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Ross Abelow Hopes to Raise $5,000 for Homeless Animals

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Ross Abelow and other individuals are trying to come up with a solution to an urgent problem that needs to be fixed. Even though many individuals enjoy cooler weather when it comes around, homeless animals usually suffer and even die when winter temperatures drop below freezing levels. Despite the fact that there are many animal shelters that have been set up in New York City and in other areas, there is simply not enough space to house them all. Also, funds are low. For this reason, Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me winter fundraising campaign in order to raise money that will be donated to animal shelters in the New York City area.

By means of this Go Fund Me campaign, Ross Abelow hopes to raise at least $5,000 that can be donated to local animal shelters.  Second, it is going to provide more funding to purchase things like food and medicine for animals. Besides taking care of this urgent need at the moment, it is just another step in helping to take care of homeless animals over the long term. When homeless animals are placed in animal shelters, they are usually put in an adoption program. This means that they are off the cold streets and getting the food and medicine they need, and they are in the best position to have their long-term needs taken care of by eventually being placed in a loving, permanent home.

Many in the New York City area are familiar with the legal blog post that Ross Abelow regularly posts on his personal blog site. Or they may have read legal and financial blogs that he places on sites like Crown Point New York. He offers legal and financial advice that individuals in the New York City area and around the world can benefit from. He also has a strong web presence since he regularly posts information on his social media sites.

Ross Abelow has been working in the New York City area as a family and matrimonial lawyer for more than 25 years. Recently, he became a partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. Besides working with family law cases, he occasionally works with entertainment law and commercial litigation.

Why Madison Street Capital Feels 2016 Will Be a Strong Year in the Hedge Fund Industry

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Source: HedgeWeek

It seems like 2016 is going to be an exciting year in terms of hedge fund merger and acquisition transactions. In fact, Madison Street Capital predicts that it may even be record-breaking. There are several key drivers that are helping position the year 2016 to be better than any other year.

Recently, Madison Street Capital released their 4th edition of an overview that looks at transaction activity and new opportunities with merger and acquisitions. The statistics the report reveals give reason to believe that things are looking good for M&A transactions. The numbers are definitely up. The report mentioned that there were 42 hedge fund deals that took place in 2015. This was 10 more transactions that took place than in the year 2014. When transaction volume was measured by AUM, they noticed that it was more than 27 percent higher in the year 2015 than in 2014. Another significant part of the report pointed out that many of the transactions that took place in 2015 happened in of the fourth quarter.

The Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha, has mentioned that the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented and only mediocre performance was seen in most hedge fund strategies in 2015. However, there are a lot of factors that are working together to improve the situation. First, the industry is continuing to see consolidation, particularly in opportunistic partnerships. Second, hedge fund industry assets are higher than they ever have been even though the strategies that were used in 2015 were not outstanding.

There are several reasons why hedge fund managers are looking at strategic alternatives. Many institutional investors are looking at ways to diversify and allocate some of their funds in the alternative asset management sector. They are experiencing rising liabilities and need to achieve higher returns in order to match them. Even smaller hedge fund managers are having a difficult time attracting new capital, and so their operations are below best case scenario portfolio capacity levels. Madison Street Capital is seeing more and more deal mechanisms being used in a structural way to help buyers and sellers. In addition to traditional merger and acquisitions, other transactions are being structured as PE stakes, revenue share stakes, incubator deals, and more. They felt that 2015 was a strong year in the hedge fund industry and that 2016 will be even better.

They primarily provide financial advisory services. They are not a lending institution. Some of their services include business valuation services, financial opinion services, valuation and merger and acquisition services for hedge funds, and restructuring services.

Philip Diehl, President of U.S. Money Reserve Joins Enterprise Radio

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The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors of government issued gold, silver and platinum coins and precious metals in the United States. Philip Diehl brings his expertise to the table to provide a leadership role. He also now joins Enterprise Radio.

Diehl certainly brings experience as his previous job as director at the U.S. Mint. He initiated the multi-year customer service overhaul that set into motion for the U.S. Mint to earn the second Highest score of all the Federal agencies as surveyed by the University of Michigan School of Business Customer Satisfaction Index. Also during his tenure at the U.S. Mint he spearheaded the creation of the popular 50 states quarter program. He was responsible for launching the Sacagawea Dollar and the Susan B. Anthony Dollar. The first platinum coin displaying the American Eagle Bullion Coin was very successful also.

The time he spent as chief of staff of the U.S. Department of the Treasury and Staff director of the Senate Finance Committee allowed him to work close with the senior officials and the Executive Branch, as well as on Capitol Hill, Diehl’s was able to understand more in depth of the fiscal and monetary policy that continues to keep him alerted to his work now in the precious metals industry.

All his prior experience helps him to understand the position he now holds as President of the U.S. Money Reserve. He continues to be a member of the boards of Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA), and the Coalition for Equitable Regulations and Taxation (CERT).

The Business Consumer Alliance has announced that U.S. Money Reserve has earned the AAA rating.

The gold veterans at U.S. Money Reserve can help you find a program just for you. It’s your money and knowing the best way to invest it, are these professionals.

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FreedomPop Goes Global

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FreedomPop is a Los Angeles mobile startup that has decided to expand their reach to a wider audience. The startup is going global. This major step is due to new financing that guaranteed that they would have the ability to expand to a wider audience. Now, they’ve added a new global hotspot and SIM card to their line of products that provides their customers with seamless use, according to a Freedom Pop spokes-person.

New Launch
Of course, they were able to upgrade to a plan with more options. Now, FreedomPop is offering their service to just about every major country in Europe, with plans to expand to Asia and Latin America. Currently, the global hotspot is available for less than a $100. The SIM is available for $10.

FreedomPop is excited about world domination of their mobile services. Their new financing raised a considerable amount of cash. This money will make it possible for them to expand to the far corners of the world. The financing will fund their new global launch and provide free Internet service across the world, according to co-founder Steven Sesar.

Human Rights Foundation Promotes Basic Rights For All Humans

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In 2005 Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to promote the fundamental rights of every human being on Earth. He designed the nonprofit as a nonpartisan organization with the goal of transforming the restriction of human rights in countries that are not open and which actually oppress their citizens.

The HRF is an activist group that stands for the rights of all humans and the promotion of democracy, where any violations have been reported for anyone. Specifically, the Human Rights Foundation promotes all of the following:

Freedom of speech
Freedom of self-determination
Right to worship whatever and how ever
Freedom to associate
Right to buy and sell property
Freedom of travel to and from any country
Right to equal treatment by law enforcement and due process
Right to participate in government
Freedom from exile or arbitrary detainment
Freedom from torture and slavery
Freedom in matters of conscience without interference or coercion

The HRF actually began in the heart and mind of Thor Halvorssen because of his father, a reputable diplomat who was an ambassador. Thor’s father was illegally detained, beaten terribly, and tortured in 1993 by government forces of Venezuelan. Thor was strongly affected by this event and came to understand the kind of work required to make changes in oppressive countries, such as Venezuela. To get his father released to the combined efforts of many statesmen and stateswomen, the International Society for Human Rights, and Amnesty International.

The same repressive Venezuelan regime attempted to murder Thor Halvorssen’s own mother when she was attending a public gathering that was entirely peaceful. Local TV news broadcast the attack, live. A total of 12 people were wounded and 1 person was murdered. Thor’s mother was wounded. Others of Thor’s family have also been attacked in the past. Never willing to give in, Mr. Halvorssen is also a film producer who continues to stand for freedom for all the oppressed people of the world.

Kevin Seawright and Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Help Newark Small Businesses

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Kevin Seawright is an operations leader in the financial and administrative arena. Currently he is Senior Vice President and CFO of Newark New Jersey’s Community Economic Development Corporation, and Kevin has been since September 2014.

According to an interview Seawright did recently with a local news show, Newark Community EDC’s goal is to promote economic development in Newark, downtown and uptown, by helping small businesses. They do that with education and loans. Currently they do not offer small business grants.

They have two people in each ward dedicated to bringing in prospective new businesspeople. Their loan specialist is Demirali. She helps people understand the financial reporting involved, the record keeping, taxes and credit reporting. Based on what she learns, they can figure out how close the person is to actually opening their business.

Once a week they host an incubator class, a 2-week course in small business development. EDC will also help prospective businesspeople find a building for their business.

Newark Community EDC will offer business loans up to $25,000. If the business needs more than that, they will seek to partner with other institutions.

All EDC benefits are available to any business that is or will be located within Newark. Since EDC began a short ago, they have helped 53 businesses open, which resulted in 88 new employees hired.

Seawright also stressed the necessity of continuing education, a point he makes often on Twitter. He doesn’t want to help a business open just to see it close down a short time later. He wants EDC to help small businesses succeed. That includes helping them learn what they must continue doing, such as paying taxes and paying employee taxes and making financial statements. According to him, the most important factor in small business survival is financial stability.

Seawright began his career with Tito in Washington, DC. That began his education in small business and real estate development. As Managing Fiscal Officer, designed a new accounting system for the Baltimore Commission on Aging that saved them over $100,000. He became Payroll Director, then Finance Director of Homeless Services within the Department of Housing. Then came a stint for Baltimore as CFOr. For six years he worked as Deputy Chief Operating Officer in education.  Check out Kevin Seawright on Soundcloud to learn more about the man, and his interests

Trump Versus Koch

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Donald Trump is currently at war with the Republican establishment and two of the largest donors to the Republican Part, the Koch Brothers, are caught in his cross hairs. Trump has recently been tweeting on Twitter about the influence that the Koch brothers have on candidates and indicating that those who accept the donations of Charles Koch are beholden to them and their puppets.

The reality is much more nuanced than what Trump puts into his tweets and is indicative of a contention that goes far beyond their quips. Trump had previously approached the Koch brothers asking for political contributions and only began to publicly assault them when they refused to support him.

The Koch brothers, on the other hand, don’t view Trump as a serious contender for the Presidency and were personally affronted by his anti-Muslim attitude and belief that Muslim Americans should have some of their freedoms stripped, which is a slippery slope for them in terms of taking away freedoms and what they believe will push the U.S. Down a bad path.

Charles Koch is a conservative political backer who have the financial engine of Koch Industries behind him which produces everything from oil extraction products to chemicals. They have long become prominent donors to conservative candidates who believe that government should take a hands off approach and should lower taxes and stay away from the freedoms that every Anerican is entitled to.

While the Koch brothers, through their super Pacs have raised over $900 million in the coming election cycle, they are currently considering all options including sitting out the election, supporting candidates other than Trump, and even running negative ads against Trump. There is some hesitancy in regards to the last step as the Koch brothers don’t want to offend some of the donors who contributed to their super Pacs and who support Trump.

Regardless of their ultimate decision Charles Koch seems to be not pleased with the current Republican candidates and are hoping that one will assert himself to take on Trump and secure the Presidency for the Republican Party.

Dr. Weisfogel’s Heart is as Big as His Smile

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel’s heart is as big as his smile these days. Dr. Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign for the Operation Smile charity. Operation Smiles began in 1982 by plastic surgeon and philanthropist Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathleen, a registered nurse, were visiting the Philippines. They had been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of young children and teens with facial deformities. Upon their return from their trip they began contacting other surgeons and medical professionals they knew, to inquire about their willingness to help these children. They championed medical equipment and supply companies to see if they would be willing to donate medical supplies and equipment to these underdeveloped countries.

The Magees returned to the Philippines with the necessary equipment, staff and supplies to perform these surgeries. Upon the launch of Operation Smile they soon had volunteer Doctors and surgeons from eighty countries performing facial deformity surgeries in an estimated sixty countries. Today Operation Smiles teaches the local medical professionals in these countries to perform these surgeries as well as donating the necessary medical equipment. This selfless act of compassion has attracted the attention of other philanthropists like Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel grew up in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Upon his graduation from high school he attended Rutgers University where he received his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. After the completion of his bachelor’s degree, Avi Weisfogel went on to receive his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from New York University’s College of Dentistry. Once he had successfully completed his studies, Avi returned to Old Bridge, and accepted a position with Old Bridge Dental. While with Old Bridge Dr. Avi Weisfogel was voted Best Dentist, for several consecutive years.

During his fifteen years of service with Old Bridge Dental, AviSlee Labs. developed a passion for understanding sleep disorders. He began the Healthy Heart Sleep Labs where he and his associates could learn best how to help people with various sleep disorders. Two years later he opened the Owner Unlimted Sleep Partners. In 2014 he opened Deep Sleep Masters, a program which educates other dentist’s on the use of various oral devices that assist in the prevention of sleep disorders.

Keith Mann Academic Scholarships

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A quality education is a proven way for young people to achieve success, but in many urban areas, the lack of funds for public schools makes it hard for the schools to provide the needed education. As a result, many cities have seen an increase in charter schools that help to provide quality educational opportunities for children in low income areas.

One of these charter schools is Uncommon Charter Schools, which is a network of public charter schools. The schools are located in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. The schools serve children from kindergarten through the 12th grade.

Recently Keith Mann, the founder and CEO of Dynamics Search Partners, started a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon Charter High School.

The name of the scholarship started by Keith Mann is the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. Keith Mann started the scholarship to help low income kids attend and graduate college. His concern and the efforts of the Uncommon Charter Schools work hand in hand.

The schools help to prepare low income children for higher educational opportunities by providing a quality public school education. While the scholarship provided by Keith Mann, provides the money required to help pay for college tuition.

Many low income children have a desire to attend college and earn a degree, but the cost of college is a challenge that many low income children cannot overcome. However, the Keith Mann scholarship will be able to help one graduating senior each year from an Uncommon Charter High School realize the dream of going to college.

Keith Mann is a businessman. He is the founder of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP), which helps businesses fill their executive position openings. Keith Mann started DSP in 2009, and he manages the day-to-day business operations. His company specializes in filling executive positions for alternative investment firms.

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Handy Workers Can Clean Any Size Home With Ease

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Not every person has time to clean their home every week or in some cases, every day. There are some people who have children that need to be cleaned up after on a daily basis, and the more children in the home, the more likely the home is to have a mess to clean up, especially if the children are young in age. In some cases, a home can become untidy, simply because some maintenance cleaning cannot be done, such as sweeping, vacuuming, dusting and more. These types of cleaning jobs and more can be done by Handy workers, and it doesn’t matter what size the house is.

Some people fear that they have a house that’s too small or even too big for a Handy worker to manage, and this is just not true. There are several workers that can be sent out to home if necessary, especially if it’s to accommodate a large home. A single worker can go out to a small apartment to clean it, if necessary, depending on what the customer wants. Handy workers are not only great at what they do but are also professional as well. Every person that works for Handy is screened beforehand to determine if they are skilled enough to work for the company.

The fact that Handy workers are insured is something that many customers like to hear because customers will have expensive items in their home that can easily be damaged during the cleaning process. Something as simple as using the wrong chemicals to clean a delicate piece of furniture can cause damage, which is why professional cleaners are hired by Handy.

No matter what mistake or problem occurs in the home while a Handy worker is cleaning, they are insured, and the customer will be taken care of if any damage occurs. Many love the fact that they can hire Handy workers and feel comfortable knowing that the person is trustworthy, which is something that many other cleaning companies cannot promise. Handy truly cares for their customers, and customers that want cleaning services from Handy can go to the website to get started by creating an account with Handy and setting up an appointment. Download the Handy app on iTunes and Android today!

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