The Interwoven Nature of Fashion and Technology in Contemporary Times

For anyone to get the most of either fashion or technology, he or she must understand the interwoven nature of both industries in today’s world. Some individuals were opportune to know this truth early enough; their profiting as a result can be seen by all. Chris Burch happens to be one of them.


Mr. Burch is simply a born-entrepreneur. He could not wait to pass out from college before harvesting millions of dollars in business. Together with his brother Bob, he started Eagles Eye apparel as a college boy. They only had to grow the company for a couple of years before selling it off for $165 million.


He was adventurous. Aside recording outstanding success in the fashion industry, he also made his marks in real estate and technology. His current company, Burch Creative Capital, has an impressive portfolio with clients from leading companies in the United States and beyond. Hearing Burch’s views on the topic has always been rewarding.


According to Burch, the 70s was simply given to boom box. It was the number one medium by which music lovers carried their favorite tunes and stations about. Everyone crazily went for it. Surprisingly, by the 90s, no one was talking about it. All eyes were on the Walkman as it was more fashionable and provided a personal music experience too good to overlook. It only took a decade for something better to replace the Walkman; the iPod became the new bride. That has been the trend, something better always comes up.


Modern fashion is spineless without technology. This is the view of many fashion designers today. They believe that innovation and functionality in fashion can only be achieved with the aid of technology. Anouk Wipprecht painted it this way: “[technology is] like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


Technology likewise needs fashion in many ways. Without fashion, it is sure to lose popularity and suffer huge lost in patronage. Fashion helps to sell technology into the heart of people. A good example is a Fashion Show where latest technological products are showcased. Awareness created through such mediums help to drive sales of technological products upward.


Sometimes, both fashion and technology combine to achieve unbelievable feats. For instance, both can be brought together to create kinetic energy. This awareness has led to the production of cloths specially designed to power appliances such as watch and mp3. It may not be long before the world witness a prototype shoe capable of charging cell phones when worn and used in walking or running.


The interwoven relationship between fashion and technology remains intact and is getting stronger and better every day. The world will surely be better for it.