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Why Choose Securus Technologies For Communicating?

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Securus Technologies has been given a positive rating and accreditation by the BBB. Thus, it is imperative to note that they should indeed be considered as being a reliable company that one can depend on for the utilization of optimal communication purposes. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the barriers that often exists in technologies today. With privacy and security measures as top concerns for any and everybody who conducts any forms of communications through technological means, it is becoming much more difficult to give one’s trust to a communications agency. However, Securus Technologies is one that recognizes the issues that exists in pertinence to privacy and security protocols today, thus, they have created an innovative program that enables people to keep in touch with one another via methods of video conferencing as safely and securely as possible.


Securus Technologies is beneficial for inmates as there are several correctional facilities that have incorporated the program into their communications systems so that inmates may communicate with their friends and/or family if they are for some reason unable to visit during set visitation times. It is a great opportunity for people to keep in touch regardless of the circumstances. If you would like to learn more about Securus Technologies, please do not hesitate to visit the website as they have all of the details one will need to sign up for an account and get started. You will not regret utilizing this program for communications purposes as it has been proven to be an effective way to communicate with one another with protocols of safety and security. The program is easy to use and can be used at any time that is allowed by the inmate’s correctional facilities.


Inmate Call Regulators Now Provide Inmate Calling Features As A Network

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Don’t miss another minute conversing with the ones you love in a correctional facility by becoming a member of Securus Technologies. There are thousands of people around the world that depend on their network. As they expanded to a network provider, it became important for them to provide the highest standard of customer service excellence to their customers. Their last quarter consisted of 4.3 billion calls and they continue to serve a national network. Many features allow you to get more calling features and spend less of your hard earned money. Staying connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility is important and Securus Technologies is your reliable solution.


They started as an inmate regulation provider, working alongside the Public Utility Commission. Regulation, surveillance, and monitoring are a part of their services. They give you the freedom to talk more and get more features for your money. A few inaccuracies was noted with the Global Tel-Link network and they were quickly corrected. The high regulation standards held by Securus now gives Louisiana customers free inmate calling features for a limited time. They ensure that their clients talk over a secure network that gives them each minute guaranteed under their service agreement.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


You can get calling features in advance, send photos, or put money on an inmates account in advance. This feature gives you the option of using a credit or debit card to secure your calling features.


Telephone Debit


Telephone debit is a great way to talk to the ones you love with features that can be purchased over the phone. You never have to leave home to locate an authorized agent. They can also be hard to find in a rural area.


You’re invited to become a Securus Technologies customer today.