Jorge Moll: Unlocking the Secrets of the Mind

The human mind has so many secrets, which prompted scientists around the world to work overtime and unlock these secrets and share their discovery with the public. Jorge Moll, a neuroscientist from Brazill, decided to team up with some of the world’s best neuroscientists and conducted a research about why giving feels great. Jorge Moll tapped the assistance of Jordan Grafman, another excellent professional in his field, to help him experiment. Together, the two decided to invite a group of healthy individuals to visit their location, and they collected them inside a room that is empty. They were asked to think of two complete opposite scenarios – one that would portray selfishness and another that would portray generosity.


The volunteers did what the neuroscientists asked them to do, and to their surprise, the equipment which scans the human brain activity showed an interesting pattern. After the experiment, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman observed the data captured by the equipment. It showed them that the brain is actively responding to thoughts that were showing generosity, and it is completely still when shown selfish thoughts. The two neuroscientists also noticed that a small area hidden inside the brain becomes visible when the volunteers were thinking about generosity. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman explained that the small area of the brain is a primitive structure that has not been explored by science. They saw that this small area of the brain is responsible for sending out hormones all throughout the body, and the volunteers claimed that it feels pleasurable. This has given the two an idea that the phenomenon called the “helper’s high” is connected to the activity inside the brain when generosity is played out (


Satisfied with the information that they received, Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman shared their findings with some of the best and most talented neuroscientists around the world. They are hoping that one day, the experiment that they performed would be vital in solving the greatest mysteries of the human brain. Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman thanked everyone who willingly participated in the experiment which resulted in the discovery (