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Ross Abelow Hopes to Raise $5,000 for Homeless Animals

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Ross Abelow and other individuals are trying to come up with a solution to an urgent problem that needs to be fixed. Even though many individuals enjoy cooler weather when it comes around, homeless animals usually suffer and even die when winter temperatures drop below freezing levels. Despite the fact that there are many animal shelters that have been set up in New York City and in other areas, there is simply not enough space to house them all. Also, funds are low. For this reason, Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me winter fundraising campaign in order to raise money that will be donated to animal shelters in the New York City area.

By means of this Go Fund Me campaign, Ross Abelow hopes to raise at least $5,000 that can be donated to local animal shelters.  Second, it is going to provide more funding to purchase things like food and medicine for animals. Besides taking care of this urgent need at the moment, it is just another step in helping to take care of homeless animals over the long term. When homeless animals are placed in animal shelters, they are usually put in an adoption program. This means that they are off the cold streets and getting the food and medicine they need, and they are in the best position to have their long-term needs taken care of by eventually being placed in a loving, permanent home.

Many in the New York City area are familiar with the legal blog post that Ross Abelow regularly posts on his personal blog site. Or they may have read legal and financial blogs that he places on sites like Crown Point New York. He offers legal and financial advice that individuals in the New York City area and around the world can benefit from. He also has a strong web presence since he regularly posts information on his social media sites.

Ross Abelow has been working in the New York City area as a family and matrimonial lawyer for more than 25 years. Recently, he became a partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp. Besides working with family law cases, he occasionally works with entertainment law and commercial litigation.

Why Madison Street Capital Feels 2016 Will Be a Strong Year in the Hedge Fund Industry

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Source: HedgeWeek

It seems like 2016 is going to be an exciting year in terms of hedge fund merger and acquisition transactions. In fact, Madison Street Capital predicts that it may even be record-breaking. There are several key drivers that are helping position the year 2016 to be better than any other year.

Recently, Madison Street Capital released their 4th edition of an overview that looks at transaction activity and new opportunities with merger and acquisitions. The statistics the report reveals give reason to believe that things are looking good for M&A transactions. The numbers are definitely up. The report mentioned that there were 42 hedge fund deals that took place in 2015. This was 10 more transactions that took place than in the year 2014. When transaction volume was measured by AUM, they noticed that it was more than 27 percent higher in the year 2015 than in 2014. Another significant part of the report pointed out that many of the transactions that took place in 2015 happened in of the fourth quarter.

The Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha, has mentioned that the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented and only mediocre performance was seen in most hedge fund strategies in 2015. However, there are a lot of factors that are working together to improve the situation. First, the industry is continuing to see consolidation, particularly in opportunistic partnerships. Second, hedge fund industry assets are higher than they ever have been even though the strategies that were used in 2015 were not outstanding.

There are several reasons why hedge fund managers are looking at strategic alternatives. Many institutional investors are looking at ways to diversify and allocate some of their funds in the alternative asset management sector. They are experiencing rising liabilities and need to achieve higher returns in order to match them. Even smaller hedge fund managers are having a difficult time attracting new capital, and so their operations are below best case scenario portfolio capacity levels. Madison Street Capital is seeing more and more deal mechanisms being used in a structural way to help buyers and sellers. In addition to traditional merger and acquisitions, other transactions are being structured as PE stakes, revenue share stakes, incubator deals, and more. They felt that 2015 was a strong year in the hedge fund industry and that 2016 will be even better.

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