Handy Unveils a Mobile Platform for their Services

Handy is an online platform that offers cleaning services to their consumers. It has been on the market for over five years now, and it has revolutionized the industry. Handy as a cleaning service company allows the customers who need their houses to be cleaned to book on the platform, and they will be given the best cleaners in the portfolio of the company. After that, they pay online using the available payment methods, and they wait for the cleaner.

Spring cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning the house and ensuring that no dirt of part has been left. It has been a constraint for many homes to get the best cleaners that they need. In addition to that professionalism is of critical in such industry. Most families prefer to wash, clean and repair their homes during the spring period when there is enough time for supervision.

Customers have been delighted to use the cleaning service that was co-founded by Hanrahan and Dua. The duo didn’t expect such growth, and it hit a mark of $1 Million in bookings per week in the third year. It has proven that most families that need the services are always sorted, and it has become the Uber in the cleaning and repairing industry. Innovation has also been put into action by the company, and they launched a mobile app for their users.

Handy mobile app aim was to connect the cleaners and the clients in a more convenient way. It has proved that both the consumers and the professional cleaners are continuously using the app. For the consumers, the app has made their booking faster and reliable by using such an application. Handy service professionals are well vetted so that they can offer the best service to the clients when required. Professionalism has been enhanced throughout the process since Handy has to produce the best cleaners that should be found in the market. They, however, insist that most of their income come from the cleaning services. 85% of Handy income arises from cleaning services and the rest from other professional services that they offer.

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