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Equities First Holdings with wikipedia

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Equites First Holdings is a Financial institution in Indianapolis, Indiana. The address of the company is 10 w market st 3050. If you wanted to reach the company you would be able to call them at 317 429 3500. The company is known for providing secretaries that are based in lending for big and small businesses as well as the individual investor. The loans provided are based on evaluations that the company makes. The company researches each loan or finical opportunity see which is the best, while weighing risk verses reward. The company values stocks, bond, and treasuries bills in order to make their evaluations on the economic climate. The company originated from Indiana in early 2002. Since then the company have been able to lend thousands of people’s bonds in order for them to be better prepared for their economic future. The company now has a satellite office in New York City where the conduct business with the local elites.


Start A New Business With The Traveling Vineyard

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The Traveling Vineyard is a business opportunity like no other. Modeled much like widely known and highly successful companies such as Tupperware and Avon, this business model involved direct sales through fun wine parties. Representatives make various types of wines that are available for purchase the centerpiece of the wine party. Guests of the party are welcome to task and discuss each product. The wine host will then provide information about each different type of wine and allow guests to place and order if they wish.

The wine hosts are given the information and tools to throw a fun and informative party. They strive to inform the guests about which brands would suit a particular event or food. Each host receives all of the information about the products that they need in order to become knowledgeable and give their potential customers the insight to know which products work best for their needs.

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Wine hosts have unlimited opportunity to create wealth. Working with the Traveling Vineyard is a chance to work whatever hours are best for your schedule. There is also unlimited earning potential. Financial freedom is possible for wine hosts that put effort into their business. Almost anyone with the desire and drive to become a wine guide. It takes a desire to learn about the wines that are offered and go speak about the product and introduce people to the incredible variety and flavors that are available. Individuals that are interested in a business opportunity can check out the website in order to get more details.

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Sawyer Howitt is looking toward the future.

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Sawyer Howitt is young, but has already began his career as an entrepreneur. He joined with his father, David Howitt, working with the Meriwether Group assisting with small businesses needs. Howitt has had a focus on business and finance, creating an understanding of the operational and financial needs of businesses. While working with the Meriwether Group, Howitt has received the title of project manager and has been working to create new and innovative ideas to help businesses succeed.


He has also had hands on experience through the company working on projects, along with details of projects such as spreadsheets, putting together, and giving presentations. While it may seem that Howitt was given a good position in life, he is also working hard to move forward in his own name planning to attend college at Columbia University. In the past he has also had other positions of employment such as KURE Juice Bar where he was able to gain crucial customer service experience as well as opportunities at RFID Checkout. Sawyer Howitt is young and ambitious and it is easy to believe that there are many good things for his future and he is paving a way for himself in the business world.




Brazil’s Export Business Needs A Boost From Its Trading Partners

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Brazil is an export-oriented country. The country depends on the shipments of raw materials to keep it moving in the right direction. For the last three years, the export business has been down, and now some exporters say the Dilma Rousseff trial must come to an end before the export business can start growing again. The political situation in Brazil is a mess, according to Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf. Maluf would like a general election before the scheduled 2018 if Rousseff is removed from office. Most Brazilians are not excited about having the interim president, Michel Temer leading the country, according to Maluf.

Eucatex has been exporting products for the construction and building business since the 1960s. The Maluf family started producing ceiling tiles made from eucalyptus wood for the domestic market in the 1950s. Eucatex was born from the Maluf family’s sawmill business, and Flavio Maluf has turned the company into an international giant. Eucatex has offices all over the world.

Brazil had a very strong trade agreement with China. At one time, China was importing 20 percent of all the exports that came from Brazil. But when the bottom fell out of China’s economy, the country cut its import needs. Today, the European Union is Brazil’s largest trading partner and one of Eucatex largest supporters as well. China is still importing building products from Eucatex because the construction business in China is supported by the Chinese government, but business is not as strong as it should be, according to Maluf. Flavio Maluf is looking forward to a decision from the court, so the Rousseff matter is put to bed. He also wants the Brazilian government to start talks with the United Kingdom, so Eucatex doesn’t lose more business because of the Brexit vote to leave the EU. Both of those issues will impact the future of the export business as well as the current condition of the export industry, according to Flavio Maluf’s online blog.

Maluf said Eucatex is still in good shape in terms of product demand, but he is concerned that the fragile Brazilian economy is not going to respond positively if other issues develop in China, United States, Argentina, or the European Union.

The Keys To Success: Being Positive

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In an article by VTA Publications, Jim Hunt writes as a youngster, we dream and fantasize about things and what we want to become someday. When we get older and become adults, our vision becomes more defined, as we have an interest that we have a passion for. The vision is filled with anticipation, eagerness, and enthusiasm. Yet, all too often, such a positive outlook is met with negativity and downtrodden comments. In a society that encourages positivity, encouragement and motivation, the fact remains that society encourages and embraces negativity.

Negativity appears to trump positive visions and goals and serves as the catalyst as to why many fail. Yet it’s the individual that believes that positivity conquers all that will survive and succeed. Those that fail, lament and struggle, with “what now?”, while those that are positive proclaim, “what’s next?” Individuals that have failed are often the first to roadblock those on their way to success. Naysaying and derogatory remarks attempt to discourage those that are success driven.

The motivated, positive individual with a passionate vision, works with a business plan that is strategically fashioned in a way to achieve success. Here are some key elements in developing a plan for business success;

  • Learn to be a positive thinker
  • Become a good researcher
  • Take charge of your daily operations

Those that badmouth or have nothing good to say are failures themselves and jealous of others succeeding, according to MoreMoneyReview. The best policy to follow is to ignore them. Pass them in the slow lane of life and move over to the fast lane, accelerate and pass them on the way to success. Unless they have something to a positive nature to offer to you, don’t associate with them.

WealthWave by Jim Hunt is a contemporary and innovative system designed for financial success. It’s an opportunity to take advantage of movements in the financial markets and reap monetary gain. Additional information about WealthWave can be found at, the VTA Publications website.  Otherwise you can see more tips from Jim outside of VTA, on YouTube.

John Goullet Leads Technology Staffing Firm Diversant

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There are a number of technology professionals and companies that are looking to reach their goals. The goals of technology professionals are starting and advancing their career. For companies, their goal is to hire the ideal professional to help run its technology department more efficiently. While both parties can do this themselves, it is always helpful to enlist the services of a staffing firm such as Diversant. The staffing firm Diversant has had a long track record of helping technology professionals find the ideal career opportunity as well as helping companies get the professionals they need. With the philosophy of integrity, discipline, teamwork and diversity, Diversant has been able to help both of these parties get what they want out of a professional arrangement.

The first trait that makes Diversant a leading staffing firm is diversity. With diversity, Diversant is able to work with a number of different companies in a variety of industries look for and hire the ideal technology worker. As well as helping companies, Diversant works with technology professionals in various career levels and specializations find the ideal career opportunity as well. Therefore Diversant has the ability to help many different parties reach their specific goals in terms of staffing. With Diversant, clients will be able take advantage of teamwork as there will be a collaborative effort to help facilitate the ideal arrangement between workers and companies. The values of integrity and discipline ensure that clients will have a staffing firm that will accurately assess their needs and also continuously work towards achieving specific objectives.

Diversant is a leading staffing firm partly due to its leadership. The current Principal of the firm John Goullet has lots of experience in the technology sector so he is well aware of what organizations and professionals look for in terms of professional opportunities. He has worked for a number of companies for over two decades and has lots of experience as a consultant. Goullet started up his own staffing firm but later merged with Diversant to help lead a larger company. This opportunity has given Goullet a chance to build on his professional success in terms of helping technology professionals reach their career goals and companies get the professionals they need to run their information technology department.

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Keith Mann: The Right Man for the Job

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Keith Mann is what you call in this business a true visionary as he always has his eye on the prize and his pulse on what is popular and what is going on in the world. He’s never left in the dark or out of the loop. It takes a special person to have that ability. That is why he is the perfect co-founder and president of Dynamic Search Partners, which is based in New York. They look for the best and only the best when it comes to talent for the hedge fund and private equity industries. They know they need special individuals and unique personalities.

The bottom line is the job is not for everyone. There is nothing wrong with that fact and there is no shame in admitting it. It’s just the cold, hard truth. However, with Keith Mann and his team of professionals, they will find the right guy or the right girl. They aren’t close-minded and they don’t have a specific person in mind. They are open to everyone and anyone. If you are talented, hard-working, and display unique personality traits that show you are the person for the job, they will get you settled.

Now, you see, that comes from hard work and experience. Experience is something that cannot be bought and is something you can’t put a price tag on. Either you have it or you don’t. Dynamic Search Partners has seen it all, done it all, and experienced it all. They have seen every type of personality known to mankind. That is what makes them so qualified for the job, as they know what to look for and they know it when they see it. How many times have you seen a movie and seen an actress or actor that was just right for the role?

That is what they are looking for: a person that was born to be in this field. They have all of the skills, talents, and qualities you are looking for and then some. Sometimes when they walk into a room, they have a certain confidence and aura about them. Trust me when I tell you, they will find them.

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The Rise of James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

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James Dondero is a billionaire businessman with over 30 years of management experience. He is the president and co-founder of the conglomerate, Highland Capital Management involved in numerous high yield credit sector since the 90s. James have managed separate accounts and dedicated long only credit commingled funds since earlier 2000. His main focus is on total return approach that aims at providing exposure to the wider below-investment grade corporate target returns and credit market that are meant to exceed benchmarks.

James Dondero has emerged as an analyst from the Morgan Guaranty Training Program to become the CEO of Highland Capital, the largest USD based collateralized loan obligation (CLO) organization. He carry on as the Chairman of Directors for NexBank, Cornerstone Health and CCS Medical and is an affiliate member of NexPoint Advisors management. Additionally, as though not content with the just pioneering the financial world, James uses his influence to advance the society via his understanding on philanthropy making donations to foundations focused on health, educations and culture. This has led to his popularity and recognition as a great leader.

Highland Capital is the largest SEC-listed investment advisor founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and Dondero. The company concentrates on long only funds, credit strategies, separate accounts and credit hedge funds. It also offer alternatives investments entailing long term or short term equities, emerging markets, Distressed and special situations private equities as well as collateralized loan obligation (CLO).

Highland Capital has created customized mandates with investments in all its assets classes. The CEO, Dondero using a central bottom-up assessment in combination with important top-down technical analysis, offering a wider overview of underlying industry uniqueness, collateral, and portfolio positioning and macro perspectives. This makes Highland Capital the largest bank loan manager globally with roughly $14 billion in loan asset under management.

Highland Capital Management have diversified its client base to include foundations, corporations, endorsements, financial institutions, public pension plans, fund of funds and high net-worth individuals. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas but also maintain offices in Sao Paulo, Seoul, New York and Singapore.

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Universities Across America Are Promoting Conformity According To Charles Koch

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Charles Koch is considered one of the most businessmen in the United States. Koch along with his brother David turned their family owned company into one of the largest privately owned corporations in America. The Koch brothers are involved in a variety of business ventures, and Charles is known for his undying loyalty to the Republican ideology. Koch is a major donor to Republican universities and causes that further the conservative viewpoint.

But the eighty-year-old Koch is not happy with his Republican party these days, and he is particularly upset with colleges and universities that are playing it safe and avoiding controversial topics and speakers on campus. In fact, Charles Koch has teamed up with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the men have openly expressed their disdain for the attitude of conformity that has stifled the freedom of expression on university campuses around the country.

It is true. Universities are taking the high road when it comes to dealing with controversial topics and people. Colleges aren’t inviting the free-thinkers that are going against the grain of conformity and are shaking up the status quo, according to Koch. University administrators are too concern about the major donations. Narrow-minded thinking is holding higher-education captive, according to Mr. Bloomberg. The climate of conformity that exists on campuses has reached a level that concerns Koch, and he is speaking out to stop the sameness that leads to social destruction.

Students are afraid to openly discuss topics that must be talked about it in today’s global environment. The ability to offend and upset is the catalyst that affects change, and that ability is being ignored on college campuses today, according to Bloomberg and Koch. The controversial topics of yesteryear are now accepted beliefs and perceptions because they were openly addressed by institutions of higher learning years ago. Students and faculty members talked about gay and lesbian rights, civil disobedience, and the right for women to vote on campuses around the country and the attitude of the nation changed.

Mr. Koch wants universities to get back to the basics of learning which are to discuss radical ideas openly and without prejudice.

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The Sparks Method to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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Marc Sparks reveals his unorthodox and inspirational rise to success in his latest novel, “They Can’t Eat You.” From a high school student with a C+ average to a successful businessman, Sparks has risen to the top of the success ladder only to fall back down and start climbing again. Get more details: and

Even after you’ve decided on a business path, finding success requires more than just knowledge. Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes ambition, courage and a willingness to dive head-first into all the unexpected adventures and opportunities that will come your way. To help readers kickstart their own success stories, “They Can’t Eat You” offers plenty of insightful tips and shocking revelations that will inspire anyone who dreams of making a name for themselves.

Marc Sparks’ “Fifty Sparks” (learn more at: They Can’t Eat You: Marc Sparks: 9780990495000) approach to business contains a series of steps that any budding entrepreneur can use to chart their own path to success. Throughout “They Can’t Eat You”, one message rings clear: there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your dreams if you truly believe in them.

You don’t need a college education. In fact, According to GoodReads and CNN, Marc Sparks adamantly states that you can become a success without it. You don’t need thousands of dollars or a network of experienced professionals and investors backing you up. All you need to make it is a strong vision of your ideal future and the courage it takes to go after it.

In “They Can’t Eat You”, Mark Sparks teaches you how to gain the necessary mentality that turns aspiring entrepreneurs into real professionals.