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Attorneys Seek To Assist In SEC Whistleblower Program

Published / by GSM

The Labaton Sucharow legal practice has recently been looking to develop its range of assistance and advice available to those seeking to take part in the SEC whistleblower program; in a bid to develop the program at the legal practice Jordan A. Thomas, an author of the successful Dodd-Frank Act has been brought into head the newly developed SEC whistleblower program at the practice. Alongside Jordan A. Thomas a group of experienced financial experts, including forensic lawyers and accountants have been assembled to make sure any individual or group with concerns over the U.S. financial industry.

There are a number of benefits that can be obtained from contacting this group of specialized attorneys and financial experts who have the skills and experience to make sure every protection provided by the Dodd-Frank Act is available to any whistleblower. The program at Labaton Sucharow has been developed in a bid to ensure every person entering the SEC whistleblower program enjoys the employment protection that is afforded by the SEC to those who bring forward their concerns to the financial regulatory body.

The benefits for those in the financial industry with concerns about the actions of a company or individual also need to know what form of financial reward they can expect for the information they provide. Under the Dodd-Frank Act created by Jordan A. Thomas in 2010 a whistleblower has the chance to enjoy a financial reward if the information they provide leads to fines or penalties levied to above $1 million; in a bid to make sure the individual has a reason to provide information on financial issues in the industry a monetary reward of between 10 and 30 percent of penalties above $1 million. An experienced legal team, such as the SEC whistleblower lawyers at Labaton Sucharow has the skills to fight for the highest possible financial reward for any whistleblower.

The initial step any potential whistleblower should look to undertake is to contact the experts at Labaton Sucharow to discuss their concerns with an experienced legal specialist who can evaluate their case and provide an evaluation of what can be expected in the future.