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Glen Wakeman, LaunchPad Holdings LLC, recently did an interview for

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The interview was started with the interviewer asking where the idea for LaunchPad came from. He responded by saying that he did not understand why the failure rate of startups is so high. He thinks that startups are so high because most startups lack a structure around the idea that they have. He wants to make it easier for startups to make a structure for their idea.

Wakeman was then asked about what a typical day for him is. He starts the day by looking at the results from the previous day. He then talks to his partners to determine what they will be doing for the day. His key to productivity is that nobody should do any backtracking. No matter what happens, their focus should be on today and tomorrow.

What trend is most exciting for him. He believes that the most exciting trend is applying machine learning to business problems. He looks at a large amount of data that has been accumulated over the years and he thinks that machine learning is the best way to make sense of all that data. Making sense of it all is a good thing for modern democracy.

Wakeman is next asked what he does to make new ideas come to life. He thinks that the best way to make an idea come true by how a person explains it. He thinks that a new idea can be simply killed by how a person says it aloud. If it sends bad out loud, it is probably not a good idea. He is not going to advocate an idea when he does not think that in his mind that it is a bad idea.

The last question is about what was the best $100 that he ever spent. He feels that the best $100 that he ever spent was on a Berlitz Spanish language course (LinkedIn). This course changed his view of cultures, certain styles and his view of how the world thinks. He wanted to see more of the world and made him feel more confident in asking his future wife on their first date.

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From the Farm, Dr. Mark Holterman, Makes a Difference

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From Humble Beginnings

Mark Holterman, MD a Wisconsin-raised farm boy made his way early in life. His academic success in high school prompted one of his teachers to encourage him to seek out a higher education at Yale University. Even though his parents were uncertain about him leaving the farm, he enrolled at Yale (TheNewsVersion).


Growing Academic Skills

Mark’s university education began with a major in biology. Once he graduated from Yale in 1980, he continued to medical school at the University of Virginia. His goal was to become a pediatrician. Not only did he attend UVA, he also worked with the National Institutes of Health program where he became a medical scientist.


Mark Holterman’s Personal Life

Holterman had internal influences and external influences mark the beginning of an amazing career. While a surgery resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, he met a cohort, Ai-Xuan. They began as friends and soon became romantically involved. Before there was a personal relationship, each inspired the other. Mark Holterman was inspired to become a surgeon due to Ai-Xuan, and she was inspired to use her surgery skills to become a pediatric surgeon. The two moved to Seattle after graduating and married in 1988. The couple now have three sons.


Dr. Holterman’s Professional Life

Dr. Holterman has more than two decades of professional work experiences. He is CEO of Mariam Global Health and has been a faculty member at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He is now a full professor at the university and teaches both pediatrics and surgery.


Mark Holterman, MD is also a surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center, and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, specializing in pediatric surgery. In addition, he cares for child patients at the University of Illinois hospital.


He conducts stem cell research and regenerative treatments at the University of Illinois. The doctor’s work includes cutting-edge methods of combating cancer and diabetes. He has even been awarded with the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association.


Holterman’s Philanthropic Role

Dr. Holterman’s work is not all for pay, either. He spends a great deal of time working with poor international populations. Mark Holterman, MD, is a strong supporter of the nonprofit organization, the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The group concentrates on the enhancement of healthcare activities and options for children in Vietnam. Volunteer clinicians and other support staff work together toward a mission to Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City in 2018.


Perry Mandera: A Pioneer in Business and Philanthropy

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Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Companies Inc. and has extensive experience in the transportation industry. He is a strong supporter of the Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) and was awarded the Bishop Sheil award by the group. The organization is a nonprofit that works to improve community and law enforcement relationships and to reduce crime. Custom Companies is a leader in transportation and logistics and uses the latest in technology to serve its customers.

Perry Mandera is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps and he worked in the transportation department driving trucks. This gave him the inspiration to start his own company in transportation (BlogWebpedia). He started his first business in 1980 and sold it a short time later. He always had an interest in politics and was elected to the 26th Ward of Chicago in the mid-1980’s.

After leaving politics, Perry Mandera founded Custom Companies in 1986. The company’s client base ranges from small to major companies and has sales of over $200 million a year. The company is located in Northlake, Illinois and has hundreds of employees. Perry Mandera was recognized as a top executive for his accomplishments in 2000.

Perry Mandera is also a philanthropist and is dedicated to charitable work focusing on children, youth, and veterans. He also donates to cancer research and is focused on helping to prevent and cure the disease. Custom Companies also donates its services and money to help victims of natural disasters and played a huge role in helping victims of hurricane Katrina. Perry Mandera also donates money and time to families in need during the holidays. Mr. Mandera is passionate about giving back to the community and helping people. He also coaches youth sports and is passionate about boxing. Mr. Mandera has managed boxers that competed in the Olympics.

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Stream Energy Boosts The Power Of Women With Skills Enhancement Group

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Perhaps it’s fitting that an energy company is providing an extra power boost for self-starting women in business. Renée Hornbaker, Chief Financial Officer of Dallas-based Stream Energy, co-founded Women of Power in 2010. The organization seeks to motivate, inspire, mentor and support women who work as associates for Stream.

Women of Power has been hosting annual retreats at its home office in Dallas. Each retreat employs a specific theme. The most current event was dubbed “Shine” to denote an effort to help female associates of the company “shine with confidence” and inspire others to do the same.

The Shine event included a series of keynote speakers, including noted author and journalist Nicole Lapin, business leader Karen Leland of Sterling Marketing Group and wellness consultant Melissa Mark Garner. Garner is also a professional counselor and certified yoga teacher.

Stream Energy (now called Stream) was founded in 2005. It is a provider of energy, protective services, other home services and wireless. It is headquartered in Dallas’ Tollway Center building. Stream employs a multilevel marketing model as its primary marketing strategy. It recruits associates who can earn money by selling energy plans to customers. They can also recruit new sales associates once they achieve a minimum of customers to their credit.

Part of the way sales associates operates is to maintain an internet-based website or “homesite” that works as an informational online forum for recruits.

The Women of Power group established by CFO Hornbaker gives an extra boost to the many women who are already off and running earning monthly income as sales associates. And Chelsey Berend, the Director of Events at Stream, said those who attend the Women of Power seminar come away with a host of “new, valuable skills” that will serve them in countless ways. One of those skills is learning to set smart business goals that are well-defined and achievable in a planned, step-by-step process (

Stream services are currently available in Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington, D.C., New York, and Illinois. Additionally, all of Stream’s other services are available nationwide.


Jorge Moll: Unlocking the Secrets of the Mind

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The human mind has so many secrets, which prompted scientists around the world to work overtime and unlock these secrets and share their discovery with the public. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist from Brazill, decided to team up with some of the world’s best neuroscientists and conducted a research about why giving feels great. Jorge Moll tapped the assistance of Jordan Grafman, another excellent professional in his field, to help him experiment. Together, the two decided to invite a group of healthy individuals to visit their location, and they collected them inside a room that is empty. They were asked to think of two complete opposite scenarios – one that would portray selfishness and another that would portray generosity.


The volunteers did what the neuroscientists asked them to do, and to their surprise, the equipment which scans the human brain activity showed an interesting pattern. After the experiment, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman observed the data captured by the equipment. It showed them that the brain is actively responding to thoughts that were showing generosity, and it is completely still when shown selfish thoughts. The two neuroscientists also noticed that a small area hidden inside the brain becomes visible when the volunteers were thinking about generosity. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman explained that the small area of the brain is a primitive structure that has not been explored by science. They saw that this small area of the brain is responsible for sending out hormones all throughout the body, and the volunteers claimed that it feels pleasurable. This has given the two an idea that the phenomenon called the “helper’s high” is connected to the activity inside the brain when generosity is played out (


Satisfied with the information that they received, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman shared their findings with some of the best and most talented neuroscientists around the world. They are hoping that one day, the experiment that they performed would be vital in solving the greatest mysteries of the human brain. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman thanked everyone who willingly participated in the experiment which resulted in the discovery (

The Bumble App Becomes a Big Time App for Whitney Wolfe

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Whitney Wolfe has done a great job of creating an app that has the ability to expand. Bumble is the app that Whitney Wolfe Herd created, and it has become a favorite among many people from different walks of life. It is commonly referenced as the Bumble dating app, but this is clearly not the only thing that this app has been created for.

Whitney Wolfe has expressed interest in helping people build friendships with Bumble BFF. This way men and women get the chance to have fun with others that may be interested in getting into a friendship. There are many opportunities for those that want to build friendships when they move to new cities. This is certainly something that a lot of people may have interest in, but everyone does not always know where they would need to go.

Whitney Wolfe is making it easier to build the friendships that you want, but she also makes it easier for people to create a network of others that may be in the same field that they are in. This is not Bumble BFF, however, but this is another portion of the app altogether. There is a component called Bumble BS that addresses this type of desire. People that want to build better networks so that they can stay in the loop with the possibility of new jobs will definitely need to consider this.

There are also some people out there that want to gain a better perspective on how they can maximize their time with a single app. Since Bumble covers everything from dating to increasing your network circle it is good too utilize this app to save time. Everyone that is part of this app will realize that it is easily one of the most beneficial apps to use because everyone gets the chance to save the time it takes the login to other apps.

Whitney Wolfe has been using her creativity to build a better environment for all of those that are trying to stay safe while they are online. Bumble increases the safety of online dating.

Effective Operations and Quality Products by Market America Brings Customer Loyalty

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Market America is known through the international retail industry as the number one resource for online consumers. The company has business operations in the United States, Tawain, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Canada. After being founded in 1992 by Chairman and CEO J.R Ridinger, Market America implemented the website which has become widely known in the homes of many shoppers. The online retailer aligns with the best distributors to bring internet shoppers a wide assortment of exclusive and unique products. has become a primary source for consumers to complete one-stop shopping and experience products unavailable through standard retail shopping. With well-over three million preferred customers worldwide, Market America reaches them with product brands that reduce shopper’s costs but at the same time ensure the best quality. Some of those items are:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Diet and Weight Control
  • Skin Care Products
  • Cosmetics (including an exclusive line by Loren Ridinger)
  • Financial Services
  • Home and Garden
  • Pet Care Products

Due to the overwhelming success with 180,000 distributors around the world, Market America is also able to offer customers a cash-back opportunity on select brands and purchases. This unique offer is something that is unheard of in a typical brick and mortar retail store. Market America is also able to quickly introduce newer products to customers through the use of an effective and innovative business model. This puts the company miles ahead of the competition and it’s proven by the $7 billion in online retail sales.

The company holds annual events to celebrate its success, and the Unfranchise business partners. The award presentations are a highlight of the event, and a time when everyone can show their appreciation for all the hard work of others. The main occurrence at the every event is the key-note speakers. At times, it’s almost as if the celebration is a concert, rather than a retail event. The events are positive, uplifting and show high team spirit among all attendees. Market America is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and has employed more than 500 employees through its global operations. The company offers more than 50 million quality products and service.