Matt Badiali Continues To Make Strides In The Publishing Industry

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Matt Badiali knows a great deal about the agricultural industry and can impart wisdom when it comes to mining and energy. He’s a Banyan Hill Publishing contributor who writes informative articles on the state of the economy when it comes to the food we eat and the way that we conserve and use energy.

In a recent Medium article, Badiali states that Thanksgiving dinner was just over $20 this year, and this is the lowest it has been in price since 2013. He states that this is largely because the price of turkey went down about 6% from last year. Badiali also states that the real reason for the drop in price is because of oil prices. Most people wouldn’t make this connection, but it’s important to see how oil prices affect other aspects of our economy and lifestyle. Badiali asserts that the oil industry is booming, and that this resource has long served as a form of income for companies and regions, and is often used as a source of power when it comes t making financial decisions on a government level according to

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Badiali also offers financial advice for those who are interested in investing. He states that platinum is one of the most lucrative metals to own right now, since the value of the metal has gone up since 2016.

Matt Badiali’s personable approach when it comes to financial and economical subjects that may be hard to explain or understand is what makes him so effective in his field. He has visited oil wells all over the world, and had intense conversations with CEOs about their plans for investment and the use of natural resources. He is also an experienced geologist, which means he can offer sound advice about the natural substances that need to be conserved in order for the planet to be in its best state.

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US Money Reserve has enthusiastically teamed up with the ADRN (Austin Disaster Relief Network) after Hurricane Harvey. The organizations together amassed donations of $219,622. The goal in getting these donations is to help people who are Hurricane Harvey victims who need to piece their lives back together slowly but surely. US Money Reserve is the name of a precious metals company that’s headquartered in Texas. It operates out of Austin, Houston and Beaumont. US Money Reserve and the Austin Disaster Relief Network gave every penny collected to the storm’s many victims. Hurricane Harvey was among the most distressing natural disasters to ever ravage the Gulf Coast area in Texas. Austin Disaster Relief Network is a not-for-profit group that consists of many volunteers and churches in the vast Austin area.


US Money Reserve is a sizable private distributor that specializes in platinum, gold and silver items that were produced by the government in the United States. It’s been in existence since 2001. It caters to a large number of customers in areas all around the United States. They turn to US Money Reserve for asset diversification reasons. The staff at US Money Reserve is trained and knowledgeable. These team members know the ins and outs of coin research strategies. They’re numismatic aficionados who put a lot of time and effort into coins. US Money Reserve runs primarily out of Austin in Texas. It’s a hard-working company that has a strong Internet presence. It’s active on various social media networking websites. These are Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and, last but not least, Facebook.


Philip N. Diehl runs US Money Reserve at the moment. He was the United States Mint director before. He has knowledge of precious metals that’s substantial and constantly growing. He knows exactly how to help people who want to feel more confidence in the modern economy. The economy around the planet these days can make people feel more than a little uncertain and uneasy. Diehl has enjoyed a career that’s rewarding, exciting and diverse. He worked for the United States Department of Treasury as the chief of staff. President Clinton chose him to work as the United States Mint director, too. Diehl’s grasp of monetary and fiscal concepts is truly detailed. It’s the reason his precious metals work is so trustworthy. It’s the reason US Money Reserve has been such a powerhouse in the industry for many years as well. Learn more:


Securus Technologies connects incarcerated fathers with their kids

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One of the most brutal consequences of mass incarceration in the United States has been the creation of an entire generation of children that do not have their fathers in their lives. Numerous sociological studies have determined that children that do not have a father figure prison in the home as they grow up are many times more likely to have negative life outcomes. These include becoming incarcerated at an early age, dropping out of high school, engaging in unsafe sexual practices and many other dismal life outcomes that often lead to irreversible vectors down the road of failure.


One of the ways in which this terrible situation is being combated is through Securus’ video visitation technology. As the largest provider of inmate communication services in the country, Securus Technologies has been one of the foremost developers of high-tech solutions allowing inmates and their family members to stay in constant touch. Securus’ video visitation system allows for inmates to stay in face-to-face contact with family members on a nearly constant basis, with calls being kept down to an incredibly low rate of U.S. $0.15 per minute and inmates in many institutions able to contact their family members almost without restriction.


The system allows inmates to place call to their family members from the comfort of their own cells using a device that appears similar to an iPad. The high-definition feed allows for face to face communication, much like what would be experienced during an in-person visitation. Not only has this allowed for inmates to stay in touch with their children, fomenting strong bonds and maintaining meaningful relationships, it has also made prisons much safer.


Inmates who are able to avail themselves of the system have been shown to be much less likely to commit serious infractions at the institutions where they are housed.


Earning a living by becoming an associate of IDLife

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More people are now questioning the long-term benefits of employment after the economic recession. Working an 8-hour job for five days a week is not sufficient to give you financial freedom. The founder of IDLife took upon himself to start an entrepreneurial journey that was focused on benefiting others. IDLife is one of the companies that was started with the intention of giving its clients nutritional and health benefits through customization of customer needs. It has simplified the shopping process for its clients by providing the proper mixture of nutrients and vitamins needed for your well-being. Furthermore, their clients do not have to keep running to stores to find a mixture of supplements to supplement their health needs.

IDLife began in 2014 and it has so far been a great provider of supplements to their customers who are continuously complementing them. The supplements come in the form of pills mostly and they are easily labeled, mostly in two packs that have been well labeled, for convenience in choosing which one is taken when. This saves you the hustle of having to remember what pill is taken when and what it will assist the body with. The IDLife clients prefer the easy options provided by IDLife when it comes to consuming their products. The offer protein bars, vitamins, replacement of meals and enhancers of performance. The most interesting part is how these products fly off the shelves. This is a clear indication of the effectiveness and reliability that these products offer.

IDLife will continue to show growth with nutritious benefits through the products they offer. Apart from providing healthy and nutritious products for their clients, they are giving people an opportunity to grow their careers with them. They give an opportunity to anyone interested to try out their products and become an associate of IDLife. The associates have a chance to get discounted products and have a chance to access the marketing tools. These tools give the associates a chance to sell the IDLife products to their families and networks while making a living.

If you choose this option, your profits will be higher than the people who are employed by other companies selling IDLife products. If you are an associate and your clients continue to renew their subscription for the products, you have access to commissions, which are a further boost to your direct earnings. The more your clients order, the higher your earnings. Whether full time or part time, this is definitely an extra way to supplement your income as you walk towards your journey towards freedom financially.

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Ricardo Tosto and the Brazilian law

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Brazil is a country that is governed by the constitution. It is a country that has two levels of governance. There is the federal government and there is the federal state government. The federal government is the one that has the biggest mandate of governing the country. It is then subdivided into the federal states that each is given a role of making laws that will be applied in individual states. The laws that are passed at the state level must abide by the law of the constitution. The federal government has three arms. There is the judiciary, the legislature, and the executive. Each arm is given a specific mandated that is outlined in the constitution. This means that no arm of government should carry out a mandate that is not guaranteed by the constitution. The work of the judiciary in the country is to act as the custodian of the laws to be applied in the country. It is constituted of judges who are normally picked from the best lawyers in the country. The constitution of the country was passed about 30 years ago.

Apart from the law of the constitution, there are other legal documents that are applied as law in the country, there is the civil code, consumers’ defense code, commercial code, and commercial code among other codes. The country has 26 subdivision which must make laws that must abide by the constitution of the land.

In Brazil, only lawyers in the country are allowed to practice law. This means they are the only ones allowed to appear in courts of law on behave of clients. There are thousands of law schools in the country that have been churning thousands of law graduates every year.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a leading lawyer in the country. Ricardo Tosto has assisted numerous clients in lawsuits. Ricardo Tosto has an impressive winning record. Ricardo Tosto is recognized in Brazil and beyond. In the whole of Latin America, he is among the best.

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Oncotarget Publish about Vemurafenib resistance PTC Cells

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Oncotarget is a medical journal which was established in 2010. It is published in Impact Journal and is a twice-weekly open access journal. It publishes research on all aspects of oncology and publishing sub-sessions on other aspects of the medical industry such as immunology, aging, and autophagy. On the 18th of October 2017, Oncotarget published results of Harvard medical school team who had found out that palbociclib may be used to overcome vemurafenib resistance in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (PTC). PTC is the most common type of thyroid cancer, and it is treated with vemurafenib. Certain mutation of cancer such as BRAFV600E has been known to resist the drug.

The same team had presented research findings that showed the cancer cells were resistant to this drug due to its loss of P16 gene which helps in prevention of multiplication of cells. The P16 gene controls cell division through the formation of a complex protein called CDK4/6 which is responsible for the replication of DNA inside the cell. The team also found that there is another gene in the cell to help in the treatment of resistance in PTC cells. This gene when combined with vemurafenib and palbociclib results in the killing of the PTC cancer cells.

Later in November 2017, the journal launched its new podcast which helps every subscriber have access to news and important research work as well as discoveries through reading the original published papers. It also allows the subscribers to access interviews with the various authors of the papers giving a more profound understanding of the topic. The podcast will also consist of a blog from Oncotarget which is for a more general audience who are not in the medical field. The blog will be written in simple language for everyone to understand and comment therefore generating discussions.

The Journal’s podcasts will be used to communicate not only medical research findings but also advantageous to both authors and researchers who want to communicate their research to pertinent stakeholders and investors. Mikhail Blagosklonny, one of the editors-in-chief stated that Oncotarget is not only a publishing journal as it is the voice of the researcher as through it one can reach a wide.


Services Provided By the American Institute of Architects

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     With its headquarters in Washington, D.C. the American Institute of Architects is a United States organization which works with other members of the society in providing services in the design and development industry. AIA is responsible for ensuring government advocacy, and it acts as a professional company for many architects. Most of its services include the redevelopment of the community and reaching the public through support and building a new image in the people’s mind.

AIA speak in one voice. Unity helps them in quick decision making which is combined with federal legislators and local government authorities. The quality of life lived by the American people is affected every day. That why the American Institute of Architects uses their collective power in providing solutions to problems that affect the community. Through their intervention in the public sector, local governments are forced to improve in general space designing and protection of the available infrastructure. Some other services that are advocated by AIA include construction of affordable and well-designed housing for all American people.

This excellent work done by the American Institute of Architects is supervised by Robert Ivy. As the chief executive officer, Ivy aims at moving AIA to the next level. According to him, nothing will come out of them if they remain in isolation. That is the reason for their collaboration with other professionals. This will give all talented Architects a chance to meet their mates and build a team. Team working will teach the members many things which are essential in life. According to Ivy, one of the crucial skills an architect should have is a power to manage a big team. That is what he is planning to give his company.

Architect Robert Ivy a learned person who owns a master’s degree in architecture. In his schooling life, he attended Sewanee University and Tulane where obtained his bachelor’s degree and Masters respectively. His in-depth knowledge of the industry has given him the power to work in other companies other than AIA. Some of them include, Architectural Record and McGraw-Hill Construction where he worked as an Editor-in-Chief and as an Editorial Director respectively.


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He is known for his philanthropy and commitment to the alleviation of human problems. A man on a mission, Tony Petrello is a man who has achieved much and remains an inspiration for many. He has refused to become a victim of circumstances and has chosen to be a solution provider.

His academic background did not follow a predictable path. At first, Tony Petrello studied mathematics, graduating with a bachelors and masters degree in mathematics from Yale University. Later he went on to study law at Havard School of law, ushering him into the legal profession. After graduating with a Juris Doctorate from Havard school of law, he shifted further from his initial career of mathematics and became an attorney.

Tony started his legal career as an attorney at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979, focusing on corporate law, arbitration and taxation. He rose through the ranks and performed well to be the managing partner in 1986. He stayed in this position until 1991 when Tony joined Nabors Industries Limited.

Nabors Industries Limited is a major oil company in the U.S. which is ranked as the largest oil drilling company. In his characteristic style of work, Tony rose from being a member of the board of directors of Nabors Industries Limited to becoming the Chief Executive Officer and President of the prestigious company.

Tony has not only succeeded in his career but also in leading a meaningful life as a Philanthropist. He has shown that problems can trigger a passion for noble causes. Tony and his wife got blessed with a child who has faced unique challenges. Carena, now eight years old is a miracle baby to the family of Tony. She was born 24 weeks early and at a weight of only 20 ounces. The conditions at birth were the genesis of medical problems whereby she got diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia. This challenge has inspired Tony and his wife Cynthia to commit themselves to finding solutions by investing their resources to in philanthropy aimed at helping children with similar disorders.

The couple has identified the neurological research at Texas Children’s Hospital as a viable partner in fulfilling its mission in life. Tony and Cynthia also appreciate meaningful networks, and in this way, they have been able to partner with Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Recently, they have also been involved in an endowment fund for Professor Serge Lang, showing that his heart for philanthropy knows no boundaries.

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Shiraz Boghani Is Helping Patients By Providing Peaceful Settings

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     Shiraz Boghani is known as one of the best business professionals in the U.K. This was made evident a few months ago when the Splendid Hospitality Group presented an award to Shiraz Boghani. This award was for hospitality excellence, and Shiraz Boghani was chosen out of hundreds of thousands of business owners. Shiraz Boghani has a string of hotels in the U.K. Every hotel is filled with an atmosphere of calmness, every hotel is clean, and every hotel is rightly managed.

Though Shiraz Boghani loves running his successful hotels, his real pride is found in Sussex Health Care, which is a leading healthcare servicer in the U.K. Shiraz Boghani is one of the leaders of the establishment, and he takes pride in making suffering patients content while at this establishment.

Since Shiraz Boghani took over the Sussex Health Care, he added on three new additions to the establishment. Patients would normally come to this establishment for things like the common cold or to be seen by a U.K. foot doctor. Now, people suffering from dementia and even mental health issues can receive services from this health care center. This modified health care center now even allows people to stay in rooms that look similar to a modern living room. This center also has a pool, a hot tub, and several rooms with a recreational setting.

Shiraz Boghani works 12 hours a day and sometimes longer. However, he still manages to be a terrific family man to his spouse and his children. Shiraz Boghani makes time to spend with his family every single day. Sometimes the time he spends with his family is over a screen or over the phone, but he always remembers his family throughout the day.

Shiraz Boghani is currently searching for new establishments to manage in the U.K. Boghani does not want to just invest in any type of business. He wants to invest his money and time into a business that is created to helping people with their everyday life. Shiraz Boghani is asking accepting proposals from current U.K. businesses in need of a new owner and a new plan.

Betsy Devos’s Philanthropy Efforts and Quality Education in America

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Betsy DeVos is the current American secretary of education under the trump administration. She was appointed to this position earlier on in 2017 and was among the first cabinet secretaries to be confirmed after a lengthy vetting process.


Most individuals know her as a pioneer in the school choice movement as she has been as she has been championing for various education reforms. Through the course of a career, she has been supporting grassroots education enterprises by providing donations to these particular institutions. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of a public school teacher, and the concept of choosing schools was introduced to her at a very tender age. During her college and other adult life. She would go on to work with various public schools with the aim of providing quality education to the individual’s learning these institutions.


Apart from being the cabinet secretary in charge of education, she is an established leader innovator and advocates when it comes to education, business, and even the political arena. She has been succeeding at this through her philanthropy efforts in which she supports various non-profit and charitable organizations. In politics, she has had more than 30 years worth of experience and was at one point the chair of the Michigan Republican Party,


Quality education has always been at the core of her philanthropy efforts. Taking a look at 2015, she gave out more than 3 million dollars to educational causes; these donations accounted for more than a quarter of charitable contributions she made in that particular year. 357,000 was also given to support other educational reforms.


As of now, Betsy is on the board of the American enterprise institute for public policy. Back in 2015, her family’s foundation gave out 750,000 to Washington dc-based think tank after which they also approved another one million dollars in subsequent funding. She donated 10,000 dollars to the Institute for justice which is a non-profit libertarian law firm that has been funding school choice lawsuits across America. She gave an additional 6,500 to intercollegiate studies institute an enterprise that champions for conservative viewpoints in college campuses.


The Betsy DeVos foundation is part of a family dynasty that has been supporting the Republican Party. Forbes magazine in 2015 placed the foundation at number 24 of America’s top donors. This is after her foundation and family members handed out a total of 104 million dollars to charitable organizations.


Taking into consideration the data provided by Forbes magazine, the DeVos family have provided 1.3 billion dollars through their philanthropy efforts in the cause of the lifetime. The American cabinet secretary for Education has also maintained that the donations she gives the charitable organizations always reach the criteria required. She also stated that the contributions are for aiding the individuals directly and should not be confused as political contributions.


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