Betsy Devos’s Philanthropy Efforts and Quality Education in America

Betsy DeVos is the current American secretary of education under the trump administration. She was appointed to this position earlier on in 2017 and was among the first cabinet secretaries to be confirmed after a lengthy vetting process.


Most individuals know her as a pioneer in the school choice movement as she has been as she has been championing for various education reforms. Through the course of a career, she has been supporting grassroots education enterprises by providing donations to these particular institutions. Betsy DeVos is the daughter of a public school teacher, and the concept of choosing schools was introduced to her at a very tender age. During her college and other adult life. She would go on to work with various public schools with the aim of providing quality education to the individual’s learning these institutions.


Apart from being the cabinet secretary in charge of education, she is an established leader innovator and advocates when it comes to education, business, and even the political arena. She has been succeeding at this through her philanthropy efforts in which she supports various non-profit and charitable organizations. In politics, she has had more than 30 years worth of experience and was at one point the chair of the Michigan Republican Party,


Quality education has always been at the core of her philanthropy efforts. Taking a look at 2015, she gave out more than 3 million dollars to educational causes; these donations accounted for more than a quarter of charitable contributions she made in that particular year. 357,000 was also given to support other educational reforms.


As of now, Betsy is on the board of the American enterprise institute for public policy. Back in 2015, her family’s foundation gave out 750,000 to Washington dc-based think tank after which they also approved another one million dollars in subsequent funding. She donated 10,000 dollars to the Institute for justice which is a non-profit libertarian law firm that has been funding school choice lawsuits across America. She gave an additional 6,500 to intercollegiate studies institute an enterprise that champions for conservative viewpoints in college campuses.


The Betsy DeVos foundation is part of a family dynasty that has been supporting the Republican Party. Forbes magazine in 2015 placed the foundation at number 24 of America’s top donors. This is after her foundation and family members handed out a total of 104 million dollars to charitable organizations.


Taking into consideration the data provided by Forbes magazine, the DeVos family have provided 1.3 billion dollars through their philanthropy efforts in the cause of the lifetime. The American cabinet secretary for Education has also maintained that the donations she gives the charitable organizations always reach the criteria required. She also stated that the contributions are for aiding the individuals directly and should not be confused as political contributions.


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