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Revolution in Dog Food Market Is Enabling Dogs to Eat Like Their Owners

Published / by GSM

There has been a great revolution in the dog food market, with high quality and a variety of foods to choose from being available. The old tradition of blending lamb and salmon, and also feeding dogs with food free organic grain is long gone. The companies that used to make dog food using these traditional methods and ingredients have been stepping up their game so as to remain competitive in this growing market.

Start-ups in this industry have come up with the latest innovation that dog owners seem to have been waiting for. To keep up with this competition, these companies are coming up with innovations and are also performing acquisitions. For example Purina, in July bought an organic producer of the dry and wet dog food, Merrick Pet Care. The acquisition was after Merrick introduced a backcountry line with recipes like Pacific Catch and Game bird.

In an article by Craig Giammona of the Bloomberg news, he says that the sales of these premium dog foods continue to rise every day. Currently, the rise is at 45% on Amazon in the US since the year 2009. These means that, dog owners are taking up the products positively, and this market is set to grow, as it currently accounts for more than half of the market.

Beneful dog food by Nestle Purina, Introduced in the market in 2001, is one of these foods that have come to revolutionize the industry. The foods ingredients include real meats and also veggies rich in vitamins. Beneful products include wet food with 20 good varieties, dry food with eight varieties and dog treats. Therefore, the dog owners have been provided with enough varieties to choose from.

The term Beneful means “full of goodness”. This is according to a company’s spokesman. Nestle Purina also promotes responsible pet care and growth of the bond between pet owners and their pets. Beneful has a team of more than 500 scientists, including nutritionists that make formulas specific to the pets needs.