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Effective Operations and Quality Products by Market America Brings Customer Loyalty

Published / by GSM

Market America is known through the international retail industry as the number one resource for online consumers. The company has business operations in the United States, Tawain, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and Canada. After being founded in 1992 by Chairman and CEO J.R Ridinger, Market America implemented the website which has become widely known in the homes of many shoppers. The online retailer aligns with the best distributors to bring internet shoppers a wide assortment of exclusive and unique products. has become a primary source for consumers to complete one-stop shopping and experience products unavailable through standard retail shopping. With well-over three million preferred customers worldwide, Market America reaches them with product brands that reduce shopper’s costs but at the same time ensure the best quality. Some of those items are:

  • Health and Nutrition
  • Diet and Weight Control
  • Skin Care Products
  • Cosmetics (including an exclusive line by Loren Ridinger)
  • Financial Services
  • Home and Garden
  • Pet Care Products

Due to the overwhelming success with 180,000 distributors around the world, Market America is also able to offer customers a cash-back opportunity on select brands and purchases. This unique offer is something that is unheard of in a typical brick and mortar retail store. Market America is also able to quickly introduce newer products to customers through the use of an effective and innovative business model. This puts the company miles ahead of the competition and it’s proven by the $7 billion in online retail sales.

The company holds annual events to celebrate its success, and the Unfranchise business partners. The award presentations are a highlight of the event, and a time when everyone can show their appreciation for all the hard work of others. The main occurrence at the every event is the key-note speakers. At times, it’s almost as if the celebration is a concert, rather than a retail event. The events are positive, uplifting and show high team spirit among all attendees. Market America is located in Greensboro, North Carolina and has employed more than 500 employees through its global operations. The company offers more than 50 million quality products and service.