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A time comes when people can no longer stomach the injustices in the society. They get so fed up that they set a trap for the snake of injustice and cut off its head. In 2010, when the Supreme Court passed its decision in the End Citizens V. F.E.C case, nobody really predicted its effects. However, in a few years times, the amount of money being used in the American politics started rising drastically to amounts that many people had not thought of. Dark money cartels began influencing the politics towards their interest by bring in lots of unaccountable and untraceable money.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that seeks to see the end of these dark money cartels and thus removing this excess money that is taking the United States politics by storm and a bad storm for that matter. It was established in March 2015 with three main goals. The first is creating awareness about the issue of money in politics thus making it a matter of national priority. Through this awareness, many Americans will stand up against the Citizens United decision and thus foster campaign finance reforms. The second is to use grassroots membership to show the relationship between political power and such money. To achieve this, the group has developed a petition and it is requesting members to sign it so as to pressure congress for such reforms. Only five months after establishment, this committee had managed to have 325,000 signatures.

The third goal of End Citizens United is to foster election of leaders who are supporting the reform of the campaign finance system in the United States. Given the reaction of congress to this issue, End Citizens United has seen that most of the Democrats are the ones in support of such reform. The committee has therefore endorsed and supported democratic leaders for the various Senate and House seats. It also seeks to improve their campaigns through direct mailers, polling and even television advertisements.

Operations of End Citizens United are funded by their grassroots supporters. These people make small donors but at the end of the day, their contribution tends to amount to huge amounts. For example, they were looking to have at least $25 million contributions by the 2016 election to foster their action. The expenditure of the group is also rather transparent and accountable. They ensure to file their statements with the Federal Elections Commission.

The actions of End Citizens United have been criticized by some people among them an expert in campaign finance regulation called Rick Hasen. He argues that rather than using the money to support democratic leaders, they should focus more on creating awareness on the issue. However, this should not be a viable basis since End Citizens United has combined these two goals and what they have is totally working. Soon actually sooner than most think, America will restore its elections to the free and fair regime and kick out all the dark money in politics. That’s a sure bet. Watch out for it!




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Betsy Devos was born in 1958 and grew up in Michigan. She is the daughter of Edgar; one of the richest people in Holland. She is the wife of Richard Marvin who also comes from a very wealthy family which of the magic basketball team and the Amway company. They are blessed with four children. Devos attained her degree in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Calvin College in Michigan. Her desire for politics started way back in university where she took part in campus politics. She is a devoted Christian and she was much influenced by a theologian who believed in Christian political ideologies. She has been a leader of various churches in the region. This extraordinary woman was in the Republican Party and ran for the governorship seat in the year 2006.

The Devos family has an organization that deals with people suffering from autism, depression, lack of proper attention and anxiety. The patients are taken through a therapy which involves watching of movies to help their brains to remain stable and prevent them from being distracted. Additionally, this family has been aiding political candidates with funds to run their campaign like in the case where she supported Bush in the reelection campaigns. On top of that her foundation has donated funds to schools, hospitals and churches. Visit their foundation at

On the issue of opposing of transgender bill, Devos contacted Jeff Sessions to support her moves. If the bill was to go through, the United States will paint a bad picture to the outside world and people would have the fear of taking their children to schools in the country. Also, the lives of students would be affected at that early age and most of these children will not have a normal life in future. Betsy Devos played a big role in this despite her being taken down by various stakeholders and individuals in the country who only sought their selfish desires. Her main agenda was not to win the elections based on the issue but she was much compassionate with the students getting the best education and that the schools provided them with an appropriate learning environment.

She encouraged students from different institutions not to keep quiet about the matter and should talk about it with no fear or favor since their rights were being violated by the bill. Her engagement in this matter made her to go around universities and colleges give speeches of how education could help the students, communities and the nation at large. Although she lost the seat of becoming a governor she still had so much to do to transform the lives of the students in her country by opposing the bill. The religious leaders also supported her work which made it clear that her course was worthwhile.

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For The Human Rights Foundation, Action Trumps Awareness

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To be in the presence of Thor Halvorssen is to see a figure from a different era. Halvorssen has the energy of the old titans of industry, constantly checking one of his myriad cell phones, or dashing off a quick email on a laptop or three, while holding a conversation with someone nearby, or running to a car for his next plane flight. He keeps the hours of the damned, up until three in the morning and then catching a red-eye across the country, working for the Human Rights Foundation, or for his film institute.

In the realm of human rights advocacy, there’s a traditional way of doing things: Hashtags and sad faces and sonorous speeches bewailing the horrific fates of political prisoners the world over. Everyone talks about awareness…but confrontation is reserved for those governments with representative governments, and a decided lack of secret police forces waiting to break down doors in the middle of the night.

According to Buzzfeed, Thor Halvorssen is far from traditional. From his first political prisoner freed–his father, when he was a college student–to the death of his grandmother and the wounds his mother took protesting Hugo Chavez, Thor Halvorssen has taken the mind numbing statistics, and the demurrals of the press, and confronted them. He accepts donations from all across the political spectrum, and he belittles awareness for awareness’ sake.

Thor feels the pain of the political dissident. And he acts on that pain, using his training in film and theater to give them a podium, to give them a spotlight and a stage to tell their stories. His Oslo Freedom Forum brings those who’ve risked life and limb (and not always successfully on the latter) to a public stage and gives them the chance to tell their stories. In his own words, Halvorssen says that they can dismantle a government’s position in five sentences, with greater effectiveness than a master’s thesis.

Halvorssen uses his own experiences as a motivational goad. He has seen the price of dictatorship and he cannot simply turn a blind eye to it because it happens seven time zones away. He will work on schemes to get forbidden materials to people living in the most despotic nations on earth; his most recent scheme is to send USB drives over the Korean DMZ into North Korea, after doing a television appearance tearing portraits of the Kim “dynasty.”

In a day of hashtag heroes, Halvorssen is abrupt, and full of action. We need more like him.

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Universities Across America Are Promoting Conformity According To Charles Koch

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Charles Koch is considered one of the most businessmen in the United States. Koch along with his brother David turned their family owned company into one of the largest privately owned corporations in America. The Koch brothers are involved in a variety of business ventures, and Charles is known for his undying loyalty to the Republican ideology. Koch is a major donor to Republican universities and causes that further the conservative viewpoint.

But the eighty-year-old Koch is not happy with his Republican party these days, and he is particularly upset with colleges and universities that are playing it safe and avoiding controversial topics and speakers on campus. In fact, Charles Koch has teamed up with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the men have openly expressed their disdain for the attitude of conformity that has stifled the freedom of expression on university campuses around the country.

It is true. Universities are taking the high road when it comes to dealing with controversial topics and people. Colleges aren’t inviting the free-thinkers that are going against the grain of conformity and are shaking up the status quo, according to Koch. University administrators are too concern about the major donations. Narrow-minded thinking is holding higher-education captive, according to Mr. Bloomberg. The climate of conformity that exists on campuses has reached a level that concerns Koch, and he is speaking out to stop the sameness that leads to social destruction.

Students are afraid to openly discuss topics that must be talked about it in today’s global environment. The ability to offend and upset is the catalyst that affects change, and that ability is being ignored on college campuses today, according to Bloomberg and Koch. The controversial topics of yesteryear are now accepted beliefs and perceptions because they were openly addressed by institutions of higher learning years ago. Students and faculty members talked about gay and lesbian rights, civil disobedience, and the right for women to vote on campuses around the country and the attitude of the nation changed.

Mr. Koch wants universities to get back to the basics of learning which are to discuss radical ideas openly and without prejudice.

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Bernie Sanders and Charles Koch Come to Terms With Political Change Needed

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Has America become an oligarchy? Well, according to Charles Koch and Bernie Sanders it has. From the intrusive amount of spying that the government does to unaware citizens to the unfair control of the poor by a small minority of the wealthy, they both agree that something has got to give. Their recent surprising agreement on these issues and others came to a shock to the media. Bernie Sanders has long held a considerable disdain for Charles Koch for some time now because Koch is an example of the billionaires in America that Sanders hates.

Sanders believes a redistribution of wealth is needed for the country because there are so many poor people and so few who are rich. While corporations receive constant bail-outs, there is very little help available for those who have lost their houses, jobs, and can’t afford to pay back increasing student loan debt. Mean while, the wealthy receive tax breaks and a multitude of other benefits, but the government has cut funding that could be given to those who desperately need it the most. This socialistic expression has worried some who are opposed to spreading wealth, but his followers disagree. Sanders has a long history of supporting civil rights to the extent that he was once even arrested while he was protesting, and he is by far the poorest of all of the current Presidential candidates running for office. Many poor people of America feel that he understands what they have gone through much more than any other wealthy candidate could.

Charles Koch on the other hand, has spent a small fortune on helping the poor in a multitude of ways. He has contributed to schools and other educational programs as well as food and clothing distribution centers. Charles even went so far as to start classes that teach budgeting and home economics, so those who are financially struggling can learn to save money. Though some accuse him of doing all this for political gain, his current endorsement of Bernie Sanders is an example of their similarities of truly caring for the American people.

Trump Versus Koch

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Donald Trump is currently at war with the Republican establishment and two of the largest donors to the Republican Part, the Koch Brothers, are caught in his cross hairs. Trump has recently been tweeting on Twitter about the influence that the Koch brothers have on candidates and indicating that those who accept the donations of Charles Koch are beholden to them and their puppets.

The reality is much more nuanced than what Trump puts into his tweets and is indicative of a contention that goes far beyond their quips. Trump had previously approached the Koch brothers asking for political contributions and only began to publicly assault them when they refused to support him.

The Koch brothers, on the other hand, don’t view Trump as a serious contender for the Presidency and were personally affronted by his anti-Muslim attitude and belief that Muslim Americans should have some of their freedoms stripped, which is a slippery slope for them in terms of taking away freedoms and what they believe will push the U.S. Down a bad path.

Charles Koch is a conservative political backer who have the financial engine of Koch Industries behind him which produces everything from oil extraction products to chemicals. They have long become prominent donors to conservative candidates who believe that government should take a hands off approach and should lower taxes and stay away from the freedoms that every Anerican is entitled to.

While the Koch brothers, through their super Pacs have raised over $900 million in the coming election cycle, they are currently considering all options including sitting out the election, supporting candidates other than Trump, and even running negative ads against Trump. There is some hesitancy in regards to the last step as the Koch brothers don’t want to offend some of the donors who contributed to their super Pacs and who support Trump.

Regardless of their ultimate decision Charles Koch seems to be not pleased with the current Republican candidates and are hoping that one will assert himself to take on Trump and secure the Presidency for the Republican Party.