Skout- Unlock More With Points Earned In App

Skout is a social media platform available on Android and iOS devices. Skout is an app developed to help you connect with new people and to help spark friendships and relationships. Signing up to Skout is very easy and can be done using an email address or your Facebook account. So you’re probably asking yourself why in the world would I need another social media platform when I already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and others on my device. Well, Skout is unlike any of those applications and provides many features that are not offered on those platforms. While you may be able to search Facebook to find someone who lives in Italy just randomly reaching out to them via Facebook Messenger to chat might not always be accepted by the other party. When you are utilizing Skout and wish to meet someone from another country you can just use their Travel Feature which is like a virtual passport and connect with somebody in that country who’s ready and willing to chat.

Like many social media platforms, you have the ability to share more about yourself as well as pictures with others on the platform however when viewing peoples pictures and profiles on Skout, unlike other platforms you earn what are called points. These points can be utilized to unlock and utilize other features in the Skout platform. Things such as viewing profiles, utilizing features, uploading pictures, and other activities will help you build up these points so you can unlock other features. One of my favorite features of the Skout application is the Feature Me option. This option allows me to utilize my points and put my profile front and center for other Skout users to find. After a short time of using this app, I have already made friends in many places around the world and you can too by simply downloading the Skout app from your favorite Play Store.

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