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Betsy Devos was born in 1958 and grew up in Michigan. She is the daughter of Edgar; one of the richest people in Holland. She is the wife of Richard Marvin who also comes from a very wealthy family which of the magic basketball team and the Amway company. They are blessed with four children. Devos attained her degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calvin College in Michigan. Her desire for politics started way back in university where she took part in campus politics. She is a devoted Christian and she was much influenced by a theologian who believed in Christian political ideologies. She has been a leader of various churches in the region. This extraordinary woman was in the Republican Party and ran for the governorship seat in the year 2006.

The Devos family has an organization that deals with people suffering from autism, depression, lack of proper attention and anxiety. The patients are taken through a therapy which involves watching of movies to help their brains to remain stable and prevent them from being distracted. Additionally, this family has been aiding political candidates with funds to run their campaign like in the case where she supported Bush in the reelection campaigns. On top of that her foundation has donated funds to schools, hospitals and churches. Visit their foundation at

On the issue of opposing of transgender bill, Devos contacted Jeff Sessions to support her moves. If the bill was to go through, the United States will paint a bad picture to the outside world and people would have the fear of taking their children to schools in the country. Also, the lives of students would be affected at that early age and most of these children will not have a normal life in future. Betsy Devos played a big role in this despite her being taken down by various stakeholders and individuals in the country who only sought their selfish desires. Her main agenda was not to win the elections based on the issue but she was much compassionate with the students getting the best education and that the schools provided them with an appropriate learning environment.

She encouraged students from different institutions not to keep quiet about the matter and should talk about it with no fear or favor since their rights were being violated by the bill. Her engagement in this matter made her to go around universities and colleges give speeches of how education could help the students, communities and the nation at large. Although she lost the seat of becoming a governor she still had so much to do to transform the lives of the students in her country by opposing the bill. The religious leaders also supported her work which made it clear that her course was worthwhile.

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Keith Mann: No Time Wasted With Him

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Keith Mann is the type of person that knows that life is all about timing and when to pounce. Someone simply can’t wait for something to happen for them, they have to go out there and make it happen. If there is a situation or an issue, he feels as though it is up to him to do something about it and rectify it as soon as possible. Keith Mann is well aware that there are a lot of students out there that want to go to a four year college for a variety of reasons.


In some instances, they simply want to better themselves and create a great life. They know the economy is rough and they know jobs are hard to find in today’s day and age. Because of this, it is paramount that they have this degree because it shows they are dedicated to not only going to school but finishing it. They also might have families that are in rough shape financially. Maybe one or both of their parents have lost jobs. They feel a sense of loyalty to them, they want to give back to them and do something special for them. If they go to school, get this degree, and get a good job, they can give back in the best possible way and make life a little easier for them.


That is why Keith Mann is so invested and so involved with the Uncommon School Districts. He knows these kids really need a chance and he wants to be the one to provide it for them and give them everything they need to make it in life and be the person they have always known they could be in their own life. He held a fundraiser with Dynamics Search Partners that raised over twenty two thousand dollars.


This is the type of thing he does and this is the type of action he takes. He knows this is going to do a lot for these kids, and he knows these kids are humble, hard-working, and not afraid to do whatever it takes to get ahead.