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Whitney Wolfe, a game changer in online dating

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Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble app. Whitney Wolfe initially worked as vice president of marketing for Tinder app. Tinder app was an online app that Wolfe had co-founded with Justin Mateen. Wolfe filed a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harassment and discrimination. However, Wolfe left the company and the case was settled for undisclosed amount of money. She received a lot of online abuses which sparked an idea to start her own dating app.

An alumnus of Southern Methodist University, Wolfe had odd jobs while in college and after. She sold charity tote bags, volunteered in orphanages and after college she was in New York working on photography program. She had a passion for a website that gave women more freedom and respect. At the age of 25, Whitney Wolfe started Bumble BFF.

Bumble BFF

Bumble is a female dating app that affords women more control. Based in Austin, Texas Bumble app function is such a way that after matching up the girl is given the chance to make the first move. However, the female must send the guy a message within 24 hours.

The site aimed at affording women more power in dating. This is to do away with men’s macho aggressiveness behaviors in dating. Therefore, the conversation between the dating matches can be more respectful and less chippy. Presently the app has more than 18 million users and showing the potentiality of even expanding more. Also, the app is adding new service Bumble Biz come September. The Bumble Biz services will assist users to establish business connections.

Bumble opens a physical space

According to Bumble CEO, Whitney Wolfe the brand is planning to open up a pop-up location. The plan is to have a space in Soho at 158 Mercer Street, New York. It will be opened for three days in a week and will stock coffee, real bar, and wares from Bumble for sale. For more info about us: click here.

The location will provide an opportunity for Bumble Brand family to formalize their community. It will assist its user to socially and professionally network as well as retain the user whose aim is not necessarily dating. There will be events focusing on female entrepreneurship, relationships and a host of celebrities.

Wengie Life Hacks to Celebrate Your Lazy Meter

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In this Life Hacks YouTube video, Wengie provides life hacks that set the lazy meter over the top.


Dialing it at 25 percent on the lazy meter are microwave mug recipes. Wengie’s favorite, Lentil pizza, consists of canned lentils, mushrooms and peppers dashed into a mug and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Pop in the microwave for one minute and eat this vegetarian-friendly goodness.


Kicking the lazy meter up to 50 percent, Wengie demonstrates how to fold your yogurt lid into a makeshift spoon. The edges can be a little sharp, so using the spoon takes practice, but you have to be willing to sacrifice for your lazy art. Also, you now don’t have to wash the spoon. Another trick to avoid washing dishes that comes in at 50 percent on the lazy meter is to wrap your dish with plastic wrap before putting food on it. Simply throw away the plastic wrap and never wash another dish.


At 75 percent laziness, a sloth could probably pass you, but you won’t even have to get out of bed to take a drink at night. Instead of a glass, keep a sippy cup on your nightstand to avoid spilling your drink. For extra lazy points to make that sloth proud, be sure to keep it within reach while lying with your head on the pillow.


So, 100 percent is as high as the lazy meter currently goes and these tips from Wengie will elevate you to master of the universe lazy status. Take an old hoodie and put it on backwards so that the hood is positioned under your chin like a trough. Now, dump in some popcorn and dive in for hands-free eating. If you don’t feel like washing the popcorn bowl, take a picture of the clean side of the sink, print it out and put it on top of your dirty dishes for effective camouflage until you get to the washing.


Catch this and other Wengie videos for great ideas to save time and energy for all that relaxing you need to catch up on.