Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Regulates for Hall Capital

If there was ever a time and a need for someone that could regulate procedures for an organization, it would be now. Helane Morrison is the compliance officer for Hall Capital, and I think that she is doing an excellent job with this organization. It is evident that she has the credentials, and in more than 5 years with Hall Capital she has proven herself to be a valuable employee.

I know that she has a law degree, and I think that this is very important for anyone that is working in the area of corporate rules and regulations. A lot of companies have failed to acquire the right people for these types of positions and a total disaster has occurred. Helane serves as the executive that keeps this investment company in the right place. This company is in charge of more than $29 billion in investor funds. There has to be a high level of accountability. Morrison has the experience as a former San Francisco SEC Regional Director so she knows how to investigate companies and find violations. I think that she has been vital to the success of Hall Capital in her role as the General Counsel.

I always wonder how so many corporations can break laws and go up in smoke when there are compliance officers in place. I can only assume that these officers for these other companies were corrupt. That is why I think it pays to have someone like Helane in place for these type of checks and balances of corporate structure. She has a resume that is filled with a lifetime of compliance work. It has become the thing that she is well-known for. Investigating and upholding the law is in her blood. That makes her much less likely to fall victim to any type of corruption.

Keeping a large business in order is not an easy thing. Laws are always changing and there is always something new to get the rest of the employees to conform to. Many people are used to doing things the way that they have always done things and they don’t want to change. I think that this is something that ruins organizations sometimes.

Learn more about Helane on her Crunchbase profile.

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  1. Gerard Birmingham Post author

    It is a good thing to have people like Helane Morrison in place to investigate and enforce the rules. She has the ability to keep Hall Capital in compliance with the laws. This seems pretty cool for and I know they will succeed.

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