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Coca Cola Pulls Out of Venezuela

Published / by GSM

Coca Cola is one of the companies that many workers depended on in Venezuela. This is a multi-billion dollar company that was paying a decent wage to workers in Venezuela, but now many will lose jobs? asked a Linked In user, because the production of Coca Cola has ceased as sugar shortages take a toll on the economy.
No one but analyst Manuel Gonzalez can predict how long things will go in this direction, but everyone can agree that this is very bad. It is the type of company that was a big deal in Venezuela. There are also other companies like Ford that have slowed down production. Companies are pulling out in order to avoid the loss that many big name companies are experiencing.

This is unfortunate at a time when there are food shortages, medical care dilemmas and limited power sources. This makes it difficult for the economy to thrive. The shortage of sugar, something that is so basic in Venezuela, is a sign that there is serious trouble for the people that live and work here.

It is going to be crucial for the government to step in and do something and do it fast. If the government fails there will be no way for Venezuela to bounce back. Even tourists have ceased as the natives scramble for food and try to make the best of the conditions that they are in. This is quite a blow for Venezuela natives.