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Arthur Becker’s Success at Madison Partners LLC

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Arthur Becker is a managing member of Madison Partners’ LLC. This is an investment firm that focuses on early Bio-Technology and real estate ventures. He was the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC from 2012-2015. Before joining Zinio, he was the CEO of NaviSite, which provides hosting, collocation, and internet technology services to businesses in UK and US. NaviSite has offices in India, US, and the UK and provides cloud hosting and data center hosting applications management to entrepreneurs.

He was a senior advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company for about seven years. Arthur Becker has been a private investor both real estate and technology since 2011 when NaviSite was bought by Time Warner.

During his tenure at Zinio and NaviSite he was closely engaged in both real estate and technology. He chose to expand his real estate interests through investments in condominium development in Miami, New York, and Florida. His exposure to early biotechnology companies fascinated him, and he became interested in the huge economic opportunities that it creates, besides the opportunity to significantly impact the lives of many people.

Arthur Becker confesses on Perez Hilton that his normal days are very flexible. He no longer has to worry about operating the business with long meetings and schedules conference calls. He is currently, he is finalizing construction of Town Houses around Sullivan area in New York City. Besides, he is preparing to construct more luxury condominiums in Tribeca.

Most of his ideas are developed through working with people he respects in the technology and real estate industry. Real estate has various stages, which include development, design, entitlements and financing before the actual construction and marketing is done. He fancies coordinating and organizing the work.

His biotechnology ambitions are in the field of cancer treatment, but be confesses that he does not have any medical training. However, he has an active interest in the various approaches. His main challenge is balancing his drive and passion. The challenges startups bring give him clarity of vision and passion for leading and strategizing effectively. Arthur Becker believes entrepreneurs should find motivation in their failures rather than be discouraged by them.

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