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Ross Abelow Hopes to Raise $5,000 for Homeless Animals

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Ross Abelow and other individuals are trying to come up with a solution to an urgent problem that needs to be fixed. Even though many individuals enjoy cooler weather when it comes around, homeless animals usually suffer and even die when winter temperatures drop below freezing levels. Despite the fact that there are many animal shelters that have been set up in New York City and in other areas, there is simply not enough space to house them all. Also, funds are low. For this reason, Ross Abelow has set up a Go Fund Me winter fundraising campaign in order to raise money that will be donated to animal shelters in the New York City area.

By means of this Go Fund Me campaign, Ross Abelow hopes to raise at least $5,000 that can be donated to local animal shelters.  Second, it is going to provide more funding to purchase things like food and medicine for animals. Besides taking care of this urgent need at the moment, it is just another step in helping to take care of homeless animals over the long term. When homeless animals are placed in animal shelters, they are usually put in an adoption program. This means that they are off the cold streets and getting the food and medicine they need, and they are in the best position to have their long-term needs taken care of by eventually being placed in a loving, permanent home.

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