From the Farm, Dr. Mark Holterman, Makes a Difference

From Humble Beginnings

Mark Holterman, MD a Wisconsin-raised farm boy made his way early in life. His academic success in high school prompted one of his teachers to encourage him to seek out a higher education at Yale University. Even though his parents were uncertain about him leaving the farm, he enrolled at Yale (TheNewsVersion).


Growing Academic Skills

Mark’s university education began with a major in biology. Once he graduated from Yale in 1980, he continued to medical school at the University of Virginia. His goal was to become a pediatrician. Not only did he attend UVA, he also worked with the National Institutes of Health program where he became a medical scientist.


Mark Holterman’s Personal Life

Holterman had internal influences and external influences mark the beginning of an amazing career. While a surgery resident at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Center, he met a cohort, Ai-Xuan. They began as friends and soon became romantically involved. Before there was a personal relationship, each inspired the other. Mark Holterman was inspired to become a surgeon due to Ai-Xuan, and she was inspired to use her surgery skills to become a pediatric surgeon. The two moved to Seattle after graduating and married in 1988. The couple now have three sons.


Dr. Holterman’s Professional Life

Dr. Holterman has more than two decades of professional work experiences. He is CEO of Mariam Global Health and has been a faculty member at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. He is now a full professor at the university and teaches both pediatrics and surgery.


Mark Holterman, MD is also a surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center, and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital, specializing in pediatric surgery. In addition, he cares for child patients at the University of Illinois hospital.


He conducts stem cell research and regenerative treatments at the University of Illinois. The doctor’s work includes cutting-edge methods of combating cancer and diabetes. He has even been awarded with the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association.


Holterman’s Philanthropic Role

Dr. Holterman’s work is not all for pay, either. He spends a great deal of time working with poor international populations. Mark Holterman, MD, is a strong supporter of the nonprofit organization, the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The group concentrates on the enhancement of healthcare activities and options for children in Vietnam. Volunteer clinicians and other support staff work together toward a mission to Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City in 2018.