NY Philanthropist Keith Mann Raises over $22K For Schools

In New York, there is a need for business leaders to step and give back in big ways. That’s exactly what Keith Mann does, CEO and founder of DSP (Dynamics Search Partners). Together, with Uncommon Schools, he has raised $22K for school kids in the NY area.

Uncommon Schools is a charitable organization that focuses on funding testing supplies for schools in NY. It ensures that kids have the resources they need to become great in the world. This is firstly because they can take the PSAT and AP tests. These tests are vital for getting into college. Of course, once in college, students still need guidance and the relationships and resources they receive thanks to Uncommon Schools help them do this.

In fact, Uncommon Schools teamed up with DSP and they recently built a whole new school in Brooklyn. The partnership of DSP and Uncommon Schools dates back to 2013. They both made a firm commitment to do whatever it takes to help high school kids prepare for successful futures. They understand the importance of this crucial time in young peoples’ lives. Keith has said that he is so proud of the current state of their philanthropic efforts and that he can’t wait to see how much personal success the students will have in the future. He even gave $10,000 before the recent fundraising event to ensure that everything would be covered.

Keith Mann has always been a shining example of leadership and giving back to the community. In fact, it is what inspired him to become successful himself, so that he could help more people. He began his career as a manager and then vice president for Dynamic Associates. Then, based on his solid reputation and helping him grow, he moved to the prestigious position of managing director of Dynamics Executive Search.

He helped financial companies help find the right executives and also with a handful of other custom services in the industry. Then, with hard work, he identified opportunities in the hedge fund industry. This led him to specializing in alternative investments when he founded DSP in 2009.