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Human Rights Foundation Promotes Basic Rights For All Humans

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In 2005 Thor Halvorssen founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to promote the fundamental rights of every human being on Earth. He designed the nonprofit as a nonpartisan organization with the goal of transforming the restriction of human rights in countries that are not open and which actually oppress their citizens.

The HRF is an activist group that stands for the rights of all humans and the promotion of democracy, where any violations have been reported for anyone. Specifically, the Human Rights Foundation promotes all of the following:

Freedom of speech
Freedom of self-determination
Right to worship whatever and how ever
Freedom to associate
Right to buy and sell property
Freedom of travel to and from any country
Right to equal treatment by law enforcement and due process
Right to participate in government
Freedom from exile or arbitrary detainment
Freedom from torture and slavery
Freedom in matters of conscience without interference or coercion

The HRF actually began in the heart and mind of Thor Halvorssen because of his father, a reputable diplomat who was an ambassador. Thor’s father was illegally detained, beaten terribly, and tortured in 1993 by government forces of Venezuelan. Thor was strongly affected by this event and came to understand the kind of work required to make changes in oppressive countries, such as Venezuela. To get his father released to the combined efforts of many statesmen and stateswomen, the International Society for Human Rights, and Amnesty International.

The same repressive Venezuelan regime attempted to murder Thor Halvorssen’s own mother when she was attending a public gathering that was entirely peaceful. Local TV news broadcast the attack, live. A total of 12 people were wounded and 1 person was murdered. Thor’s mother was wounded. Others of Thor’s family have also been attacked in the past. Never willing to give in, Mr. Halvorssen is also a film producer who continues to stand for freedom for all the oppressed people of the world.