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Glen Wakeman’s New Business Helps Startups With Planning

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Entrepreneurs who want to give their business the best possible chance of success will find LaunchPad Holdings’ guided approach to business planning helpful. Glen Wakeman, co-founder of LaunchPad, once said in an Ideamensh interview that he saw too many startups with good ideas failing. He saw start-ups that naively believed that their idea was a plan; this is where LaunchPad’s planning software platform makes a difference. With LaunchPad SaaS, startups have a better chance of getting accepted by an incubator and receiving funding.

Glen Wakeman earned a BS in Economics from the University of Scranton and an MBA in Finance and from the University of Chicago. He has held a number of executive positions with an extensive global consumer finance background, in addition to being a successful investor. Wakeman’s methodology for building businesses is improving the Five Key Dimensions of Performance, which include:

  • Leadership
  • Human Capital
  • Execution
  • Risk Management
  • Governance

Wakeman currently serves as an advisor to the CEO of Dreamfunded, an equity crowd funding platform in addition to serving as LaunchPad Holdings’ CEO, where his experience with angel investing, capital raising and global financing platforms is invaluable. When asked what he does, Wakeman says he matches ideas with money. Glen Wakeman also advises Sitter Bees, an app for requesting an on-demand babysitter.

Interested in machine learning that takes advantage of the enormous amounts of data available, Glen Wakeman says that it is a trend that will solve problems in business and speed up decision making.

Blogging is another of Glen Wakeman’s interests; he regularly posts about business topics, including a recent post where he advised company owners to take a hands-on approach and not assume that teams are handling tasks correctly. It is good advice and Wakeman keeps himself involved in LaunchPad’s design revisions, sales and he keeps an eye on the competition as well.

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Julia Jackson Helps Young Women Find Positive Role Models

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Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is a successful woman who’s one of the proprietors of an award winning wine company. With her role in Jackson-Family Wines, she helps carry on the strong tradition of excellence that her family has established in producing top-quality wines that have an international reputation. The privately owned enterprise has become a global endeavor and they own wineries throughout the world.The example that Julia Jackson provides as a successful woman inspires other ambitious girls and young women who are seeking to fulfill their own potential. She has taken it one step further with the non-profit that she founded that is called Cambria Seeds of Empowerment.Her mother an accomplished wine industry figure, Barbara Banke, was the inspiration behind this effort. The foundation celebrates Warrior Women who have overcome life’s hardships. Furthermore, these women inspire others to do the same and are having a positive impact on their communities.

Jackson felt the need to highlight positive role models for girls and young women as she felt there was a significant lack in this area. It ultimately celebrates those who effectively manage adversity and the strength of women in leadership roles.The lifetime of experience that Julia Jackson has undergone has been a platform for her success. She grew up watching her parents develop a successful business in winemaking and it became her passion in lifeJulia Jackson too. With that said, she has complemented her life’s experiences with formal education as well.Art and wine kind of go together and she has an artistic bent that she developed with her degree in Studio Art from Scripps College. She has also achieved a Certificate in General Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.Carmel Road is one brand that Jackson-Family produces which takes advantage of the unique growing conditions in Monterey’s Salinas Valley. Roughly midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay are noted examples of their high-quality productions.

George Soros Brings The Fight For Human Rights To The Streets Of Ferguson

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The Ferguson protests of late 2014 were often seen as a simple case of the latest shooting of an African American male by a law enforcement officer in a nation where institutional racism remains a major problem. Into what was originally a local protest movement steps George Soros, the former Hungarian refugee who has been a major supporter of human rights groups across the planet through his own Open Society Foundations network; The Washington Times reports Soros provided around $33 million in funding for groups supporting the Ferguson protests, including the Drug Policy Alliance that receives around $4 million from the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundations each year. The Drug Policy Alliance policy director Kassandra Frederique played a major role in bringing the Ferguson protests to the attention of the public as the shooting of Michael Brown was seen as reflecting many of the issues the charity looks to combat on a regular basis.

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The backing of groups such as the Drug Policy Alliance has led to George Soros becoming an influential figure in the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement that has been at the heart of the civil rights movement in the U.S. and led to many conservative commentators stating Soros is the man behind the rise of the movement. In fact, George Soros simply backs groups that have come together since the 2011 shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida to create a movement designed to keep the issues of the civil rights movement in the public eye; over the course of the Ferguson protests over 500 people who are part of the “#BlackLivesMatter” movement traveled to Ferguson to aid in the organizing of the protestors in the city to keep them safe at all times. Even the publicizing of the Ferguson protests led to George Soros becoming mentioned as he funding the publishing of the publishing of the Colorlines Website that pushed forward the cause of the people of Ferguson. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Over the course of the Ferguson protests the issue of human and civil rights has risen to the surface of the work completed by George Soros and his Open Society Foundations. George Soros has maintained an interest in social justice and the advancement of liberal issues since his youth in Hungary, which included a period of time spent living under the rule of the occupying Nazi forces, the Open Society Foundations reports. George Soros remains one of the world’s leading hedge fund managers long after his 80th birthday and continues to work to better the lives of the people of the world, including those who are living under harsh human rights conditions in what are seen as free and democratic countries. Learn more on about George Soros.

Online Friend Making Service From Whitney Wolfe

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Whitney Wolfe is very passionate about human relationships. This is one of the reasons that she has wanted to create her own app for people to use.

One app she has created is the Bumble app which is good for empowering women. It makes dating a little easier for some men as well. However, there is one aspect of life that has been neglected for a while that Whitney has looked at. This is the need for human friendships. Whitney has taken the time to deal with this need by adding an extension to the app called Bumble BFF.

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While it is rather challenging to find a date, it can be challenging to find friends as well. As people get older, they come to realize that not everyone they meet and get along with can be considered friends. There has to be a criteria that has to be met in order for one to be friends. Whitney Wolfe has set up the Bumble BFF app to help people find others that meet the criteria. Therefore, when people download the app, they can develop a tight circle in which people could support one another. Whitney Wolfe knows the difference that a supportive circle can make.

One thing that people have been faced with is the challenge of meeting friends. A lot of people are at a loss when it comes to meeting new people. However, the best way to do this is through going to gatherings when it is offline. However, Whitney Wolfe has made it possible for people to meet the friends they need in their lives with the app. They have to set up a profile and be honest in it. Then the dating app will match them with other friends so that they don’t have to worry about too many clashes with the people they meet.

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George Soros Looks Into The Future

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The Devastating Losses Of 2016
Progressives went into 2016 with expectations of more victories, but they were soon in shock when they discovered the results of Brexit and the American presidential election. George Soros, a major contributor to the Democratic campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton and opposition to Brexit, was particularly dissatisfied with the results of last year’s politics. He sees it as a set back in his vision of a global society.

How The Surprises Happened
Like many others George Soros is wondering exactly how things went so wrong for liberals. Many conservative politicians emphasized explicit opposition to immigration, globalization, and similar policies. George Soros believes these issues struck a nerve with middle class voters and encouraged them to vote against what they perceive as a direct threat to their interest on Globalization has produced amazing profits for the wealthy living in developed countries and the poor living in developing countries, but these benefits have not transferred to the middle class of the Western world. Until progressives find a way to include them in globalization they will continue to oppose.

What George Soros Wants To Do
George Soros does not want to allow these defeats to discourage him from engaging in politics on In fact, he plans to continue fighting with a strong focus on Donald Trump and his efforts. He has vowed to do everything he can to fight Trump in the first 100 days of his presidency and to help liberals find a way to return to power. To help stage this comeback he is working with both top Democrats and progressive donors in order to plan ahead of next years elections and 2020. He hopes to use this find a way to recover.

Where Things Might Head
The consequences of refusing to fight back are possibly dire in the eyes of Soros. He sincerely sees this as a path taking us down a fairly dark road with consequences we aren’t fully able to appreciate yet. Soros himself has experienced life under a dictatorship and wants to do everything he can in order to make sure that other people do not suffer a similar fate. Dictators are often democratically elected on Investopedia but then find ways to dismantle the systems that allowed them to rise to power. It is a slow process, but the loss of freedom is inevitable.

About George Soros
George Soros is a hedge fund manager and philanthropist with a strong interest in politics. He is often considered the most successful hedge fund manager in the world because of his vast fortune, exceeding $25 billion, and his consistent pattern of accurate predictions of marketplace outcomes. He uses the wealth he has gathered to help support political causes near to his heart. Particularly, George Soros is a strong supporter of open societies and progressive politics that favor open societies. In recent years he has shifted his interest back towards politics and away from the world of hedge fund investments and finance.

Sam Boraie Inspiring New Brunswick People through Real Estate Projects and Philanthropy

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Sam Boraie is a household name in New Jersey real estate industry. He is also recognized and highly respected because of his great contribution to the society through his philanthropic deeds. Besides, Sam is an established and successful businessman and is currently the Vice President of Boraie Development,

One of the fundamental objectives of Boraie is to find promising development projects in New Jersey to fund them. So far, the organization has invested in many projects in New Jersey and other parts of the US.

PR Newswire lists some of the projects being pursued and completed by Boraie Development:

The Beach in Atlantic CityOne Spring StreetThe RectorEstates of Waverly Place

  1. The Beach in Atlantic City this is one of the mega projects completed by Boraie Development. The project comprises of two hundred and fifty units of residential apartments. These units are found near the Atlantic Ocean and close Broadwalk.
  2. One Spring Street- it is a building with 25 stories resting on over 400,000 square feet. Besides, the project is a residential area with gym, roof deck among other facilities.
  3. The Rector-this project is still underway. It is a residential building with 26 stories. It is located in the city of Newark.
  4. Estates of Waverly Place- this project is found in New Jersey in the town of Montgomery. The residential building will hold seven custom homes after its completion.

Sam is a member of the advisory board in the Elijah Promise organization. This is a nonprofit organization located in New Brunswick. It focuses on fighting hunger in this Canadian province. Notably, the organization allows the starving people to access fresh food. Besides, it empowers the people by offering them tertiary training and jobs.

According to NJ Biz, Sam is an ardent member of Board of Trustees of State of Theatre in New Jersey. This is a nonprofit organization that provides a platform for people to showcase their music and art talents. Notably, Boraie Development will be funding free film screening during the summer as a way of offering children an opportunity to learn and be entertained.

Notably, all these memberships in boards and building of projects in New Brunswick is a clear demonstration of Boraie Development commitment to philanthropy and real estate.


Troy McQuagge wins Gold in One Planet CEO of the Year

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It was January 10, 2017, when One Planet, one of the most prestigious awards programs in the USA announced the name of Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group as the winner of their Gold: CEO of the Year Award for 2016. It was a formal press release at Fort Worth, Texas where the authorities from One Planet announced Troy and many other executives in different categories for their 2016 awards.



Troy’s name was nominated for this award in last year, and everyone including his colleagues and fellow executives were confident that Troy would get the award this year. Troy is considered as one of the most successful Chief Executive Officers with a long career in insurance and sales. He has worked in some of the largest organizations and provided strategic directions and guidance that brought impeccable growth and profitability for those organizations. For this, he has been recognized with numerous awards in the past, and the recent award from One Planet will certainly add one more achievement to his portfolio. In addition to thirty years of decorated career in the insurance and sales sector, Troy has a degree in Legal Studies (Bachelor of Arts) from the University of Central Florida.



He has served in HealthMarket as the President of Agency Marketing Group for 11 years between 1996 and 2008 where he was responsible for directing and leading profitability and growth for that organization. Afterward, Troy joined USHEALTH Advisors as its President & CEO in July 2010 and assumed a bigger role with complex challenges. At this position, Troy developed some intuitive strategies for this company such as Proprietary Agency Platform and much more that transformed USHEALTH Advisors as one of the largest organizations in the Under 65 segment of health Insurance Market with tremendous growth and profit. Considering his achievements and expertise, Troy was then appointed to USHEALTH Group, Inc. as the CEO, President and Member of the Board of Directors in 2014. In this new position, Troy again proved his excellence and impeccable competencies by securing record-breaking profits and growth for this group over last three years. Hence, it was pretty obvious for everyone from this group that Troy will get this award for 2016.



When the news came to Troy and others at USHEALTH Group, it turned into a great celebration. Troy in an occasion mentioned that he was quite happy with the award and this is award is actually a testament to the commitment of this group to bring develop affordable healthcare solution. He also dedicated this award to everyone from USHEALTH Group who have been dedicatedly working with him for last few years. Troy is now working with his team at USHEALTH Group and developing new healthcare solutions for the competitive market.