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WEN Shows Bustle Blogger That Sulfate-Free Means Shiny, Strong Hair

Published / by GSM

Some of us are born with fine hair that tends to get oily quickly and offers little shape when styling. blogger Emily McClure is one of those unlucky souls and was looking to add major bounce and shine to her sad locks. So, she reached for the famous WEN system of no lather shampooing to see if she could transform her hair.
Well-known LA stylist Chaz Dean likes to live a healthy lifestyle, and he knew those sulfate-laden shampoos found at drugstores were actually damaging people’s hair. The harsh detergents give shampoos a lather, but weaken the hair itself. That’s why he developed the WEN system of sulfate-free shampooing. One bottle does it all in a gentle manner, delivering the vibrancy and gloss that every hair type dreams of. See;

Emily McClure kept a daily hair diary with hair selfies for her Bustle readers. She decided to use the sephora fig version WEN for a 7-day period with daily AM washes.

Emily McClure found that if she followed a WEN wash in the shower each morning, her hair would respond nicely, creating volume, shine and manageability. Even her girlfriends noticed her new hair right away, and her selfies are proof of her healthy hair.

The only problem Emily ran into, was when trying to adjust her hair care schedule. If she washed with WEN at night instead of morning, she felt her hair went flat early, and if she skipped a WEN wash for one day, her hair could not retain its bounce and got greasy.

Emily concluded that Wen delivers great results when you allow your hair to get into a routine of morning washes. If you tend to be a bit lazy about your hair care, then WEN is probably not for you. Otherwise, sulfate-free is a really good thing.