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Brazil’s Export Business Needs A Boost From Its Trading Partners

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Brazil is an export-oriented country. The country depends on the shipments of raw materials to keep it moving in the right direction. For the last three years, the export business has been down, and now some exporters say the Dilma Rousseff trial must come to an end before the export business can start growing again. The political situation in Brazil is a mess, according to Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf. Maluf would like a general election before the scheduled 2018 if Rousseff is removed from office. Most Brazilians are not excited about having the interim president, Michel Temer leading the country, according to Maluf.

Eucatex has been exporting products for the construction and building business since the 1960s. The Maluf family started producing ceiling tiles made from eucalyptus wood for the domestic market in the 1950s. Eucatex was born from the Maluf family’s sawmill business, and Flavio Maluf has turned the company into an international giant. Eucatex has offices all over the world.

Brazil had a very strong trade agreement with China. At one time, China was importing 20 percent of all the exports that came from Brazil. But when the bottom fell out of China’s economy, the country cut its import needs. Today, the European Union is Brazil’s largest trading partner and one of Eucatex largest supporters as well. China is still importing building products from Eucatex because the construction business in China is supported by the Chinese government, but business is not as strong as it should be, according to Maluf. Flavio Maluf is looking forward to a decision from the court, so the Rousseff matter is put to bed. He also wants the Brazilian government to start talks with the United Kingdom, so Eucatex doesn’t lose more business because of the Brexit vote to leave the EU. Both of those issues will impact the future of the export business as well as the current condition of the export industry, according to Flavio Maluf’s online blog.

Maluf said Eucatex is still in good shape in terms of product demand, but he is concerned that the fragile Brazilian economy is not going to respond positively if other issues develop in China, United States, Argentina, or the European Union.

Wen Makes Fine Hair Shiny Hair

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An article originally posted on Bustle recently explored the effects of Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care product line. Chaz’s Wen is a “cleansing conditioner”, meant to be used alone and without any shampoo to prevent dryness, irritation of the scalp, and color fade. Using shampoo on the hair every single day can be very damaging. Especially for women who also heat style their hair every morning, Wen is an alternative that will keep the hair moist and never strip the natural oils that the hair actually needs. It keeps the hair looking shiny and healthy.

Though Wen, like most hair products, is usually demonstrated on women with “normal” hair (not too thick or thin, not too curly, easy to manage), this time it was tested on very fine, thin hair by the author of the article, Emily McClure. McClure has self-identified as “slightly lazy” when it comes to her beauty routine, and has difficulty managing her very fine, straight hair. She was hoping that Wen would give her the volume she can’t manage to keep, help it shine and keep away frizz, and give her a nice, moisturizer clean.

She was fortunate in her endeavor, the ending result of a Wen-and-blow-dry being shiny and clean, and finding that her hair was shiny enough after a week to warrant compliments from her friends. She was able to keep volume in her hair past half the day, and her hair was visibly softer after the very first wash. The Wen by Chaz Dean gave her a desirable, elusive result and it is now part of her luxury beauty routine. For more info, visit the Wen hair care website: Wen hair products are available on Total Beauty website and on high end stores like Sephora.


Fabletics Introduces Active Wear Fit for Date Night

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Watch a few videos to learn that Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013 and is a fitness brand and online retailer. While Fabletics initially only offered women’s active wear the company has quickly grown to include men’s clothing. In 2015 Fabletics launched its men’s active line called FL2. In an interview with Kate Hudson discussed Fabletics’ newest line of performance wear; athleisure dresses. For those that love the look of body shaping dresses by Alaia and Herve Leger, Kate Hudson promises her athleisure dresses provide the same look with the benefit of a more affordable cost. While Hudson doesn’t recommend trekking along on a long hike in her new line of dresses she does recommend sporting one on a first date. The dresses of Fabletics are made with the same performance materials of leggings and other active wear giving them all the same benefits of comfort and breathability. Hudson also briefly discussed her upcoming line of new performance swimwear. The new line is set to be released in mid-April of 2017. The major focus Kate Hudson had on the design of these swimsuits was to provide a swimsuit for active women without compromising sexiness and femininity.

While waiting for the release of more new swimwear consider registering as a member of Fabletics to receive personalized outfits. Making Fabletics your number one fitness brand can save you hours of shopping for top quality fitness wear. One of the benefits of Fabletics is that the company has cut out the middle man allowing their customers direct access to high quality active wear at an affordable price. An additional benefit is the ease and convenience of shopping that Fabletics offers to registered members. For registered members Fabletics sends monthly suggestions of personalized outfits you are sure to love. Fabletics can begin tailoring outfits to your preference once you’ve completed a quick survey about your lifestyle and workout preferences. For those that have visited the to look at some of their sample outfits it is clear that Fabletics offers a wide variety of active wear that is both comfortable and stylish.

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