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FreedomPop Offers Plenty Of Options For People

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Many people know FreedomPop as the mobile carrier that offers free services to users. However, there is a lot more to it that that. FreedomPop has expanded its services to offer users plenty of options. On top of that, the services are the most affordable on the market.


While many people get a limited amount of service with 500MB data, there are some that want more from FreedomPop. Among the options that FreedomPop offers users are $5 wi-fi services, $10.99 unlimited talking and text with 500 MB data, and $20 service with unlimited talking and text with 1 GB of data.


The founders of FreedomPop are showing a lot of creativity when it comes to the services they offer. The wi-fi service is especially convenient for people who want to use unlimited high speed data. Users can get access to any mobile hot spot that is participating in the program. This saves them the hassle of having to sign into the wi-fi hot spot. Users could also make calls from their wi-fi services. This makes it easier for them to use their phone without the need for an actual service. To make things better, FreedomPop has multiple methods for people to add service to their phones. Among the ways they could add service is completing surveys.


FreedomPop was founded as a mobile carrier that provided mobile solutions for people who were living off of limited income. Mobile services are often steep in price. Users have found it hard to find something they could afford which matches their lifestyle.


FreedomPop does allow people to use their services through refurbished phones that are available. Since FreedomPop is part of the Sprint Network, people are given the opportunity to switch their phones to the FreedomPop service once they have held onto their Sprint devices for 2 years.


Start Using A Sim Card From FreedomPop In An Unlocked GSM Phone

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A review of FreedomPop shows they were doing so well with the Sprint CDMA service, so some may not understand why they extended their service to other carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. Although the prices are typically the same, those that prefer GSM phones that take sim cards can now enjoy the use of FreedomPop services for the same $19.99 per month or for free if they get the free service. FreedomPop has always offered a free cell phone service since they were established back in 2011, but many still don’t take advantage of the free service and pay other companies a lot of money for subpar service.

The free service that FreedomPop is offering for cell phones can extend to both the CDMA service as well as the GSM service, which gives the user talk time, text messages, and data for free. Additional data can always be added to any service plan, including the free plan, especially if the user recommends the service to others, which can help them to gain free data. Those who are using the GSM service will need to purchase a sim card, which can easily be purchased online for as little as five dollars or even less if a sale is going on.

The sim card is amazing in the fact that it can be used in over 25 countries and allows the user the ability to use their cell phone while they are overseas and in need of cell phone service that is low in cost. The sim cards will come in different sizes to fit the size of a particular phone, such as the micro or nano sims, which is the typical sim cards that are being used in cell phones these days. Once the sim card is paid for, it will be shipped to the home of the purchaser so that they can use it in their cell phone.

Only unlocked or FreedomPop GSM cell phones can be used with FreedomPop, but those that have a Sprint CDMA phone can connect the service to FreedomPop as well. Almost any phone from AT&T and T-Mobile as well as other service providers can be unlocked to be used on the FreedomPop network. Many don’t realize that FreedomPop only recently introduced the GSM service that allows GSM phones to be used, but many can take advantage of this great service now that it’s available. Reading a FreedomPop review can also help to provide additional information about the company.

FreedomPop: A Profitable Mobile Alternative

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FreedomPop’s president sat down with Kavit Majithia from MobileWorldLive recently, to outline the company’s plan for international expansion as well as to highlight the practicality of Freedompop as an alternative mobile provider. With over $80 million in total funding, FreedomPop is migrating from its home in California and focusing on carving a foothold in the European and other international markets. They are currently exploring partnerships with operators in other countries such as Asia and Latin America among others. They are currently working with Axiata for an expansion in East Asia.

While other operators were initially wary of FreedomPop’s “free data” model, FreedomPop has proven to be able to convert their free customer base into paying subscribers. In the United States the conversion rate is at 48% (monetized subscribers) and in the UK it is approaching 45% after only four months. Constantinopoulos suggested that the transition to Europe was not as difficult as one may think. He sees many similarities in the two markets, and believes this speaks to the data needs in developed markets. He also sees an opening for entering developing markets with their experience from Europe and the United States. Constantinopoulos believes that FreedomPop has discovered the “secret sauce” to monetization. With a conversion rate of nearly 50%, the other mobile providers have not figured out how to turn subscribers into paid members at the same rate as FreedomPop. This has lead to partnerships and other opportunities for the company, as they look to expand into other markets and continue to grow in the United Stated and Europe.

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FreedomPop Goes Global

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FreedomPop is a Los Angeles mobile startup that has decided to expand their reach to a wider audience. The startup is going global. This major step is due to new financing that guaranteed that they would have the ability to expand to a wider audience. Now, they’ve added a new global hotspot and SIM card to their line of products that provides their customers with seamless use, according to a Freedom Pop spokes-person.

New Launch
Of course, they were able to upgrade to a plan with more options. Now, FreedomPop is offering their service to just about every major country in Europe, with plans to expand to Asia and Latin America. Currently, the global hotspot is available for less than a $100. The SIM is available for $10.

FreedomPop is excited about world domination of their mobile services. Their new financing raised a considerable amount of cash. This money will make it possible for them to expand to the far corners of the world. The financing will fund their new global launch and provide free Internet service across the world, according to co-founder Steven Sesar.