to talk more and get more features for your money. A few inaccuracies was noted with the Global Tel-Link network and they were quickly corrected. The high regulation standards held by Securus now gives Louisiana customers free inmate calling features for a limited time. They ensure that their clients talk over a secure network that gives them each minute guaranteed under their service agreement.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


You can get calling features in advance, send photos, or put money on an inmates account in advance. This feature gives you the option of using a credit or debit card to secure your calling features.


Telephone Debit


Telephone debit is a great way to talk to the ones you love with features that can be purchased over the phone. You never have to leave home to locate an authorized agent. They can also be hard to find in a rural area.


You’re invited to become a Securus Technologies customer today.


Keith Mann: No Time Wasted With Him

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Keith Mann is the type of person that knows that life is all about timing and when to pounce. Someone simply can’t wait for something to happen for them, they have to go out there and make it happen. If there is a situation or an issue, he feels as though it is up to him to do something about it and rectify it as soon as possible. Keith Mann is well aware that there are a lot of students out there that want to go to a four year college for a variety of reasons.


In some instances, they simply want to better themselves and create a great life. They know the economy is rough and they know jobs are hard to find in today’s day and age. Because of this, it is paramount that they have this degree because it shows they are dedicated to not only going to school but finishing it. They also might have families that are in rough shape financially. Maybe one or both of their parents have lost jobs. They feel a sense of loyalty to them, they want to give back to them and do something special for them. If they go to school, get this degree, and get a good job, they can give back in the best possible way and make life a little easier for them.


That is why Keith Mann is so invested and so involved with the Uncommon School Districts. He knows these kids really need a chance and he wants to be the one to provide it for them and give them everything they need to make it in life and be the person they have always known they could be in their own life. He held a fundraiser with Dynamics Search Partners that raised over twenty two thousand dollars.


This is the type of thing he does and this is the type of action he takes. He knows this is going to do a lot for these kids, and he knows these kids are humble, hard-working, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

The Latest on the E-Coli and Coliform Bacteria Outbreak at Squaw Valley

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Squaw Valley, the award-winning ski resort released a press statement concerning the recent E-Coli and coliform bacteria outbreak. The statement was in response to the reports that the drinking water at the resort’s upper mountain wells contained the deadly bacterial strains. The issue was first noted on November 8th last year. It came to the headlines after a case was presented in front of the Placer County Department of Environmental Health.

E-Coli destroyed

Since then, the organization has taken drastic measures to work on undoing the PR damage. To do so, the administration continues to treat the water on a consistent basis. The director of Placer County Environmental Health was quoted saying that water from the four affected wells was now safe for human consumption. The E-coli has almost been annihilated.

The health inspectors are yet to issue a green light, however. The guests and the visitors at the hotel have been warned against consuming that water until further notice. Skiing is still open for business.

Here are some of the highlights from the statement read out by the PR Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, Liesl Kenney.

Liesl began by reiterating the fact that Placer County had witnessed a massive downpour in the month of October. The torrential downpour must have triggered off the contamination. The company’s recently upgraded water system got flooded with runoff water. This problem got transferred to the other interconnected systems. The affected reservoirs are the ones based at High Camp and Gold Coast. Fortunately, the issue was contained before it reached the public.

Read more: Squaw Valley issues statement on upper mountain water quality

Torrential Downpour

The outbreak of E-Coli was quickly detected thanks to the due diligence by their routine maintenance staff. Upon visiting the site, they reported the concern to the relevant authorities, the Placer County Environmental Health offices. That move was quickly followed by an earnest collaborative effort to reach an amicable solution. The staff at Squaw Valley partnered up with other water experts in the district. These experts will continue working together until the issue gets dealt with entirely.

Number One Priority

The ski resort has provided their assurance to the public that the water supplies will not be made accessible to the public until the problem gets solved. The statement made it absolutely clear that the primary concern was to secure the health and wellness of their patrons. Until they issue a green-light, everyone staying at the premises is asked to use bottled water. All the other services and facilities remain open for use by the general public. Their customers will stay informed as to any developments and progress.

About Squaw Valley

The resort is world famous for hosting the 1960 Winter Olympics. It’s located in proximity to California. The facilities are endowed with pools, skating ramps, diners, restaurants and even a high-altitude golf course. Skiers can hit the undulating slopes and high terrains both at night and daytime.

The establishment remains open for the entire year. During the summers, it plays host to tourists who come in mostly for the outdoor activities. The guests come here for Yoga and musical performances. The CEO of the firm is Andrew Wirth.

Wengie Life Hacks to Celebrate Your Lazy Meter

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In this Life Hacks YouTube video, Wengie provides life hacks that set the lazy meter over the top.


Dialing it at 25 percent on the lazy meter are microwave mug recipes. Wengie’s favorite, Lentil pizza, consists of canned lentils, mushrooms and peppers dashed into a mug and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Pop in the microwave for one minute and eat this vegetarian-friendly goodness.


Kicking the lazy meter up to 50 percent, Wengie demonstrates how to fold your yogurt lid into a makeshift spoon. The edges can be a little sharp, so using the spoon takes practice, but you have to be willing to sacrifice for your lazy art. Also, you now don’t have to wash the spoon. Another trick to avoid washing dishes that comes in at 50 percent on the lazy meter is to wrap your dish with plastic wrap before putting food on it. Simply throw away the plastic wrap and never wash another dish.


At 75 percent laziness, a sloth could probably pass you, but you won’t even have to get out of bed to take a drink at night. Instead of a glass, keep a sippy cup on your nightstand to avoid spilling your drink. For extra lazy points to make that sloth proud, be sure to keep it within reach while lying with your head on the pillow.


So, 100 percent is as high as the lazy meter currently goes and these tips from Wengie will elevate you to master of the universe lazy status. Take an old hoodie and put it on backwards so that the hood is positioned under your chin like a trough. Now, dump in some popcorn and dive in for hands-free eating. If you don’t feel like washing the popcorn bowl, take a picture of the clean side of the sink, print it out and put it on top of your dirty dishes for effective camouflage until you get to the washing.


Catch this and other Wengie videos for great ideas to save time and energy for all that relaxing you need to catch up on.


Malini Saba is the Definition of Success

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When you think of success you probably think of success in business. You might think of someone that gives back to their community. You might even think of a person that believes family is very important. If these things are the definition of success, that Malini Saba is one of the most successful people on the planet.


Malini Saba came to America when she was 19 years old. She had only $200 to her name and had to go to free classes at Stanford with her husband in order to educate herself. There she fell in love with business, particularly investing. She soon wanted to learn everything that she could about investing. She went all over the Eastern Seaboard interviewing investment bankers and venture capital firms about their successes. When she was finished with schooling, she created her own investment firm called Saban. She is now the Chairwoman of this company, and she continues to lead it to success every year.


Malini’s company boasts impressive investments in technology, oil, gas, real estate, and a few other sectors. They have also started to invest in several commodities, such as rice. For Malini, the safe investments do not make sense. She wants to go where no other investors want to. The more risk she takes, the higher reward she gets. Her company has even had bouts with corruption in certain countries, and they have thwarted the corrupt officials and survived. When it comes to business minds, Malini’s is one of the greatest.


Malini Saba is also a world-renowned philanthropist. She started the nonprofit organization Stree from the ground up to help women all over the world. Focusing on the lower income and at-risk areas of the globe, Stree aims to help women get healthcare, legal empowerment, and a hand in public policy. It also helps them if they have any entrepreneurial goals. Malini Saba believes wholeheartedly that women have a proper place in business, and that they should never be kept down by the social systems that exist in several countries around the world.


Even with all of these things happening in her life, Malini Saba still finds time to be with her family. She likes to read books about history and the human spirit, as well as hang out with her husband and child. She even finds time every day to pick her daughter up from school. If Malini Saba is not a successful person, then I don’t know who is.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Leads The Field Of Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery is generally not a simple in and out procedure, and there are a few things that need to be considered by those going in to get work done. People always want to ask advice and talk to experts to get opinions and see what their best options are, and one of the best people to ask for advice on this topic is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She has extensive experience in the industry and works to ensure all her clients are comfortable with their procedures.


There are different hot spots for plastic surgery, namely being New York and Los Angeles, however, Jennifer Walden actually resides in Texas these days. In her hometown of Houston, Jennifer took the move to be close to her family.


For such a serious and impactful decisions as well as procedure, Jennifer Walden is a top pick for several reasons. Not only is she a widely recognized surgeon in the field today for her extensive and great work in the industry, but Jennifer has remarkable bedside manner and ensure all her clients are happy before starting anything. He incredible portfolio can be viewed by anyone as a sample of her work, which has taken her across the country to work with some of the best plastic surgeons out there.


With so many years of experience today, Jennifer is quite capable of performing all kinds of plastic surgery, regardless of what an individual is looking for. Her reputation is strong because she always makes sure her clients know what to expect, without giving them unrealistic expectations or promising anything she can’t deliver, even though her portfolio results are amazing. This attitude is part of what enabled her to become such a high profile surgeon, who was even put onto the board of ASAPS.


There are plenty of plastic surgeons out there to choose from to get work done, but there are only a handful that go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy and informed all steps of the way like Dr. Jennifer Walden.

Start Using A Sim Card From FreedomPop In An Unlocked GSM Phone

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A review of FreedomPop shows they were doing so well with the Sprint CDMA service, so some may not understand why they extended their service to other carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Although the prices are typically the same, those that prefer GSM phones that take sim cards can now enjoy the use of FreedomPop services for the same $19.99 per month or for free if they get the free service. FreedomPop has always offered a free cell phone service since they were established back in 2011, but many still don’t take advantage of the free service and pay other companies a lot of money for subpar service.

The free service that FreedomPop is offering for cell phones can extend to both the CDMA service as well as the GSM service, which gives the user talk time, text messages, and data for free. Additional data can always be added to any service plan, including the free plan, especially if the user recommends the service to others, which can help them to gain free data. Those who are using the GSM service will need to purchase a sim card, which can easily be purchased online for as little as five dollars or even less if a sale is going on.

The sim card is amazing in the fact that it can be used in over 25 countries and allows the user the ability to use their cell phone while they are overseas and in need of cell phone service that is low in cost. The sim cards will come in different sizes to fit the size of a particular phone, such as the micro or nano sims, which is the typical sim cards that are being used in cell phones these days. Once the sim card is paid for, it will be shipped to the home of the purchaser so that they can use it in their cell phone.

Only unlocked or FreedomPop GSM cell phones can be used with FreedomPop, but those that have a Sprint CDMA phone can connect the service to FreedomPop as well. Almost any phone from AT&T and T-Mobile as well as other service providers can be unlocked to be used on the FreedomPop network. Many don’t realize that FreedomPop only recently introduced the GSM service that allows GSM phones to be used, but many can take advantage of this great service now that it’s available. Reading a FreedomPop review can also help to provide additional information about the company.