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Skout- Unlock More With Points Earned In App

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Skout is a social media platform available on Android and iOS devices. Skout is an app developed to help you connect with new people and to help spark friendships and relationships. Signing up to Skout is very easy and can be done using an email address or your Facebook account. So you’re probably asking yourself why in the world would I need another social media platform when I already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and others on my device. Well, Skout is unlike any of those applications and provides many features that are not offered on those platforms. While you may be able to search Facebook to find someone who lives in Italy just randomly reaching out to them via Facebook Messenger to chat might not always be accepted by the other party. When you are utilizing Skout and wish to meet someone from another country you can just use their Travel Feature which is like a virtual passport and connect with somebody in that country who’s ready and willing to chat.

Like many social media platforms, you have the ability to share more about yourself as well as pictures with others on the platform however when viewing peoples pictures and profiles on Skout, unlike other platforms you earn what are called points. These points can be utilized to unlock and utilize other features in the Skout platform. Things such as viewing profiles, utilizing features, uploading pictures, and other activities will help you build up these points so you can unlock other features. One of my favorite features of the Skout application is the Feature Me option. This option allows me to utilize my points and put my profile front and center for other Skout users to find. After a short time of using this app, I have already made friends in many places around the world and you can too by simply downloading the Skout app from your favorite Play Store.

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Handy Unveils a Mobile Platform for their Services

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Handy is an online platform that offers cleaning services to their consumers. It has been on the market for over five years now, and it has revolutionized the industry. Handy as a cleaning service company allows the customers who need their houses to be cleaned to book on the platform, and they will be given the best cleaners in the portfolio of the company. After that, they pay online using the available payment methods, and they wait for the cleaner.

Spring cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning the house and ensuring that no dirt of part has been left. It has been a constraint for many homes to get the best cleaners that they need. In addition to that professionalism is of critical in such industry. Most families prefer to wash, clean and repair their homes during the spring period when there is enough time for supervision.

Customers have been delighted to use the cleaning service that was co-founded by Hanrahan and Dua. The duo didn’t expect such growth, and it hit a mark of $1 Million in bookings per week in the third year. It has proven that most families that need the services are always sorted, and it has become the Uber in the cleaning and repairing industry. Innovation has also been put into action by the company, and they launched a mobile app for their users.

Handy mobile app aim was to connect the cleaners and the clients in a more convenient way. It has proved that both the consumers and the professional cleaners are continuously using the app. For the consumers, the app has made their booking faster and reliable by using such an application. Handy service professionals are well vetted so that they can offer the best service to the clients when required. Professionalism has been enhanced throughout the process since Handy has to produce the best cleaners that should be found in the market. They, however, insist that most of their income come from the cleaning services. 85% of Handy income arises from cleaning services and the rest from other professional services that they offer.

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Skout Feeds 20,000 Hungry People

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Learning About Skout

My friend invited me to try Skout, and I have been pretty excited ever since I learned about this service. It’s a free service. It’s entirely free to download Skout’s application and use their website. The service works great to match you with other Skout users, so you are continually meeting new and exciting people over the web. It’s really amazing how many fun and interesting people I have met without ever leaving my house. I was skeptical about meeting people online because I had never personally tried it, but Skout really makes it easy to do.

Skout’s platform walks you through setting up your profile from start to finish. The platform is very user friendly, and it is consistently working at its top performance, so the app doesn’t crash like all of the other social media apps out there. Skout has you indicate your purpose for using the platform, and you can change or adjust your profile at any time. When you first start using Skout you will want to add a picture that accurately describes your current physical appearance. I have noticed that some Skout users are uploading images or avatars instead of a picture of themselves. I guess that is fine, but I usually only talk to the users that have real pictures of themselves attached to their profile.

I found an article from PR Newswire that talks about all the things that Skout is doing for their community. I was really impressed to see how active they are in helping other people in their community. It is a good mark of any business to spend time, energy and resources in order to help other people. Skout has been working with their local food bank to feed the hungry for the past few years. They worked with San Fransisco Marin Food Bank in 2015, and they fed 10,000 people that year. This year, they decided to double that number and feed 20,000 people by selling gifts on their application. The full article from PR Newswire about Skout is found here.

Talk Fusion Now Has Number One Video Chat Program

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Talk Fusion has been consistently cornering the global market in communications for several years now. Their innovative products have made many individuals loyal customers, even though they have only been in existence for a few years. Now, they are beginning to make a name for themselves on the Android market as well with their brand new Talk Fusion Video Chat. This application is now the number one application of its type in Indonesia; it is fifth in Japan and 20th in Switzerland. The fact that this video chat is faster and smarter make it a great choice for many consumers. That, coupled with the fact that it is compatible with Apple, Android, Mac, PC’s and Tablets explain why this video chat app has experienced such overnight success.

The company is actually gearing up for the launch of a free 30-day trial, and the momentum and international excitement continues to build. If you need evidence of this fact, consider that the Alexa ranking of the Talk Fusion website has exploded to well over 30,000 positions.

The app has experienced tremendous support from different associates and customers across the globe. They have also experienced a small taste of just what a free trial might mean for their success. Executives within the company are excited at the prospect of opening up the free trials to all of their products, especially considering all of the excitement and momentum they have experienced with just one application.

The Video Chat app is available for free from iTunes and Google Play. When the free trial launches those interested will be able to sign up through a representatives site.

Talk Fusion is quickly being recognized as a global leader in video marketing solutions. This company is dedicated to helping people grow businesses and become financially independent. Each of the innovative products through Talk Fusion are marketed by independent associates. The company was established in 2007 by founder and CEO Bob Reina. If you are interested in reading more about this awesome app with Talk Fusion, you can go here. Talk Fusion will be dedicated to influencing the global market with their innovative video solutions.

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Handy Providing Cleaning and Handyman Services

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Mainly due to the reason that in order for the model to succeed you need to be able to supply your customers with top quality service professionals. A company who recently had to close due to the intricate way that it handled its contractors was Homejoy. Homejoy is a platform very similar to Handy that has since closed earlier this year as it was facing 4 lawsuits by its contractors who were questioning their position at the firm. Handy on the other hand does not see its contractors as actual employees of the firm. Rather their main focus is to make it possible for people to provide their services very flexibly without having to sign into some sort of employment contract. This has allowed both students or busy parents to make some extra cash using this platform. Actually according to Oisin Hanrahan the founder and CEO of Handy said that 80 percent of the contractors on his platform work less than 20 hours per week and for that exact reason allows people from all walks of life to make a little bit of extra money through his platform. The founder of Homejoy, Aaron Cheung is facing further backlash as it has surfaced that he was saving customer data and providing it to other parties.

Handy has been fixed to in and around New York at the moment but has plans to expand further in the future. Handy services as well as household cleaning has been the main source of their revenue.

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