Skout Feeds 20,000 Hungry People

Learning About Skout

My friend invited me to try Skout, and I have been pretty excited ever since I learned about this service. It’s a free service. It’s entirely free to download Skout’s application and use their website. The service works great to match you with other Skout users, so you are continually meeting new and exciting people over the web. It’s really amazing how many fun and interesting people I have met without ever leaving my house. I was skeptical about meeting people online because I had never personally tried it, but Skout really makes it easy to do.

Skout’s platform walks you through setting up your profile from start to finish. The platform is very user friendly, and it is consistently working at its top performance, so the app doesn’t crash like all of the other social media apps out there. Skout has you indicate your purpose for using the platform, and you can change or adjust your profile at any time. When you first start using Skout you will want to add a picture that accurately describes your current physical appearance. I have noticed that some Skout users are uploading images or avatars instead of a picture of themselves. I guess that is fine, but I usually only talk to the users that have real pictures of themselves attached to their profile.

I found an article from PR Newswire that talks about all the things that Skout is doing for their community. I was really impressed to see how active they are in helping other people in their community. It is a good mark of any business to spend time, energy and resources in order to help other people. Skout has been working with their local food bank to feed the hungry for the past few years. They worked with San Fransisco Marin Food Bank in 2015, and they fed 10,000 people that year. This year, they decided to double that number and feed 20,000 people by selling gifts on their application. The full article from PR Newswire about Skout is found here.