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VTA Publications Informative Concepts

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VTA Publications Ltd. aka Victorian Transport Association was created in 2013 and is located in the United Kingdom. This is a reality publisher of long range learning subjects accomplished both digitally and physically.

They are also scheduling brokers of planning a variety of events and seminars administering to the specialized category primarily in the areas of economics and finances. Their stated main objective is to administer to their clientele state of the art information,they are a source of knowledge.

They strive to furnish the most competent professionals from all over the world, the “know how to people” with their expertise and pronounced skills specialized in their craft to their customers in non complex easy to comprehend lay outs.
Their focus is how to exchange stocks by utilizing charts offering the most current seminar of chosen topic recording, small revealed alternatives to trading approach and retirement planning from the bible.

VTA Publications Ltd, supports their clientele to attain their personal aims and endeavors,as well as offering all the information necessary and required in books and seminars.

They have a continual presentation of superior print and digital materials accessible for customers, and here is a summary of one of the most current articles.

Knowledge, Empower, You. What is the advantage that you will accomplish your goals and succeed in them?
Most of us will only put forth moderate exertion to attain our endeavors however it is an implicit factor to generate more effort and struggle than the majority. Also you can not under any circumstances allow anyone to dissuade you from believing in yourself or convincing you that the odds are against you.

Average attempts by most individuals is a consequence of being uncertain, disoriented and ignorant about financial aspects. These individuals are negative intellectuals and pessimists possessing minimal confidence in themselves.

This category of individuals have no remote inkling about establishing a business because, no research on their part was ever conducted and their regimen absence and endurance also undertaking irrelevant risks.

They also have no comprehension pertaining to cash flow, profits, liabilities, royalties and methods they are poignant and do not reinstate the accumulated profits by allocating them wisely, instead they prefer to carelessly squander senselessly.
This knowledge absorption process is only available at the time of admission and is only offered for a designated period of time before the commodity ends, at which time this is realized only by e-mail request.  You can visit the VTA store for more publications.

FreedomPop: A Profitable Mobile Alternative

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FreedomPop’s president sat down with Kavit Majithia from MobileWorldLive recently, to outline the company’s plan for international expansion as well as to highlight the practicality of Freedompop as an alternative mobile provider. With over $80 million in total funding, FreedomPop is migrating from its home in California and focusing on carving a foothold in the European and other international markets. They are currently exploring partnerships with operators in other countries such as Asia and Latin America among others. They are currently working with Axiata for an expansion in East Asia.

While other operators were initially wary of FreedomPop’s “free data” model, FreedomPop has proven to be able to convert their free customer base into paying subscribers. In the United States the conversion rate is at 48% (monetized subscribers) and in the UK it is approaching 45% after only four months. Constantinopoulos suggested that the transition to Europe was not as difficult as one may think. He sees many similarities in the two markets, and believes this speaks to the data needs in developed markets. He also sees an opening for entering developing markets with their experience from Europe and the United States. Constantinopoulos believes that FreedomPop has discovered the “secret sauce” to monetization. With a conversion rate of nearly 50%, the other mobile providers have not figured out how to turn subscribers into paid members at the same rate as FreedomPop. This has lead to partnerships and other opportunities for the company, as they look to expand into other markets and continue to grow in the United Stated and Europe.

Check out this FreedomPop Review!

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Clearly One Of The Top Texas Doctors

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Dr. Jennifer Walden has shown that she is clearly one of the top Texas doctors by giving people the surgeries and procedures that they need to make sure that they look great. A woman who is trying her hardest to look good needs to have a nice resource in a plastic surgeon, and these women can get that when they are asking Dr. Jennifer for help. Dr. Jennifer knows what it takes to make sure that all women feel great, and she helps women see the potential in their bodies.

There are a lot of procedures that can be started today, and they can be handled by Dr. Jennifer in a short period of time. These women are going to come in to make sure that they can get the surgery done in the office, and they can recover in the office before they go home. This also means that people are going to be able to get the work done without going into a hospital. That makes life a lot easier for women who do not want to be laid up for that long, and Dr. Jennifer can tell all her patients how long or short the recovery is. The process is easy, and the office will be a nice place for any woman to come to recover before she goes home after she has her procedure done.

The consultations that she does are going to help people make sure that they are mentally prepared to recover, and it also helps women who are trying to make sure that they are going to be able to recover in the right amount of time. She also looks at how people are recovering to see if they will be able to go on that next trip or do that activity that they have wanted to do. All women are different, and there are some women who are trying to make sure that they have gotten the right results so they can recreate the image of themselves that they want. This is the customer service Dr. Jennifer offers for every patient regardless of the procedure.


Oil Prices Rise as Venezuela Faces Production Problems

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Venezuela’s Guri Dam, which provides a third of the country’s electricity supply is very near to being shut down, due to low water levels. If this happens the country will have to redirect some of their oil exports for generating electricity and powering diesel generators. It may also cause some of their oil production to be reduced. It is reported that Venezuela is close to two weeks away from a major power disruption for the entire country.
Danilo Diaz Grandos has seen a recent workers strike in Kuwait has caused a reduction in their oil production. Fires in a pipeline in Nigeria have added to the decrease in oil output recently. The recent disruptions combined has led to an estimated $2 billion barrels a day in lost production. This has pushed oil prices above $40 a barrel recently.

The situation with Venezuela’s low water levels has already begun to affect oil production, according to analysts Danilo Diaz. The upcoming power production problems, may cause a rationing of electricity to the citizens of Venezuela, and will likely be extended to the oil business. This could lead to a longer-term production decline for the country. Some expect the condition to worsen as Venezuela’s cash flow weakens and their infrastructure deteriorates. Since Venezuela has some of the largest oil reserves in the world this could push oil prices even higher.

Wengie Provides Hot Makeup Tips

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The cosmetics world has become a fast-paced environment that gives a lot of people the chance to explore different looks. The great thing about makeup in this day and age is that people have the ability to tap into social media, blogs and video channels to develop a new look.

Wengie is one of those young and high-spirited video personalities on YouTube that has managed to secure a lot of fans. She gives some makeup tips that will inspire a bevy of her subscribers to keep coming back for more. Wengie manages to gain a lot of subscribers by keeping her content fresh. She is constantly posting new videos, and this has helped her become the top video beauty channel for Asian followers in Australia.

The YouTube site is where people are checking out making tips and learning how to apply their makeup. Now that millions of people have smart devices they can check Wengie out on the YouTube app at any given time. A lot of young girls will share links through chat sessions to connect people with Wengie. She explores a lot of different topics, and she has a ton to provide for women that are interested in trying out new brands of lipstick. What Wengie has managed to do is provide lots of women with new makeup enhancements that can help them change their look.

The Internet has become the trusty resource for those that have little to no experience with cosmetics. There are a ton of people that have discovered that Instagram is also one of the best sources for checking out what other girls are doing with their makeup. Most people get the latest in fashion, cosmetics and hairstyle trends from the web. They know that the celebrities are always changing up their styles, and Wengie gives you the tips to get the styles that the celebrities are rocking on the red carpet. She gives you some insight to what shades of makeup are popular. Wengie also gives you a vibe on what will attract the most attention when you are out on the town.

George Soros Provides Insight about the European Refugee Crisis

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Politics are extremely tricky situations on to be involved in. Many people wrongly assume that they can offer their perspective on a matter and have it cleared up without any problem. However, in most instances this is not true. Politics is extremely complex because there are lots of people involved. All of these people have interests and views about life that must be balanced out against each other to bring about the best outcome. George Soros understands this reality. He also understands that if the current European refugee crisis is not properly dealt with; many countries on the continent are going to pay a heavy price.

George Soros has been around for a very long time. This man is nearly a century year old and is still going strong. He grew up in Hungary during the time of Hitler and the Nazis and he has managed to make billions of dollars by literally investing into national economies. George Soros might not be the world’s most notable figure but he is a shrewd man with a lot keen businesses sense and power.

The current refugee crisis in Europe threatens on to undermine the EU. Soros has been stating this for the past few years after he realized what was happening with the outflow of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and from countries in Africa. Most of the refugees that currently sweeping across Europe’s borders are from Syria and many left their homeland to avoid the problems caused by Isis back in 2013.

As the refugees come into Europe, the economies of the various countries must house and feed these individuals. Not to mention, they must be provided medical care. When a nation receives millions of people from other parts of the world it places a strain on their funds. This is exactly what is happening in Europe today. The EU has brokered a deal with Turkey to take in the refugees. Most of them are being sent to Greece. This particular nation is a hot bed for trouble since it threatens to weaken the rest of the EU. Greece’s economy is already folding and the extra inflow of refugees is weakening this territory to a greater degree.

Gerge Soros says that the current refugee system must change. This means that that the EU governments must be willing to spend a lot of money to establish a new system. George Soros states that the EU has the ability to raise the capital it needs to carry out this process. Next, the EU must stop making their member nations to have refugee quotas. The countries should take in immigrants but their numbers should be set up according to what each country is able to realistically handle.

Soros also states that refugees should be given a choice about where they want to relocate. As long as there is room for them and they are willing to contribute to an economy; they should be allowed to stay in that place. In cases where it is not feasible to keep refugees they should relocated to a safe place until they can find something to do with them. Soros’s comments and ideas on this matter is available online on The New York Review of Books. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

Making Talk Truly Cheap

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While a lot of people say that talk is cheap, when it comes to telecommunications, this may not be the actual case. However, thanks to mobile networks and now video chat platforms like Talk Fusion, talk really is becoming cheap, financially. In fact, the new technology is making it so that people are going to have to adopt this type of method for keep in touch with their friends and family. With Talk Fusion, people can just record a message with the use of any type of video recorder they have. They could use a webcam or a flip camera among other devices.

Talk Fusion has been made possible with Bob Reina. He is one person that is very interested in innovation. He wants to make it easier for people to keep in touch with each others. One thing that makes his Talk Fusion invention much better is the ability for people to connect in ways that they couldn’t with texting or even with talking on the phone. He has done plenty of other activities in making the world a better place as a police officer. One of the things that make him stand out is his self discipline. This is what helped him achieve his goals in bringing forth a new innovation.

One thing that could be said about Bob Reina is that he does have a drive and a good work ethic in order to achieve his goals. This has helped him as a direct seller. He himself has faced his share of adversity from friends and families among others when he walked away from his steady paycheck in order to pursue goals that he is passionate about. For one thing, this is what makes him such a successful person. He follows his passions towards something that is constructive as opposed to just doing something for the money.

Michael Zomber Has A Distinctive Taste For Ancient Weaponry

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Michael Zomber is an author, collector, dealer, filmmaker, and a philanthropist and has a passion for antique arms. His expertise and authority on the history of Samurai swords are internationally known and recognized.

He is aware of how the written history, pieces of the collections, improper storage and care can become lost and mishandled through time. He wants to work with people who have a deep appreciation in how to protect the history and the items of a collection and that includes the Samurai Sword and Antique arms.

The armor and weapons from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries of Japanese, European, American and Islamic are where he has gained his expertise in the field.

The institutions and individual collectors who purchase these ancient artifacts know how to keep the weapons in mint condition and value the precious history and monetary value.

He has written seven screenplays and has penned five published novels that have received a four and five-star rating from the public. Charles published three historical novels in the same year, Jesus and the Samurai, Shogun Iemitsu, and Sweet Betsy That’s Me in 2009. Park Avenue was published in 2010 and A Son of Kentucky debuted in 2011. His next novel Soul of a Samurai will be released in the near future.

Michael appeared on the History Channel for the Tales of the Gun series and related the history of the Dueling Pistols that were called Flint Lock and Wheel Lock pistols that were made in those eras.

His English Literature and Psychology studies awarded him with bachelors’ degrees and graduated with honors and then pursued his Master’s degree from UCLA in California.

Michael Zomber is a man with a variety of interests and has become a well-known historian of ancient armor and weaponry.  Fans can follow alongside Michael’s Facebook to see what his production company is doing next.

Brad Reifler Says Bitcoin is Entering Irrelevancy

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has become easily the most popular virtual currency in the world. With no bank or government having authority over it, the currency has gained favor for those seeking easy, universal, and a relatively anonymous way of engaging in commerce.

Though Bitcoin is accepted by many legitimate businesses for transactions, it has been marred by its use for illicit transactions as well. In particular those that involve the buying and selling of drugs. While others have used bitcoin as something of a rocky vehicle for financial speculation. Indeed, the cryptocurrency has soared to significant value heights with a few valleys along the way.

But several years after its advent, some think that bitcoin may have run its course. One of these individuals is investment banker Brad Reifler. Mr. Reifler sees bitcoin as a very risky investment and advises clients at his firm, Forefront Capital, to steer clear of it. Reifler views bitcoin has completely irrelevant when it comes to his world of asset management, mergers and acquisition, and investment planning.

In fact, using bitcoin for investment may not only be ill-advised from a financial risk standpoint, but it’s currently illegal for those without proper credentials to invest in up-and-coming businesses. Bitcoin allows these individuals to invest, potentially circumventing laws and opening themselves, and the companies they invest in, to a world of legal trouble.

Techpinions writer, Bryan Hall, believes it may be a risk worth taking. He sees bitcoin as having the ability to add value and serve as an alternative investment platform for investors and capital seekers. Hall envisions bitcoin as undercutting the traditional order in way that may be what the business of investing needs. Though even Bryan acknowledges that bitcoin is ultimately “toxic.”

Wikipedia makes it clear Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital, which offers financial services to a diverse clientele. Reifler founded the company in 2009 with the goal of meeting the long-term investment targets of international institutions, distributors, advisors, and private investors. Before founding Forefront Capital, Reifler was CEO of Pali Capital. Under his direction, Pali Capital saw tremendous growth and more than $200 million in yearly revenues with an impressive global operation.

Recently, Mr. Reifler has turned his focus on more middle level and lower level investors, or “the 99 percent” as Brad has referred to them. He sees this segment as majorly overlooked by the financial services sector. Reifler has stated his desire to shift focus to these investors and guide them in building portfolios that are riskier, but with greater upside. With his vision, he hopes to change the current paradigm in which these investors are viewed to create a more dynamic investment atmosphere that encourages more to join in.  Check out Brad on Twitter, and be sure to look over his advice in Reuters.

Talk Fusion Under Bob Reina’s Leadership

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Bob Reina and Dr Jonathan Chen are the creators of the Talk Fusion CONNECT Suite which was initially launched in 2007. This saw the launch of the Video Email application which was the initial solution to a problem that Bob Reina came across in 2004 when he tried to share a video with friends and family but could not attach the video in an email and forward it. This kind of software was just not available at the time. Bob Reina went as far as contacting his internet service provider, AOL, to ask them if they knew of a way to embed a video clip into an email. They also told him it was impossible, so Bob Reina set out to create a solution to the problem.

Bob Reina had a longtime friend who was also very knowledgable when it came to IT so he shared the vision with his friend. Jonathan Chen at the time also believed that the problem could be solved however it would not be easy. So they set off to work and finally launched the application in 2007. Bob Reina decided to approach this business in a slightly different way to conventional software marketing. He had over 20 years experience in the direct selling industry which actually allowed him to earn a full time income on a part time business. He knew of the potential of direct selling and marketing and so decided to use the same platform to market the Talk Fusion software package. User’s could take advantage of the features of the software and then decide if they wanted to refer it to others and possibly make some money back for their efforts. In this way the user can become a business owner and in this way Bob Reina created a win, win situation.

Talk Fusion has since expanded not only its software offering but also the places around the world where the software is accessible. In over 140 countries people can use Talk Fusion for their individual or business needs thanks to proprietary technology.