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Thor Halvorssen Chases Tyrants Around The World

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The view the majority of people have of human rights activists is of a group of people who are earnestly trying to change the world from a comfortable environment, activist Thor Halvorssen is actively seeking to change this view of the community with a determined attempt to chase tyrants from around the world.

Halvorssen has placed his own body on the line during his attempts to bring news of human rights abuses to the attention of the people of the world; included in these attempts has been Halvorssen being physically beaten by Vietnamese officials when he conducted an interview with a religious leader held under house arrest for over a decade.

Thor Halvorssen has been described as many things by his supporters, but perhaps the biggest accolade of his career was being called a champion of the “underdog and powerless” by The New York Times. Awards have flowed to Halvorssen as he has found increased success as a human rights activist, including those provided by the Romanian government and his Alma Mater of the University of Pennsylvania.

During the completion of his work with the Human Rights Foundation Halvorssen founded in 2004 the organization has achieved many feats, including the release of a number of prisoners of conscience and appeared before major commissions investigating human rights abuses by governments and groups around the world. Halvorssen and the HRF have also published books detailing the rights of individuals and groups in the 21st century.

Despite the success he has already achieved through the Human Rights Foundation and other groups he has worked with the Venezuelan born Thor Halvorssen continues to push for greater success in the human rights activism field.

According to Time and Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen is a major supporter of the right of all activists to make their own choices about which causes they support, including the decision by Thor Halvorssen to publicize the abuses committed by left wing governments around the world; the majority of activists have so far failed to back the work of those fighting against socialist governments because their political views strongly match those of most activists around the world.

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