Matt Badiali Continues To Make Strides In The Publishing Industry

Matt Badiali knows a great deal about the agricultural industry and can impart wisdom when it comes to mining and energy. He’s a Banyan Hill Publishing contributor who writes informative articles on the state of the economy when it comes to the food we eat and the way that we conserve and use energy.

In a recent Medium article, Badiali states that Thanksgiving dinner was just over $20 this year, and this is the lowest it has been in price since 2013. He states that this is largely because the price of turkey went down about 6% from last year. Badiali also states that the real reason for the drop in price is because of oil prices. Most people wouldn’t make this connection, but it’s important to see how oil prices affect other aspects of our economy and lifestyle. Badiali asserts that the oil industry is booming, and that this resource has long served as a form of income for companies and regions, and is often used as a source of power when it comes t making financial decisions on a government level according to

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Badiali also offers financial advice for those who are interested in investing. He states that platinum is one of the most lucrative metals to own right now, since the value of the metal has gone up since 2016.

Matt Badiali’s personable approach when it comes to financial and economical subjects that may be hard to explain or understand is what makes him so effective in his field. He has visited oil wells all over the world, and had intense conversations with CEOs about their plans for investment and the use of natural resources. He is also an experienced geologist, which means he can offer sound advice about the natural substances that need to be conserved in order for the planet to be in its best state.

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