Services Provided By the American Institute of Architects

     With its headquarters in Washington, D.C. the American Institute of Architects is a United States organization which works with other members of the society in providing services in the design and development industry. AIA is responsible for ensuring government advocacy, and it acts as a professional company for many architects. Most of its services include the redevelopment of the community and reaching the public through support and building a new image in the people’s mind.

AIA speak in one voice. Unity helps them in quick decision making which is combined with federal legislators and local government authorities. The quality of life lived by the American people is affected every day. That why the American Institute of Architects uses their collective power in providing solutions to problems that affect the community. Through their intervention in the public sector, local governments are forced to improve in general space designing and protection of the available infrastructure. Some other services that are advocated by AIA include construction of affordable and well-designed housing for all American people.

This excellent work done by the American Institute of Architects is supervised by Robert Ivy. As the chief executive officer, Ivy aims at moving AIA to the next level. According to him, nothing will come out of them if they remain in isolation. That is the reason for their collaboration with other professionals. This will give all talented Architects a chance to meet their mates and build a team. Team working will teach the members many things which are essential in life. According to Ivy, one of the crucial skills an architect should have is a power to manage a big team. That is what he is planning to give his company.

Architect Robert Ivy a learned person who owns a master’s degree in architecture. In his schooling life, he attended Sewanee University and Tulane where obtained his bachelor’s degree and Masters respectively. His in-depth knowledge of the industry has given him the power to work in other companies other than AIA. Some of them include, Architectural Record and McGraw-Hill Construction where he worked as an Editor-in-Chief and as an Editorial Director respectively.