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Class Dojo Provides The Leading Platform For Communication

Published / by GSM

Class Dojo was launched recently back in 2011, and is based out of San Francisco. The company is dedicated to improving the quality of education and offering good solutions to meet the needs of parents and teachers in difficult times. Class Dojo has grown immensely since their launch, seeing use in more than 180 different countries around the world and with two thirds of all schools in the United States using the app each day. The company plans to keep spreading the apps reach as long as it stays successful.

The founders of Class Dojo, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, created the program because the market was lacking in educational tools for communication, plus they both have a desire to improve education quality for all students. The majority of other companies offering similar educational tools ask for too much money and their apps are typically difficult to use or get started. Class Dojo fixed this and made a tool that was both free and easy to use for children and adults alike.

The app allows for parents and teachers to communicate easily and check on student progress at an given time while in the school environment. Teachers can share pictures and videos and send direct messages to parents as well to keep them involved with their child’s schooling. Students can also see feedback from their teachers detailing their growing performance as well as their behavior in class. This enables students to receive positive encouragement and gain confidence in their abilities while in the classroom.

The program has been bringing parents, students, and instructors closer together since it launched and has helped many teachers with the engagement they needed in their classroom. The days of sending kids home with notes or trying to schedule conferences with parents are over with Class Dojo since it allows for direct and instant communication between parents and teachers at al times of the day. This helps parents stay active with their child’s schoolwork and not fall behind.

Overall, Class Dojo has had much success and continues to grow daily. The founders have said that as long as it stays successful they will continue to expand their company and improve on the apps features and content to expand its reach further.
All users of Class Dojo can use the program for free and do not have to submit any personal information to participate. In time the company may add more special but optional features to help bring in revenue to keep expanding.


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