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Talk Fusion is Now the Top Communication Program in the Global Market

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There are a lot of factors that go into innovation. Among the top factors are uniqueness, usability, simplicity, and others. Talk Fusion is one of the programs that are very innovative. It offers plenty of features that other communication programs don’t. Among the features that it offers is video chat. It has gained top level position in global markets. One market that it has gained the number 1 spot is Indonesia. There are plenty of reasons that Talk Fusion has gained a lot of popularity in the markets. For one thing, Video Chat can be used on any device including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones of either Android or Apple operating systems.

The Video Chat of Talk Fusion offers HD quality images and sound. This is one of the reasons people love to use Video Chat. After all, it is not enough to hear the voice of your friends and family, it will also be better for you to be able to see the one you are talking to. Talk Fusion is also only beginning to see success in its company offerings. It has also gained a lot of positions in the Alexa rating due to the amount of traffic it has gained. This has caused many people to be excited for what future offerings that Talk Fusion could have.

Talk Fusion is one of the leading video marketing solutions companies. The company was designed with the objective to help business grow and change the lives of people who are using communications devices. For one thing, life is largely about communication. Talk Fusion is doing an amazing thing by helping to improve communications between people. Talk Fusion is also involved in philanthropic activities such as community support, and animal charities throughout the globe in order to help change the world for the better.

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Making Talk Truly Cheap

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While a lot of people say that talk is cheap, when it comes to telecommunications, this may not be the actual case. However, thanks to mobile networks and now video chat platforms like Talk Fusion, talk really is becoming cheap, financially. In fact, the new technology is making it so that people are going to have to adopt this type of method for keep in touch with their friends and family. With Talk Fusion, people can just record a message with the use of any type of video recorder they have. They could use a webcam or a flip camera among other devices.

Talk Fusion has been made possible with Bob Reina. He is one person that is very interested in innovation. He wants to make it easier for people to keep in touch with each others. One thing that makes his Talk Fusion invention much better is the ability for people to connect in ways that they couldn’t with texting or even with talking on the phone. He has done plenty of other activities in making the world a better place as a police officer. One of the things that make him stand out is his self discipline. This is what helped him achieve his goals in bringing forth a new innovation.

One thing that could be said about Bob Reina is that he does have a drive and a good work ethic in order to achieve his goals. This has helped him as a direct seller. He himself has faced his share of adversity from friends and families among others when he walked away from his steady paycheck in order to pursue goals that he is passionate about. For one thing, this is what makes him such a successful person. He follows his passions towards something that is constructive as opposed to just doing something for the money.

Brad Reifler Says Bitcoin is Entering Irrelevancy

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has become easily the most popular virtual currency in the world. With no bank or government having authority over it, the currency has gained favor for those seeking easy, universal, and a relatively anonymous way of engaging in commerce.

Though Bitcoin is accepted by many legitimate businesses for transactions, it has been marred by its use for illicit transactions as well. In particular those that involve the buying and selling of drugs. While others have used bitcoin as something of a rocky vehicle for financial speculation. Indeed, the cryptocurrency has soared to significant value heights with a few valleys along the way.

But several years after its advent, some think that bitcoin may have run its course. One of these individuals is investment banker Brad Reifler. Mr. Reifler sees bitcoin as a very risky investment and advises clients at his firm, Forefront Capital, to steer clear of it. Reifler views bitcoin has completely irrelevant when it comes to his world of asset management, mergers and acquisition, and investment planning.

In fact, using bitcoin for investment may not only be ill-advised from a financial risk standpoint, but it’s currently illegal for those without proper credentials to invest in up-and-coming businesses. Bitcoin allows these individuals to invest, potentially circumventing laws and opening themselves, and the companies they invest in, to a world of legal trouble.

Techpinions writer, Bryan Hall, believes it may be a risk worth taking. He sees bitcoin as having the ability to add value and serve as an alternative investment platform for investors and capital seekers. Hall envisions bitcoin as undercutting the traditional order in way that may be what the business of investing needs. Though even Bryan acknowledges that bitcoin is ultimately “toxic.”

Wikipedia makes it clear Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital, which offers financial services to a diverse clientele. Reifler founded the company in 2009 with the goal of meeting the long-term investment targets of international institutions, distributors, advisors, and private investors. Before founding Forefront Capital, Reifler was CEO of Pali Capital. Under his direction, Pali Capital saw tremendous growth and more than $200 million in yearly revenues with an impressive global operation.

Recently, Mr. Reifler has turned his focus on more middle level and lower level investors, or “the 99 percent” as Brad has referred to them. He sees this segment as majorly overlooked by the financial services sector. Reifler has stated his desire to shift focus to these investors and guide them in building portfolios that are riskier, but with greater upside. With his vision, he hopes to change the current paradigm in which these investors are viewed to create a more dynamic investment atmosphere that encourages more to join in.  Check out Brad on Twitter, and be sure to look over his advice in Reuters.

Talk Fusion Under Bob Reina’s Leadership

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Bob Reina and Dr Jonathan Chen are the creators of the Talk Fusion CONNECT Suite which was initially launched in 2007. This saw the launch of the Video Email application which was the initial solution to a problem that Bob Reina came across in 2004 when he tried to share a video with friends and family but could not attach the video in an email and forward it. This kind of software was just not available at the time. Bob Reina went as far as contacting his internet service provider, AOL, to ask them if they knew of a way to embed a video clip into an email. They also told him it was impossible, so Bob Reina set out to create a solution to the problem.

Bob Reina had a longtime friend who was also very knowledgable when it came to IT so he shared the vision with his friend. Jonathan Chen at the time also believed that the problem could be solved however it would not be easy. So they set off to work and finally launched the application in 2007. Bob Reina decided to approach this business in a slightly different way to conventional software marketing. He had over 20 years experience in the direct selling industry which actually allowed him to earn a full time income on a part time business. He knew of the potential of direct selling and marketing and so decided to use the same platform to market the Talk Fusion software package. User’s could take advantage of the features of the software and then decide if they wanted to refer it to others and possibly make some money back for their efforts. In this way the user can become a business owner and in this way Bob Reina created a win, win situation.

Talk Fusion has since expanded not only its software offering but also the places around the world where the software is accessible. In over 140 countries people can use Talk Fusion for their individual or business needs thanks to proprietary technology.

Sam Tabar: Why is Capital Strategy So Important?

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While those in the financial industry are aware of the role capital strategy plays in the success of a company and its investors, others may not be aware of the dramatic impact various strategies can have in helping everyone reach their short and long-term goals. However, Sam Tabar is not one of those people. With more than a decade of experience as an attorney and financial analyst and strategist, Sam has shown clients over and over that he has the knowledge and experience needed to help them achieve incredible results.

Considered to be one of the best young attorneys of his generation, Sam has taken his legal training obtained at Columbia Law School and put it to good use in numerous ways. While working with one of the best law firms in the United States, Sam was put in charge of matters related to contract and employment law. In this position, he regularly advised clients on such important matters as hedge fund formation, investor and management agreements, regulatory issues, and much more. By being able to showcase his knowledge of these and other issues, Sam impressed his clients while helping them reach their goals and have their questions answered.

Whether employed as an attorney or financial strategist, Sam has always been willing to go above and beyond the call of duty every time it was needed. Whether it was flying to Hong Kong for an emergency meeting with company executives or sitting down to talk with an investor about their retirement, Sam has gained a reputation for not only having an extensive knowledge of finances, but also a strong desire to help others. Knowing it is this attitude that will keep him ahead of his competitors, Sam has made a commitment to his clients that he will always strive to provide them with the most up-to-date financial information as well as a positive attitude.

Seen by people everywhere as one of the truly nice guys in the industry, Sam Tabar continues to believe that by helping others, he helps himself. With the global marketplace becoming more intertwined each day, Sam knows it takes much more time and effort than in years past to keep investors happy and on the right financial track. However, by always accepting new challenges and meeting them head on, Sam will continue to show why capital strategy is so important to the success of companies and investors.  Follow him on Twitter for updates, as he takes the reins as COO of FullCycle Fund for the first time.

Highland Capital Management’s Q3 Analysis

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Highland Capital Management filed its quarterly 13F just some few days ago. The filling reveals that the hedge fund possess a portfolio that is valued $3.42 billion. This represents 22.73% of HCM’s assets that are listed in the United States.

In the current quarter, the new position of Highland Capital Management Lp included the Amazon Com Inc for about $23.35 million, the Spdr S&P 500 for $67.07 million, Danaher Corp Del for $17.24 million, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc for 17.73 million and the Intra Cellular Therapies Inc for $15.90 million. These five were the biggest new positions. The hedge fund acquired 69 new stocks in total.

The firm sold out its stakes in Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, Envision Healthcare Holdings In, Lab Corp Amer Holdings, Spdr Series Trust and McKesson Corp. These Securities comprised 0.81%, 0.47%, 0.43%, 5.63% and 0.56% of portfolio respectively. The reasons for selling may be either momentum, value or making an ideal place for HCM Lp’s capital.

HCM boosted its IT sector from 16 to 18 percent. As per the filing, the fund also possess securities for about 12% in energy sector.

The current Q3 2015 fund’s sector are as listed: IT 18% for $615 million, health care 20% for $683 million, finance 18% for $615 million, consumer discretionary 10% for about $341 million, materials 1% for about $34 million, transport 8% for about $273 million and utilities and telecommunication 4% for about $34 million.

The top 10 third quarter for 2015 new positions included: Amazon Com Inc, Jarden Corp, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc, Vulcan Matls Co, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, Spdr S&P 500, Illumina Inc, Danaher Corp Del, Anacor Pharmaceuticals Inc and Extra Space Storage Inc.

The top ten Q3 2015 that sold out completely included: Nexpoint Cr Strategies, Spdr Series Trust, Envision Healthcare Holdings In, Disney Walt CO, McKesson Corp, Quest Diagnostics Inc, Humana Inc, American Rlty Capp Inc and Abbot Labs.

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of the Highland Capital Management (HCM). He has over three decades of experience in markets dealing in credit and equity, focused largely on distressed investing and high yield. Before joining HCM, James Dondero acted as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC. He also acted as a corporate bond analyst between 1985 and 1989.

James Dondero is an alumnus of University of Virginia, where he graduated with the highest honors. He also obtained dual majors in finance and accounting from McIntire School of Commerce, and he is a certified accountant and a financial analyst.

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