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Waiakea Water is Showing the World How Sustainability Really Works

Published / by GSM

It may seem as if the bottled water industry has been stagnant in growth for years, especially given the backlash that this sector of the beverage industry has received over issues regarding ethics and sustainability. This slowed growth may be true for some businesses, but for Waiakea Water this couldn’t be further from the truth. Within just three short years of launching Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water grew by 5,000%.

This tremendous feat certainly hasn’t come from some stroke of luck. The innovative processes and hard work that Ryan Emmons, the company’s founder, has put into place from the very beginning at Waiakea has been a major reason why this is one bottled water company that has been growing in leaps and bounds.

According to Baby Boomsters, for starters the water that Waiakea water uses is just plain good. The water is derived from snowmelt and rain water the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii. The Waiakea Spring not only delivers a fresh taste, but the volcanic purification process is what makes this water much better for you than most other bottled water brands.

Many bottled water companies use man-made purifications systems that actually strips away the water’s natural minerals and in some instances allows contaminants into the water. Emmons has made it a mission from the start to keep as much of the good stuff as possible in the water.

The company’s overall focus on wellness is something that their fans greatly admire. The minerals and electrolytes in the water are enhanced via lava filtering through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. The benefits of drinking the water doesn’t just rest with each individual who drinks a bottle. Learn more about Waiakea spring:

Waiakea water is committed to a much greater level of wellness. The brand donates clean drinking water to African villages for every bottle of water sold. As of 2015, 500 million liters of water had been donated from this initiative.

Waiakea Water has also been awarded extensively for their health and corporate initiatives. Inspired by their mission, local distributors signed on right away and now the brand has expanded to over 30 states in several stores, including Whole Foods. Waiakea is showing no signs of slowing down, and for the world as a whole, that’s proving to be a good thing.