He is known for his philanthropy and commitment to the alleviation of human problems. A man on a mission, Tony Petrello is a man who has achieved much and remains an inspiration for many. He has refused to become a victim of circumstances and has chosen to be a solution provider.

His academic background did not follow a predictable path. At first, Tony Petrello studied mathematics, graduating with a bachelors and masters degree in mathematics from Yale University. Later he went on to study law at Havard School of law, ushering him into the legal profession. After graduating with a Juris Doctorate from Havard school of law, he shifted further from his initial career of mathematics and became an attorney.

Tony started his legal career as an attorney at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979, focusing on corporate law, arbitration and taxation. He rose through the ranks and performed well to be the managing partner in 1986. He stayed in this position until 1991 when Tony joined Nabors Industries Limited.

Nabors Industries Limited is a major oil company in the U.S. which is ranked as the largest oil drilling company. In his characteristic style of work, Tony rose from being a member of the board of directors of Nabors Industries Limited to becoming the Chief Executive Officer and President of the prestigious company.

Tony has not only succeeded in his career but also in leading a meaningful life as a Philanthropist. He has shown that problems can trigger a passion for noble causes. Tony and his wife got blessed with a child who has faced unique challenges. Carena, now eight years old is a miracle baby to the family of Tony. She was born 24 weeks early and at a weight of only 20 ounces. The conditions at birth were the genesis of medical problems whereby she got diagnosed with Periventricular Leukomalacia. This challenge has inspired Tony and his wife Cynthia to commit themselves to finding solutions by investing their resources to in philanthropy aimed at helping children with similar disorders.

The couple has identified the neurological research at Texas Children’s Hospital as a viable partner in fulfilling its mission in life. Tony and Cynthia also appreciate meaningful networks, and in this way, they have been able to partner with Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. Recently, they have also been involved in an endowment fund for Professor Serge Lang, showing that his heart for philanthropy knows no boundaries.

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