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Glen Wakeman, LaunchPad Holdings LLC, recently did an interview for

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The interview was started with the interviewer asking where the idea for LaunchPad came from. He responded by saying that he did not understand why the failure rate of startups is so high. He thinks that startups are so high because most startups lack a structure around the idea that they have. He wants to make it easier for startups to make a structure for their idea.

Wakeman was then asked about what a typical day for him is. He starts the day by looking at the results from the previous day. He then talks to his partners to determine what they will be doing for the day. His key to productivity is that nobody should do any backtracking. No matter what happens, their focus should be on today and tomorrow.

What trend is most exciting for him. He believes that the most exciting trend is applying machine learning to business problems. He looks at a large amount of data that has been accumulated over the years and he thinks that machine learning is the best way to make sense of all that data. Making sense of it all is a good thing for modern democracy.

Wakeman is next asked what he does to make new ideas come to life. He thinks that the best way to make an idea come true by how a person explains it. He thinks that a new idea can be simply killed by how a person says it aloud. If it sends bad out loud, it is probably not a good idea. He is not going to advocate an idea when he does not think that in his mind that it is a bad idea.

The last question is about what was the best $100 that he ever spent. He feels that the best $100 that he ever spent was on a Berlitz Spanish language course (LinkedIn). This course changed his view of cultures, certain styles and his view of how the world thinks. He wanted to see more of the world and made him feel more confident in asking his future wife on their first date.

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