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George Soros Provides Insight about the European Refugee Crisis

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Politics are extremely tricky situations on to be involved in. Many people wrongly assume that they can offer their perspective on a matter and have it cleared up without any problem. However, in most instances this is not true. Politics is extremely complex because there are lots of people involved. All of these people have interests and views about life that must be balanced out against each other to bring about the best outcome. George Soros understands this reality. He also understands that if the current European refugee crisis is not properly dealt with; many countries on the continent are going to pay a heavy price.

George Soros has been around for a very long time. This man is nearly a century year old and is still going strong. He grew up in Hungary during the time of Hitler and the Nazis and he has managed to make billions of dollars by literally investing into national economies. George Soros might not be the world’s most notable figure but he is a shrewd man with a lot keen businesses sense and power.

The current refugee crisis in Europe threatens on to undermine the EU. Soros has been stating this for the past few years after he realized what was happening with the outflow of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and from countries in Africa. Most of the refugees that currently sweeping across Europe’s borders are from Syria and many left their homeland to avoid the problems caused by Isis back in 2013.

As the refugees come into Europe, the economies of the various countries must house and feed these individuals. Not to mention, they must be provided medical care. When a nation receives millions of people from other parts of the world it places a strain on their funds. This is exactly what is happening in Europe today. The EU has brokered a deal with Turkey to take in the refugees. Most of them are being sent to Greece. This particular nation is a hot bed for trouble since it threatens to weaken the rest of the EU. Greece’s economy is already folding and the extra inflow of refugees is weakening this territory to a greater degree.

Gerge Soros says that the current refugee system must change. This means that that the EU governments must be willing to spend a lot of money to establish a new system. George Soros states that the EU has the ability to raise the capital it needs to carry out this process. Next, the EU must stop making their member nations to have refugee quotas. The countries should take in immigrants but their numbers should be set up according to what each country is able to realistically handle.

Soros also states that refugees should be given a choice about where they want to relocate. As long as there is room for them and they are willing to contribute to an economy; they should be allowed to stay in that place. In cases where it is not feasible to keep refugees they should relocated to a safe place until they can find something to do with them. Soros’s comments and ideas on this matter is available online on The New York Review of Books. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.