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Kyle Bass And A Large Mouth Bass: They’re Both Fishy

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In thirteen years, Argentina has defaulted economically twice. Socialist president Kristina Fernandez de Kirchner–more closely akin to a despot than a president–is the individual largely responsible. Kyle Bass, passing himself off as an economic adviser and hedge fund manager, is one of her lackeys. From Kirchner to CAD, and his continuing strike-out as regards Japan’s economy, Bass has made a cavalcade of questionable calls, and only seems to poised to make some more.

So who is this socialist stinker? This leftist lackey? This communist kazoo? Well, many remember in 2008 when the stock market crashed like a tidal wave on Tokyo. It happened because sub-prime lending facilitated the buying and selling of worthless bonds. It was paying one credit card off with another credit card. Eventually, that kind of financial practice comes to the “end of the line”, as the saying goes. Like most savvy individuals are smart enough not to pay off one credit card with another, many people saw America’s 2008 collapse coming, though the mainstream was entirely oblivious to it. Bass capitalized on this and made public noises predicting what would happen and why. Then he was proved correct. Suddenly everyone paid attention to what he had to say. Everything Bass said was, briefly, gospel. But over time his hedge fund began to tank, and his predictions began to falter.

Perhaps this faltering of his hedge fund’s success is the reason Bass involved himself with CAD, or the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD is an operation he runs, and it works like this: big drug companies are forced to lower their prices, and then Kyle Bass makes money in the stock market. CAD does it by petitions, lawsuits, you name it. They’ll find some exploitable angle, and when the price of the drug is finally reduced, Bass short sells the stock he’s purchased in the same company. It’s like a London thug taking a boxer’s family for ransom, then telling the boxer to “go down” in the third round in order that he might win a bet. That’s what Bass has done with pharmaceuticals and the stock market, and that’s one of the biggest reasons anything he says on the mainstream media is subject to scrutiny: activities such as Bass’ seem to be informed by socialist leanings. Ties with Kirchner and Bass’ inability to further predict economic trends are just more proof.

Today, Kyle Bass says China’s about to collapse in on itself. The signs do indicate as much outwardly, and the country’s devaluing of their own currency certainly doesn’t help things. But the question to be asked is: where’s his ulterior motive with China?