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Fabletics Introduces Active Wear Fit for Date Night

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Watch a few videos to learn┬áthat Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013 and is a fitness brand and online retailer. While Fabletics initially only offered women’s active wear the company has quickly grown to include men’s clothing. In 2015 Fabletics launched its men’s active line called FL2. In an interview with Kate Hudson discussed Fabletics’ newest line of performance wear; athleisure dresses. For those that love the look of body shaping dresses by Alaia and Herve Leger, Kate Hudson promises her athleisure dresses provide the same look with the benefit of a more affordable cost. While Hudson doesn’t recommend trekking along on a long hike in her new line of dresses she does recommend sporting one on a first date. The dresses of Fabletics are made with the same performance materials of leggings and other active wear giving them all the same benefits of comfort and breathability. Hudson also briefly discussed her upcoming line of new performance swimwear. The new line is set to be released in mid-April of 2017. The major focus Kate Hudson had on the design of these swimsuits was to provide a swimsuit for active women without compromising sexiness and femininity.

While waiting for the release of more new swimwear consider registering as a member of Fabletics to receive personalized outfits. Making Fabletics your number one fitness brand can save you hours of shopping for top quality fitness wear. One of the benefits of Fabletics is that the company has cut out the middle man allowing their customers direct access to high quality active wear at an affordable price. An additional benefit is the ease and convenience of shopping that Fabletics offers to registered members. For registered members Fabletics sends monthly suggestions of personalized outfits you are sure to love. Fabletics can begin tailoring outfits to your preference once you’ve completed a quick survey about your lifestyle and workout preferences. For those that have visited the to look at some of their sample outfits it is clear that Fabletics offers a wide variety of active wear that is both comfortable and stylish.

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Fabletics Continues to Open Doors

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There are some companies that are going to succeed no matter what. There are some others that are going to fail regardless of how much the leaders advertise. In between these two ends of the spectrum, there are other companies that are hard to gauge. People may not know whether these companies are going to succeed or fail because there is not enough information to go on. That was the case with Fabletics in the very beginning. Kate Hudson has proven over time that this is a company that has what it takes to succeed, but she had to be smart about the way she promoted the brand.

It could have been easy for Kate Hudson to skip the idea of creating a new store like the Fabletics stores and simply start her own clothing line. She would have been in good company. Sofia Vergara has the “Sofia” clothing line at K-Mart while Selena Gomez has “Dream Out Loud” clothing line. Gwen Stafani has the “L.A.M.B.” Clothing line and Tamar Braxton has a clothing line with shoes called “Tamar.” Hudson could have taken the same path, but she had some other founders that were willing to put up the money for something that would be even better than fleeting a clothing line.

Now people will get the chance to see just how much Kate Hudson is willing to put into the clothing line with the expansion of the brand. The clothing stores have become increasingly important for brands that are competing with other clothing companies that have stores. The Internet is a place where a lot of people are going, but it isn’t going to be the place that everyone chooses to shop. That is what makes this connection to the consumers so important. The founders of Fabletics are building up a brand that is going to catch the attention of lots of people.

The consumers that are pleased with the brand believe that this a company that has made it easy for many people to become fashion ready for their workout routines. Others that are learning about this brand are impressed with how it has managed to go from an online sensation to the brick and mortar powerhouse that it is becoming today. Over the next several years there will be a lot of people that are looking forward to seeing these stores in their cities.

The buzz about fitness gear has never been very loud outside of the world of sports, but Hudson is changing that. She is making this active wear fashionable. The Fabletics stores can prepare to open a lot of doors because there is such a strong demand for these quality garments for working out. Follow Fabletics on Instagram!