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Improving Sleep and Smiles Avi Weisfogel is a Top Notch Dentist

Published / by GSM

When you imagine a dentist images of drills and scraping tools probably come to mind. It might be surprising then to know that Avi Weisfogel, although originally a dentist, has a long history of helping people get more than just a pearly white smile. Currently, he uses his business ventures to help people with sleep disorders and is an active philanthropist.

Avi Weisfogel began practicing dentistry in New Jersey. His office, Old Bridge Dental Care won awards for his excellent skills as a dentist. While there he began specializing in sleep disorders like Sleep Apnea. Eventually, he started a business, Dental Sleep Masters Seminars, to help people treat their sleep problems. There are many devices that help people with apnea conditions, some of them are actual dental equipment like mouth guards. Other devices like CPAP, can impact a person’s dental health. Weisfogel uses his Seminar business to teach people how they can improve their sleep and health by treating their apnea.

Mr. Weisfogel doesn’t just reach out to people. He wanted to find a way to share what he’s learned over the last sixteen years treating and working directly with patients with sleep disorders like apnea. Through his company, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, he travels and teaches other dentists the information he’s learned about treating sleep apnea. He is unafraid to take on hard dental cases and has a drive to find the best treatment. Over years of constant education, Weisfogel is now successfully teaching other dentists his techniques.

In addition to sharing his wealth of knowledge in his specialty area of sleep disorders, Avi Weisfogel is a huge supporter of Operation Smile, a charity which provides free surgery to children with cleft pallets and cleft lips. Avi has six children himself and felt drawn to support this organization due to their excellent record of helping children around the world. According to his Twitter account, he even started a GoFundMe page for them and is raising money to support this wonderful cause.

An excellent dentist, Avi Weisfogel is raising the bar for the industry. His endeavors have made dentistry more accurate in treating Sleep Apnea.