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Why You Should Buy Wines From UKV PLC

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UKV PLC is a wine distribution company that specializes in the acquisition and sale of the world’s most exotic wines. The company’s mission is to deliver the most exceptional wine selections to clients who are seeking to acquire the best prestigious wines available. The company offers wine selection, storage, valuations, delivery and brokerage services.

UKV PLC wines have an immense collection of high quality wines some of which are Haut Brion 1996, Haut Brion 2007, Haut Brion 2009, Margaux 2004, Margaux 2007, Margaux 2009, Palmer 2009, Latour 1998, Latour 2005, Lynch Bages 2000, Lynch Bages 2008, Lynch Bages 2010, Mouton Rothschild 2007, Mouton Rothschild 2009, Petit Mouton 2008, Pichon Baron 1996, Pichon Baron 2009, Pichon Lalande 2009 among others. Their wine selection includes Graves, Margaux, Pauillac, Pessac-Leognan, Pomerol, Sauternes among others.

UKV PLC wines have an impressive social media presence where they interact with their clients and fans. UKV PLC has a Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram page. They regularly post updates about their exotic wine collections on their social media pages.

The benefits of purchasing wines from UKV PLC are numerous. One of them is that as their client, you would have a professional team choose the most appropriate wines for your occasion. Furthermore, the company also offers storage services as well as delivery services. When you patronize UKV PLC, you will have your wines delivered directly to your doorstep.

There are numerous benefits attached to being a member of UKV PLC. One of them is that the company provides brokerage services for clients buying large quantities of wine. The brokerage services enable you to get the best wines at a lesser price. Furthermore, as a member of the company, you get access to gift vouchers, specials, exclusive deals among others. These membership benefits help you get the best wines for less money.

Arthur Becker’s Success at Madison Partners LLC

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Arthur Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners’ LLC. This is an investment firm that focuses on early Bio-Technology and real estate ventures. He was the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC from 2012-2015. Before joining Zinio, he was the CEO of NaviSite, which provides hosting, collocation, and internet technology services to businesses in UK and US. NaviSite has offices in India, US, and the UK and provides cloud hosting and data center hosting applications management to entrepreneurs.

He was a senior advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company for about seven years. Arthur Becker has been a private investor both real estate and technology since 2011 when NaviSite was bought by Time Warner.

During his tenure at Zinio and NaviSite he was closely engaged in both real estate and technology. He chose to expand his real estate interests through investments in condominium development in Miami, New York, and Florida. His exposure to early biotechnology companies fascinated him, and he became interested in the huge economic opportunities that it creates, besides the opportunity to significantly impact the lives of many people.

Arthur Becker confesses on Perez Hilton that his normal days are very flexible. He no longer has to worry about operating the business with long meetings and schedules conference calls. He is currently, he is finalizing construction of Town Houses around Sullivan area in New York City. Besides, he is preparing to construct more luxury condominiums in Tribeca.

Most of his ideas are developed through working with people he respects in the technology and real estate industry. Real estate has various stages, which include development, design, entitlements and financing before the actual construction and marketing is done. He fancies coordinating and organizing the work.

His biotechnology ambitions are in the field of cancer treatment, but be confesses that he does not have any medical training. However, he has an active interest in the various approaches. His main challenge is balancing his drive and passion. The challenges startups bring give him clarity of vision and passion for leading and strategizing effectively. Arthur Becker believes entrepreneurs should find motivation in their failures rather than be discouraged by them.

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Betsy Devos was born in 1958 and grew up in Michigan. She is the daughter of Edgar; one of the richest people in Holland. She is the wife of Richard Marvin who also comes from a very wealthy family which of the magic basketball team and the Amway company. They are blessed with four children. Devos attained her degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calvin College in Michigan. Her desire for politics started way back in university where she took part in campus politics. She is a devoted Christian and she was much influenced by a theologian who believed in Christian political ideologies. She has been a leader of various churches in the region. This extraordinary woman was in the Republican Party and ran for the governorship seat in the year 2006.

The Devos family has an organization that deals with people suffering from autism, depression, lack of proper attention and anxiety. The patients are taken through a therapy which involves watching of movies to help their brains to remain stable and prevent them from being distracted. Additionally, this family has been aiding political candidates with funds to run their campaign like in the case where she supported Bush in the reelection campaigns. On top of that her foundation has donated funds to schools, hospitals and churches. Visit their foundation at

On the issue of opposing of transgender bill, Devos contacted Jeff Sessions to support her moves. If the bill was to go through, the United States will paint a bad picture to the outside world and people would have the fear of taking their children to schools in the country. Also, the lives of students would be affected at that early age and most of these children will not have a normal life in future. Betsy Devos played a big role in this despite her being taken down by various stakeholders and individuals in the country who only sought their selfish desires. Her main agenda was not to win the elections based on the issue but she was much compassionate with the students getting the best education and that the schools provided them with an appropriate learning environment.

She encouraged students from different institutions not to keep quiet about the matter and should talk about it with no fear or favor since their rights were being violated by the bill. Her engagement in this matter made her to go around universities and colleges give speeches of how education could help the students, communities and the nation at large. Although she lost the seat of becoming a governor she still had so much to do to transform the lives of the students in her country by opposing the bill. The religious leaders also supported her work which made it clear that her course was worthwhile.

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A Look at InnovaCare Health’s Leaders, Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, and its LAN Commitment

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InnovaCare Health’s CEO, Richard Shinto, and other officials announced their participation in the innovative Health Care Payment plan dubbed Learning and Action Network (LAN). LAN is a private-public partnership, which seeks to shift the U.S. health payment system towards models that focus on quality and not quantity. As a committed partner of LAN, InnovaCare Health supports the plan’s objective of accelerating the transition from outdated payment models to more efficient ones.

The InnovaCare Healthcare management said that it supported LAN’s goal of embracing Alternate Payment Methods (APMs) moving forward. Already its committed partners include 100 organizations from non-profit, public, and private sectors.

Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is InnovaCare Health’s CEO and President. Shinto holds academic degrees from University of California (Bachelor of Science), State University of New York (medical degree), and the University of Redlands (M.B.A.). He is also a respected author with several medical and healthcare articles published under his name.

Shinto is a 20-year veteran in operational and clinical health care. He started his medical career in Southern California as a practicing internist and pulmonologist. He has worked in different management capacities in healthcare organizations like Cal Optima Health Plan, MedPartners, NAMM California, and Aveta Inc.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides was appointed InnovaCare Health’s Chief Administrative Officer in 2015. She previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer at both InnovaCare Health and Aveta Inc. She has been working in the managed healthcare industry for over 20 years and amassed a lot of experience in the field. She also has extensive knowledge in the development of managed healthcare processes and clinical programs. She focuses on increasing operating efficiencies and improving organizational infrastructure according to Ideamensch.

Kokkinides has also served as Centerlight HealthCare’s V.P and Chief Operating Officer. At the firm, she was tasked with strategic direction and overall management of its managed care division. Additionally, she has worked for Touchstone Health and AmeriChoice. She has an undergraduate degree in classical languages and biological sciences, a Columbia University public health degree as well as a post-masters’ degree (alcohol and substance abuse) and a master’s degree (biological sciences) from New York University. View her infographic resume at Vizualize.Me.

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health provides first-rate managed health care services in Puerto Rico and North America. The company has focused on Provider Networks, Medicaid Programs, and Medicare Advantage. It creates sustainable models that are fully integrated with technology and are cost-effective. The company’s mission is to redefine healthcare management in North America to meet the needs and challenges of the present complex healthcare environment.

Copa Star Hospital To Bring World-Class Healthcare to Rio de Janeiro

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Famed Brazilian neurosurgeon Paulo Niemeyer Filho has a new professional address. The surgeon is slated to leave the neurosurgery department named for himself at São Vicente Clinic in the Rio de Janeiro district of Gávea for Copa Star Hospital. The hospital, which is still under construction, will be located on the corner of Joseph Bloch and Figueiredo de Magalhãess in the famous Copacabana neighborhood.

The new facility will hold 150 beds, including 45 beds ICU and 105 private rooms. The state-of-the-art clinic will be equipped with nine operating rooms and a diagnostic park, as well as the latest medical technology. Copa Star’s administration is ecstatic about the addition of Paulo Niemeyer Filho to the Copa Star Hospital team and is committed to building a world-class cadre of physicians.

Copa Star, founded by cardiologist Jorge Moll, says his goal is to bring the highest level of care and comfort to Rio de Janeiro. Previously, patients seeking this level of care needed to go to São Paulo to get treatment at the well-known research hospitals there. However, Copa Star will change all of that. The 21-thousand square meter facility will stand seven stories and provide a Smart Hospital experience tailored to the individual patient. A few clicks on an IPad will allow patients to get in touch with a doctor or request a nurse. The hospital room is also Smart, allowing guests complete control of their environment and instant access to their medical information.

The hospital is a $4 million real project that began in 2013. According to Dr. Moll, the hospital wants to give the residents of Rio a new local choice for premium medical care. In addition to Niemeyer, Dr. Cid Pitombo, one of Brazil’s leading experts in bariatric surgery will be joining the Copa Star team. Pitombo is the founder of a public bariatric surgery program that performs over 40 videolaparoscopy procedures monthly at Carlos Chagas State Hospital. Over 1500 patients in the public health system have undergone the procedure in all regions of Rio de Janeiro state. The hospital hopes to recruit other leading experts in order to bring world-class healthcare to Rio de Janeiro.

Why Choose Securus Technologies For Communicating?

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Securus Technologies has been given a positive rating and accreditation by the BBB. Thus, it is imperative to note that they should indeed be considered as being a reliable company that one can depend on for the utilization of optimal communication purposes. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the barriers that often exists in technologies today. With privacy and security measures as top concerns for any and everybody who conducts any forms of communications through technological means, it is becoming much more difficult to give one’s trust to a communications agency. However, Securus Technologies is one that recognizes the issues that exists in pertinence to privacy and security protocols today, thus, they have created an innovative program that enables people to keep in touch with one another via methods of video conferencing as safely and securely as possible.


Securus Technologies is beneficial for inmates as there are several correctional facilities that have incorporated the program into their communications systems so that inmates may communicate with their friends and/or family if they are for some reason unable to visit during set visitation times. It is a great opportunity for people to keep in touch regardless of the circumstances. If you would like to learn more about Securus Technologies, please do not hesitate to visit the website as they have all of the details one will need to sign up for an account and get started. You will not regret utilizing this program for communications purposes as it has been proven to be an effective way to communicate with one another with protocols of safety and security. The program is easy to use and can be used at any time that is allowed by the inmate’s correctional facilities.


George Soros Looks Into The Future

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The Devastating Losses Of 2016
Progressives went into 2016 with expectations of more victories, but they were soon in shock when they discovered the results of Brexit and the American presidential election. George Soros, a major contributor to the Democratic campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton and opposition to Brexit, was particularly dissatisfied with the results of last year’s politics. He sees it as a set back in his vision of a global society.

How The Surprises Happened
Like many others George Soros is wondering exactly how things went so wrong for liberals. Many conservative politicians emphasized explicit opposition to immigration, globalization, and similar policies. George Soros believes these issues struck a nerve with middle class voters and encouraged them to vote against what they perceive as a direct threat to their interest on Globalization has produced amazing profits for the wealthy living in developed countries and the poor living in developing countries, but these benefits have not transferred to the middle class of the Western world. Until progressives find a way to include them in globalization they will continue to oppose.

What George Soros Wants To Do
George Soros does not want to allow these defeats to discourage him from engaging in politics on In fact, he plans to continue fighting with a strong focus on Donald Trump and his efforts. He has vowed to do everything he can to fight Trump in the first 100 days of his presidency and to help liberals find a way to return to power. To help stage this comeback he is working with both top Democrats and progressive donors in order to plan ahead of next years elections and 2020. He hopes to use this find a way to recover.

Where Things Might Head
The consequences of refusing to fight back are possibly dire in the eyes of Soros. He sincerely sees this as a path taking us down a fairly dark road with consequences we aren’t fully able to appreciate yet. Soros himself has experienced life under a dictatorship and wants to do everything he can in order to make sure that other people do not suffer a similar fate. Dictators are often democratically elected on Investopedia but then find ways to dismantle the systems that allowed them to rise to power. It is a slow process, but the loss of freedom is inevitable.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and philanthropist with a strong interest in politics. He is often considered the most successful hedge fund manager in the world because of his vast fortune, exceeding $25 billion, and his consistent pattern of accurate predictions of marketplace outcomes. He uses the wealth he has gathered to help support political causes near to his heart. Particularly, George Soros is a strong supporter of open societies and progressive politics that favor open societies. In recent years he has shifted his interest back towards politics and away from the world of hedge fund investments and finance.

Sam Boraie Inspiring New Brunswick People through Real Estate Projects and Philanthropy

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Sam Boraie is a household name in New Jersey real estate industry. He is also recognized and highly respected because of his great contribution to the society through his philanthropic deeds. Besides, Sam is an established and successful businessman and is currently the Vice President of Boraie Development,

One of the fundamental objectives of Boraie is to find promising development projects in New Jersey to fund them. So far, the organization has invested in many projects in New Jersey and other parts of the US.

PR Newswire lists some of the projects being pursued and completed by Boraie Development:

The Beach in Atlantic CityOne Spring StreetThe RectorEstates of Waverly Place

  1. The Beach in Atlantic City this is one of the mega projects completed by Boraie Development. The project comprises of two hundred and fifty units of residential apartments. These units are found near the Atlantic Ocean and close Broadwalk.
  2. One Spring Street- it is a building with 25 stories resting on over 400,000 square feet. Besides, the project is a residential area with gym, roof deck among other facilities.
  3. The Rector-this project is still underway. It is a residential building with 26 stories. It is located in the city of Newark.
  4. Estates of Waverly Place- this project is found in New Jersey in the town of Montgomery. The residential building will hold seven custom homes after its completion.

Sam is a member of the advisory board in the Elijah Promise organization. This is a nonprofit organization located in New Brunswick. It focuses on fighting hunger in this Canadian province. Notably, the organization allows the starving people to access fresh food. Besides, it empowers the people by offering them tertiary training and jobs.

According to NJ Biz, Sam is an ardent member of Board of Trustees of State of Theatre in New Jersey. This is a nonprofit organization that provides a platform for people to showcase their music and art talents. Notably, Boraie Development will be funding free film screening during the summer as a way of offering children an opportunity to learn and be entertained.

Notably, all these memberships in boards and building of projects in New Brunswick is a clear demonstration of Boraie Development commitment to philanthropy and real estate.


Taking property development to the next level

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Financial and asset investments have revolve to be among the most sought after services by many people across the world. As such, many financial management institutions have evolve offering training in different fields. Experts have emerged from the intuitions to become leaders in financial asset management across the world. Hussain Sajwani has evolved into a leading financial and property management personality in the recent years. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and chief executive officer of the. This is a leading multi-national company headquartered in Dubai dealing in property and asset management. DAMAC Group has grown over the years to open branches in over 20 countries across the world. Hussain Sajwani is known for his expertise in marketing and sales which has enabled him build an empire over the years. He established DAMAC Group in 2002 and since then the company has expanded offering employment opportunities to over 2000 people. As a result, it has earned a space in the Dubai stock exchange.

Hussain Sajwani has offshore projects in London and other major cities in the world that have seen him develop state of the art apartments. As a result, many notable personalities around the world including have developed interest in his works. He has also partnered with globally recognized brands to increase the scope of marketing and sale of works. Hussain Sajwani constructed one of the notable Tiger Woods golf course that has attracted many firms including Donald Trump Organization that will be to maintain it. Hussain Sajwani through DAMAC Group has constructed over 44,000 housing units that have provided luxurious housing for people since its inception. With the influx of the hotel industry, DAMAC Group have established hospitality division that will ensure hotels offers exemplary services to its clients. His relationship with Donald Trump has continued to flourish even after he was elected president of the United States of America. Hussain Sajwani success have seen him acquire wealth and being recognized by Forbes as being among billionaires globally. Through DAMAC Group, Hussain Sajwani has contributed a lot in the philanthropic world. For instance, Hussain Sajwani contributed 2million dollars to help needy and deprived children across the world access clothing.

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Troy McQuagge wins Gold in One Planet CEO of the Year

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It was January 10, 2017, when One Planet, one of the most prestigious awards programs in the USA announced the name of Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group as the winner of their Gold: CEO of the Year Award for 2016. It was a formal press release at Fort Worth, Texas where the authorities from One Planet announced Troy and many other executives in different categories for their 2016 awards.



Troy’s name was nominated for this award in last year, and everyone including his colleagues and fellow executives were confident that Troy would get the award this year. Troy is considered as one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers with a long career in insurance and sales. He has worked in some of the largest organizations and provided strategic directions and guidance that brought impeccable growth and profitability for those organizations. For this, he has been recognized with numerous awards in the past, and the recent award from One Planet will certainly add one more achievement to his portfolio. In addition to thirty years of decorated career in the insurance and sales sector, Troy has a degree in Legal Studies (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of Central Florida.



He has served in HealthMarket as the President of Agency Marketing Group for 11 years between 1996 and 2008 where he was responsible for directing and leading profitability and growth for that organization. Afterward, Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors as its President & CEO in July 2010 and assumed a bigger role with complex challenges. At this position, Troy developed some intuitive strategies for this company such as Proprietary Agency Platform and much more that transformed USHEALTH Advisors as one of the largest organizations in the Under 65 segment of health Insurance Market with tremendous growth and profit. Considering his achievements and expertise, Troy was then appointed to USHEALTH Group, Inc. as the CEO, President and Member of the Board of Directors in 2014. In this new position, Troy again proved his excellence and impeccable competencies by securing record-breaking profits and growth for this group over last three years. Hence, it was pretty obvious for everyone from this group that Troy will get this award for 2016.



When the news came to Troy and others at USHEALTH Group, it turned into a great celebration. Troy in an occasion mentioned that he was quite happy with the award and this is award is actually a testament to the commitment of this group to bring develop affordable healthcare solution. He also dedicated this award to everyone from USHEALTH Group who have been dedicatedly working with him for last few years. Troy is now working with his team at USHEALTH Group and developing new healthcare solutions for the competitive market.