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Squaw Valley Ski Resort Sees Success After Water Issues

Published / by GSM

Major rain and weather events are not uncommon in parts of the world where Winter sports are popular, which includes Squaw Valley Ski Resort where a recent rain event caused issues with an isolated number of water wells serving the Upper Mountain area of the resort. Squaw Valley officials have moved to reassure the public that every possible option is being explored to rectify a contamination caused by an inundation of rain water entering four recently updated water wells; Squaw Valley’s Liesl Kenney explained in a statement that the small area served by contaminated water has seen all supplies shut off until water experts from Placer County and independent water quality experts have given the affected water supplies the all clear.


Public Relations Director Liesl Kenney and Placer County Environmental Health Department spokesperson Wesley Nicks explained the contamination issues are being beaten by the combined skills of those working on the issue. Liesl Kenney also reassured visitors that no guest at the resort was ever offered contaminated water as the testing procedures of the resort had identified the presence of E.Coli and Coliform before it entered the supplies of the resort. To ensure the comfort and safety of guests complimentary bottled water is being offered to those using the slopes in the affected areas of Upper Mountain.


Wesley Nicks also provided an update on the success rate of the team working on the water quality problems that has seen E.Coli removed from three of four affected wells and Coliform levels also reduced. As the water supply is returned to safe drinking levels Liesl Kenney confirmed no well water supplies will be returned to active service until they are declared safe by Placer County Environmental Health Department and the independent water experts employed by Squaw Valley Ski Resort to rectify the contamination.


One of the reasons for encouragement for Squaw Valley officials has been the fact the water testing procedures already in place at the resort identified the contamination and allowed officials to report no medical links have been found to the contamination and reported medical conditions.