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Talk Fusion Connects People All Over The World

Published / by GSM

Talk Fusion recently received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This is the second award that it has received from Technology Marketing Corporation. The award was received on August 15, 2016. This award is meant to honor great services and products that use a variety of wide, data, and voice communications that have been significantly increased in the previous year. The CEO of TMC said that he felt that they were leaders in the industry and represent the best solutions and products available on the market to date.


Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology. This technology allows individual to talk face to face anywhere they wish by using a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Talk Fusion is easily downloaded in the Google Play store or on iTunes.The CEO of the company is Bob Reina. He stated that this is only the beginning and to expect great things to come from the company and its talented IT team. Talk Fusion is always striving to stay on the forefront of technology.


Talk Fusion is currently offering free trials of the WebRTC Recorder and has also launched a new site that is called Both of these products are being offered in under one year which creates anticipation for the other innovative products that are in the pipeline to be released soon.


Talk Fusion has independent associates in over one hundred forty countries. They use person to person marketing strategies to create better connections with associates and customers. The offer a thirty-day free trial of Video Marketing Solution so that they can see what it is all about before they decide to purchase it. They don’t need to file credit card information before trying it either.