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Creating a Memorable Event

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Entertaining a large group of people may, at first, seem like a daunting, stressful, and intimidating task. This doesn’t always have to be the case. Thanks to these tips from a well known event planning firm based in NYC, event planning can be broken down into a few simple steps that anyone can follow.

Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning firm consisting of experienced experts in event planning. Founded by Jessica Boskoff, who has more than a decade of experience planning events for well-known hospitality and concierge firms, the firm offers a variety of services including production, fabrication, photography, catering, and venue selection, among many more.

There are many choices when looking for corporate event planners in NYC. Twenty Three Layers is one of the unique event planning companies in NYC with an extensive portfolio. Keeping up with current trends, the firm is able to create memorable, modern experiences for your guests regardless of their industry.

One of the most basic steps in event planning is organization. Keeping a list of the guests, the tasks that need to be accomplished, and the supplies that will be needed will make all the following steps much easier. The task of getting organized may be assisted by creating a theme for the event. With a theme, you will have a better idea of the supplies you might need, or who you might need to hire.

Perhaps even more important than getting organized, sending out invitations is the next critical step for your event. Though online invitations are acceptable, people tend to prefer the intimacy of a mailed invitation. After these critical steps, the following steps will be much easier. Offering your guests drinks through an open bar will help create a more social and relaxed atmosphere. Simple appetizers will also aid in creating this relaxed atmosphere. Because many of your guests will bring children, setting up a kid’s table for their entertainment will make the night much easier. Following these simple steps created by the experts, you will certainly create a memorable event for your guests.

How To Turn A Party Into An Unforgettable Event

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To throw a party that is stress-free and unforgettable is quite a feat. Not everyone is a natural when it comes to hosting a party. Luckily, these tips from real professional event planners in NYC will help you pull of a flawless event without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.



  1. Be Organized


Organization is key when it comes to throwing any kind of event regardless of the size. Luckily, spreadsheet software allows you to get organized in no time. This simple software helps you keep track of things like your guest list, your menu and your shopping list.



  1. Make Up a Theme


A clever theme is a great way to tie all of your elements together. It’s also a fabulous way to let your guests unwind and have fun getting into character. Try to come up with a theme that everyone is familiar with like a particular decade or a popular movie.



  1. Create a Signature Cocktail


A signature cocktail is a fantastic feature that will give your party an elegant edge. Make sure that you tie this creative concoction into your party’s theme. Don’t forget to give it a creative garnish!



  1. Make a Self-Serve Bar


A self-serve bar gives guests the opportunity to take care of their own drinks. Plus, by decorating it attractively and stocking it with various drinking glasses and garnishes, you will give your party a luxurious edge.



  1. Make a Simple Menu


In order to save yourself time and stress, create a simple menu made up of appetizers that can be prepared the night before your party. This way, you won’t be rushing around in the kitchen when the guests start to arrive.



  1. DIY Your Party Favors


There’s nothing as thoughtful as creating your own party favors to give to your loved ones. Make something that’s simple but special like homemade brownies or some bath salts.



  1. Hire Event Planning Companies in NYC


Twenty Three Layers is one of the top party and corporate event planners in NYC. These professionals are experts when it comes to turning a party of any size into a huge success. Additionally, they act as a full-service event company, providing everything from bar service to catering.