Why Officers Use Securus Technologies in the Prison

When you have to work inside of a jail each day, you learn to move around with your head on a swivel because at any moment it could be your last. I work in a crowded prison with many inmates who are serving life sentences and have nothing to lose by causing harm to another. If you introduce drugs into the equation, then you really give the inmates a huge advantage.


Some inmates underestimate the power in these drugs, and once taken, can become several times stronger than they usually are. This makes it very difficult for my team to be able to maintain order because we are already outnumbered, and now we have to take resources from one area to just contain a suspect. This means we have to make a huge effort each day to try and stop the flow of drugs in the prison, and we utilize Securus Technologies in those efforts.


The inmate telephone monitoring system that was installed by Securus Technologies is capable of picking up chatter from anyone on the phones about a number of different subjects. When the conversation of drugs comes up, we are able to now get the alert and spring into action faster than ever before. This makes the entire prison safer for officers, inmates, and even visitors.


This month we were alerted to a call where one inmate was talking about selling prescription drugs in order to raise money to kick up to the gangs in the jail. We closely monitored this inmate and discovered he was one of many being recruited to gangs in jail for protection, but in exchange had to get and sell drugs to other inmates and kick up to the leaders. The call system helped us break up that ring and make the facility safer.