Securus Technologies connects incarcerated fathers with their kids

One of the most brutal consequences of mass incarceration in the United States has been the creation of an entire generation of children that do not have their fathers in their lives. Numerous sociological studies have determined that children that do not have a father figure prison in the home as they grow up are many times more likely to have negative life outcomes. These include becoming incarcerated at an early age, dropping out of high school, engaging in unsafe sexual practices and many other dismal life outcomes that often lead to irreversible vectors down the road of failure.


One of the ways in which this terrible situation is being combated is through Securus’ video visitation technology. As the largest provider of inmate communication services in the country, Securus Technologies has been one of the foremost developers of high-tech solutions allowing inmates and their family members to stay in constant touch. Securus’ video visitation system allows for inmates to stay in face-to-face contact with family members on a nearly constant basis, with calls being kept down to an incredibly low rate of U.S. $0.15 per minute and inmates in many institutions able to contact their family members almost without restriction.


The system allows inmates to place call to their family members from the comfort of their own cells using a device that appears similar to an iPad. The high-definition feed allows for face to face communication, much like what would be experienced during an in-person visitation. Not only has this allowed for inmates to stay in touch with their children, fomenting strong bonds and maintaining meaningful relationships, it has also made prisons much safer.


Inmates who are able to avail themselves of the system have been shown to be much less likely to commit serious infractions at the institutions where they are housed.