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Securus Video Visitation Helps Reduce the Challenges of Interaction Between Inmates and Their Families.

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Sometimes driving all the way to jail to see an inmate can be challenging and at times even impossible. It is quite difficult to visit an incarcerated person considering the time, gas, long lines, and parking can be expensive and exhausting. All this hustle and bustle now have been eliminated since Securus has made it possible for one to connect with an inmate from home. The new Securus video visitation now eliminates the complex nature of prison visits since connect can be done from anywhere. All one need is a good internet connection, a smartphone, tablet or a computer. The sign-up process is easy and all one needs is to visit Secures technologies website.


Securus Video Visitation is a web-based platform solution. Its primary purpose is to allow visits with inmates remotely. The visitations are supposed to be scheduled in advance and can all be done online. The visit must also be at the approved visitation hours. The software is, however, programmed and all inmates’ schedules are added thus the system will show what time your incarcerated loved ones are available. After you have scheduled a visit, the family member that you intend to speak to will be notified and availed at the scheduled time.


To get started with the Securus Video Visitation, you first create an online account. You are then required to provide certain personal details such as name, address and photo identification. After the account is created and approved, you can then request access to the facility that your loved one is at. On the website, there is also the information of what facilities have the Securus Video Visitation installed. After that you are approved by the correction facility and the video scheduling can begin. To get any assistance you can always contact Securus support and or use the live chat options.


Securus Video Visitation has made it possible for an inmate to connect with the outside world. The inmates can now even attend a concert and be part of it as the connection is in real-time. Securus Technologies serves the civil and criminal justice with technology solutions to help with the investigation, public safety, correction and monitoring in the US. The services that Securus provide are, public safety solutions, such as emergency response, public information, incidence management, emergency response, investigation, verification, inmate self-service and monitoring products and services.


Securus Technologies public safety solutions are usually significant in helping cities, and law enforcers gather, consolidate, store and disburse information in real time. The company has made access to information easy and immediate.


Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Adam Goldenberg Goes For What He Wants And Encourages Others To Do The Same

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One of the most important steps to self actualization is for one to go after what he wants. Adam Goldenberg has done just that. He also encourages others to do the same. For one thing, he understands that a person that allows others to determine who he is and other aspects of his life is going to be lacking in the area of fulfillment. Therefore, it is important for each person to determine his own journey. Adam Goldenberg has followed his own journey even when it took him to unexpected places. For one thing, people have probably not expected him to wind up with women’s fashion.

However, Adam Goldenberg has followed his passion and put together a successful fashion retailer by the name of JustFab. JustFab owes a lot of its success to the promotion of individuality and promotion of uniqueness. Adam has met with others in order to find out what products he could offer which would be unique. He has put together a wide range of products that are very diverse so that people could find their own style on As a result, JustFab has gained a ton of customers and subscriptions.

One good thing about Adam Goldenberg seeking out what he wants as opposed to letting others dictate what he should do is that he owes his success to no one. For one thing, he and other entrepreneurs don’t allow others to live their lives through them. They seek out something that is as close to their values as possible. Therefore, they are able to work more passionately towards their goals. In Adam Goldenberg’s case, it is helping people discover their own sense of beauty.

Adam Goldenberg has also kept his customer base in mind. Therefore, he has looked at what items are selling the most so that he could order more of them. As a result, he has managed to satisfy the customers and keep his business up and running. While offering something unique is always good, it is also a good thing to make sure that there is enough of what the customers want so that the company will continue to be successful. See:

New York Real Estate with Town Residential

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New York is among the rapidly developing cities in the world. Inherently, settling in the city may turn to be overwhelmingly daunting especially when it comes to finding a house to rent or buy. The varied neighborhoods in New York City are unique in their own ways, and it may be difficult to get real estate in the city. Since every individual has varied preferences for real estate and with the stiff competition for real estate in the markets today, it may be hard to get the right real estate, which suits your needs.

However, considering professionals in the real estate industry may come in handy.

 Town Residential is a well-known and reputed real estate firm in New York. The company focuses on residential real estate, and some of its services include marketing, leasing, sale of property and property development as well. Andrew Heiberger founded the firm in 2010, and it utilizes Andrew’s adept leadership as well as the expertly trained and experienced professionals. The team of professionals is excellent in providing clients with reliable and up-to-date services, which help them in finding the right residential home, or finding the best buyer of their property.

For the buyers in the real estate industry, the firm provides a buyer’s guide that provides professional aid to help a client in navigating the New York real estate market. The buyer’s guide additionally enables a customer to view a broad spectrum of property, which is inherent to the extensive reach of the Town Residential in New York. Clients get reliable information regarding the real estate market, and it will ensure the buying process runs without any hitches as well as to make sure the buyer buys a property from the right place according to his needs. Town Residential offers a seller’s guide, which provides sellers with excellent services such as pricing, pricing advice, and marketing.

Town Residential is all encompassing in its service delivery. If you are looking for rental property in the best areas of New York City, Town Residential will take you through the whole process offering guidance until you get your ideal apartment or residential property for rent. Town Residential will help you in deciding the right place in the city for you to live in, give you directions on places you can get a vacant real estate property as well as show you the most suitable real estate in line with your budget. Town Residential has highly qualified real estate representatives with the expertise to help you find your ideal real estate property. Town Residential is the perfect choice when it comes to residential real estate in New York City.

Marc Sparks’ Gift to Startups

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Marc Spark is a Dallas-based entrepreneur. His work mostly involves helping companies grow and expand through his private equity firm. His firms’ reputation and net worth have been steadily growing, inspiring him to help other people.

The idea of helping people to thrive economically was conceived when Marc Sparks met Lynne Sipiora. They started off at Colin County by taking charge of a homeless shelter called the Samaritan Inn. Under their stewardship, the organization soared to file an annual budget of more than $3 million.

At Samaritan, they feed and house over 200 people daily. Through the Samaritan Inn, Marc and Lynne were able to develop the first transitional living blocks that have apartments in North Texas. They opened a thriving store and have a $7 million shelter that is currently under development.

Marc has extensive practical experience in developing and growing businesses. He believes that he has a special affinity to entrepreneurship. It was Lynne, however, who sold Marc the idea that they can find and finance individuals whose entrepreneurial ideas were “out of the box.”

Spark Tank is rooted in the belief that many societies will benefit from fund grants if the challenge could make sure that the nonprofit organizations financed are properly managed. Spark Tank is a one of a kind project that encourages executives offering unique social services to come up with ideas that create and nurture social prosperity.

Spark Tank operates by inviting members of different communities to apply for funding and mentorship. After an organization’s application is accepted, a thorough evaluation of the applicants’ ideas is undertaken before the panel selects three finalists who may qualify for funding. The shortlisted finalists are required to face the Spark Tank panel again where each applicant is supposed to convince the panel why his or her idea deserves the grant.

The applicants make presentations to the panel following specific modalities. First, they are required to make a presentation that is fully explained within 20 minutes. Secondly, they must demonstrate time management capabilities by using 10 minutes to present and 10 minutes to respond to questions.

Any organization can receive a grant from Spark Tank provided it has more than two years of operation and is classified as a 501c3 organization. Associations dealing in arts, non-religious faith-based initiatives, and animal services are eligible to apply for the program.  Read more: Marc Sparks’s Books and Publications Spotlight

However, organizations such as national and united way charities, religious faith based initiatives, and political action committees are not eligible to join the program.

The program has been able to bring tremendous transformation to the Samaritan Inn through various modifications. For instance, they provide a $5000 kennel for homeless people to keep their pets and another $5000 to ensure that poor kids do not spend summer in school but instead receive lessons in the camp.

Improving Sleep and Smiles Avi Weisfogel is a Top Notch Dentist

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When you imagine a dentist images of drills and scraping tools probably come to mind. It might be surprising then to know that Avi Weisfogel, although originally a dentist, has a long history of helping people get more than just a pearly white smile. Currently, he uses his business ventures to help people with sleep disorders and is an active philanthropist.

Avi Weisfogel began practicing dentistry in New Jersey. His office, Old Bridge Dental Care won awards for his excellent skills as a dentist. While there he began specializing in sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea. Eventually, he started a business, Dental Sleep Masters Seminars, to help people treat their sleep problems. There are many devices that help people with apnea conditions, some of them are actual dental equipment like mouth guards. Other devices like CPAP, can impact a person’s dental health. Weisfogel uses his Seminar business to teach people how they can improve their sleep and health by treating their apnea.

Mr. Weisfogel doesn’t just reach out to people. He wanted to find a way to share what he’s learned over the last sixteen years treating and working directly with patients with sleep disorders like apnea. Through his company, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, he travels and teaches other dentists the information he’s learned about treating sleep apnea. He is unafraid to take on hard dental cases and has a drive to find the best treatment. Over years of constant education, Weisfogel is now successfully teaching other dentists his techniques.

In addition to sharing his wealth of knowledge in his specialty area of sleep disorders, Avi Weisfogel is a huge supporter of Operation Smile, a charity which provides free surgery to children with cleft pallets and cleft lips. Avi has six children himself and felt drawn to support this organization due to their excellent record of helping children around the world. According to his Twitter account, he even started a GoFundMe page for them and is raising money to support this wonderful cause.

An excellent dentist, Avi Weisfogel is raising the bar for the industry. His endeavors have made dentistry more accurate in treating Sleep Apnea.